How to take fantastic macro photos on the iPhone

Macrophotographs allow you to see the world from a different perspective

Macrophotographs on iPhone - it's very exciting. Here are some tips on how to take cool macro photos on iPhone 6.Think about lightingIf there is not enough light, the object in your macro photo will be dark and blurry. And if there is too much light, it will simply absorb all the wonderful details of your subject.1Shoot with the perfect balance of light and dark - in indirect light. The photo above was taken near a window with the sun shining in, out of direct sunlight.Don't get too closeYour iPhone has a 29mm focal length lens, which means you can get close to an object at that distance before it starts to blur. Ever see how your finger gets blurry when you hold it close to your eyes? It's the same principle.2If this is your first time taking a macro photo, you'll have to learn a bit and make some mistakes to find the perfect distance for a close but not blurry photo.Avoid sloppy backgroundsWhen you take a macro photo, you're focusing on the front object, which means that the objects in the background come out blurry. So if the background is too mottled, it will pull the focus on itself.3In the photo on the right above, the trees in the background have drawn focus, which makes the snow look blurry and fluffy. On the left, the snow became the main focus of the photo, and its crystalline structure is clearly visible.Use auto-exposure/autofocusWhen you get too close to a subject - especially if the background is loaded with other objects - the iPhone 6 will try to focus on the objects behind the subject.4To avoid this, use the auto-exposure/auto-focus option so that the iPhone clings to the subject.Buy Olloclip LensThe iPhone itself takes pretty good macro photos, but you can make them even better with an Olloclip lens or similar device. This lens allows you to shoot at 7x, 14x, and 21x magnification. Photos with this device come out very sharp and saturated.5The photo above, taken through an Olloclip 3-in-1 macro lens, is a jar of salt, shown in 7x, 14x and 21x perspective. Such a device would be indispensable if you want to take frequent photos on your iPhone.For those who have read to the end, we remind you that we recently wrote an overview of how to take winter photos. We think you might find it useful too 🙂

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