Raid Shadow Legends - how to pump a hero to 5 and 6 stars

How to quickly pump a hero to five and six stars in Raid: Shadow Legends

Often, new players ask themselves a question - how to quickly pump a hero to 5 or 6 stars? Or what kind of hero to pump, so he farmed the rest. Let's understand in what locations it is better to farm. These are interesting questions that will be answered in this article.

First, let's deal with the experience of the characters that they get in the campaign, well, silver.

It is important to understand that the further and more difficult the location, the more experience and silver are poured. Look at the table and choose the level or location where it will be comfortable to farm. What do you mean comfortable? This means that the main character will not kill and battles will not last forever, ie, it should happen as quickly as possible, while gaining experience to be substantial.

In fact, all rocking is just math.

Objective: to gain more experience per energy unit.

Hero Experience Table in Raid Shadow Legends

Here's another one table, In it you can look at the table of experience heroes, as well as look at the best heroes in the game.

raid shadow experience table


How to quickly pump a hero to 5 or 6 stars

The raid card increases experience and silver gain by 20 percent in the campaign. Use.

The raid map increases experience by 20 percent

  1. We use the experience bonus - Experience Booster, which we get for the weekly task. I.e. use it once a week. Or buy for 140 rubies in the store, this option is not used.
    Experience Booster Bonus
  2. We save rubies and spend them in one day, along with an experience bonus (booster). It is ideal to do this during the event "Training Heroes".

To farm experience it is better to use the hero, which is good farming: The Executioner or Jizoh (more options Nicholas, Ethel). Then it is quite suitable location 12-6 on impossible difficulty. You get 8800 experience on the three-heroes, the hero who farms do not count. These figures include the bonus on expu.

And it is advantageous to swing in such a bunch: farmer + 3 feed or other hero (champion).

Or another option is when you pump one champion and then all the experience you get goes to one hero. It's better to do so when you transfer a hero to 5 or 6 stars. Raise his level to 25 mugs of beer, put him in the correct clothing, sharpen up to +6 or +12, and swing him on starting locations on impossible difficulty. The main thing is that this hero gets more experience than the 12-6 on impossible in the pack - see table.

It all depends on the situation in the game and what kind of hero you need to swing - for food, farm and so on.

Raid Shadow Legends - how to pump a hero to 5 and 6 stars

Experience cans, aka beer mugs, I recommend to spend only on heroes of the same element. Thus, one can gives 18750 experience, and if it is a mug of another element, it will be only 12500 experience points. The difference is quite tangible.

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