What the iPhone 13 will look like in September 2021

What the iPhone 13 will look like in September 2021

Apple is ready to please us with the new iPhone, but there is still no exact information about what the iPhone 13 will look like. However, there are leaks and rumors, for example from Sonny Dickson, who is almost never wrong in his predictions.

And now there is a video from MacRumors, where you can see very clearly what the iPhone 13 will look like this fall, even in September. Of course, it's not a real phone yet, it's just a fake, but you can see it just fine.

I already want that iPhone 13.

The video shows what was already known:

  • increased camera module in the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max ,
  • diagonal camera setup in the iPhone 13 and 13 mini,
  • will be equipped with the A15 Bionic chip,
  • 5G modem.

What the iPhone 13 will look like in September 2021

Rumors suggest that the entire iPhone 13 series may be equipped with a larger main camera sensor, so Apple may opt for a diagonal camera setup. Also expect an improved camera with autofocus.

It is still not clear whether the phone will be equipped with a 120Hz display or not, MacRumors also can not give an answer to this.

New colors for iPhone 13

What else can you see in the video? The volume buttons and the hole for the sim card are slightly offset. And you can also see that the thickness of the phone in the camera area of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro is different, so you will need different cases for them. Save your money).

And then there's another one. hearsay. Again. hearsay, but very nice. Apple is going to install more powerful batteries in the iPhone 2021 series to withstand the higher battery demands of the new 120 Hz display panel and the new 5G modem.

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