Juggernaut Wars tips

Juggernaut Wars: Tips, Heroes, Bundles

Juggernaut Wars - is an exciting game in the genre of Action RPG MOBA. Dozens of amazing heroes, beautiful arenas, and thousands of opportunities for individual progression await you! Each hero has a different story, but now they share the same destiny: to pass all the tests with honor and win many glorious victories. Assemble your unique squad in Juggernaut Wars - and go to battle! And below we'll give advice on strategy, heroes, lineups, and hero bundles.

Get ready for an exciting story campaign, battles with hordes of monsters, PvP battles in the Battle Arena and much more. Best of all, you can take it all on with your friends, and yes, clans are already in the game! There's so much to do that you don't just want to come back to this world - you won't want to leave it. Join in - the battles and adventures in Juggernaut Wars have already begun!

  • A new hit from the creators of the 2012 cult RPG "Juggernaut: The Revenge of Sowering".
  • 30 unique fighters, each with their own set of skills! And every month a new and new fighter is added.
  • Great animation and stunning 3D graphics - many beautiful locations and spells.
  • Epic clan confrontations - invite your friends and fight back to back!
  • Beginner-friendly - become a pro in no time!
  • PvP tournaments and PvE achievements - show everyone who is the best here!

Juggernaut Wars game tips

The campaign can be run without restrictions. Previously, it was recommended to pause, in order to accumulate stars for the heroes, but now there is no need for this.Make up your high-five and pay attention to her. Keep her level as high as possible. Don't spread yourself thinly over all the heroes, or you won't succeed anywhere.The best lineup to date is 2 "tanks" and 3 "damagers"I've been using the following lineup for a while now: Bran, Master Hidius (going to the Path). Right now I mostly use the following lineup: Bran, Master Hidius (assembled from the Path), Hannah, Dominatrix, Amazon Hecate. Hecate can be swapped with Samara, Uryan, or Hesh with Migo.The Juggernaut Wars lineupComposition for the Arena, Missions, and the Trail - different. The point is that control is important for Arena, so you need to use heroes with control such as: Bran - removes from the field player, Samara - removes from the field player, Dominatrix - stuns (stuns) often.Try to collect daily tasks - The dailies, but their complete collection is not required. You will not receive any additional reward.


Initially, there is a deceptive feeling that there is a lot of gold in the game and it is only needed to enhance characters. That's right - raise it as high as you can. Characteristics should always be raised to the maximum level. opening of Wooden Chests 10x. From them usually collect (farm) things that go to increase the level of items on the heroes, as well as, most importantly - fall shards of heroes. And also fall whole heroes, and if you already have one - it disintegrates into fragments, which is also to our advantage.Juggernaut Wars opening chestsYou have to use the Caves to mine gold. This you must do every day on a mandatory basis. A Little Tip on Protecting the Caves: Distribute your heroes so that the strength of the three squads is relatively equal. Then you won't be able to be robbed by players of your level, which significantly reduces the interest in your treasures. After all, if you have squads of equal strength, the weaker enemy can simply accumulate ult abilities and wipe out the already tougher squad like dust.Juggernaut Wars cave defense

Trail and Daily Tasks

Mandatory, You have to go through 5 portals (trials) - They will give you shards of useful items for your heroes. And now the developers, thanks to them, have made automatic passing of these battles.The trail is a must-seeuntil you have collected 5 stars for Hideus and Vern. It will be taken on a residual basis.Opponents on the Trail your lineup are determined by automatically based on YOUR level, not the level of your heroes, which is why it is so important to distribute forces evenly (excluding the hit five).


To be honest, the anticipation was much greater than the introduction itself. Yes, there are clans and this functionality works. What's new? Joint treasure house, Raiding (if you can call it that), Shop, Caravan and Altar. Now a quick run through the buildings.Juggernaut Wars raids

  • Raids take place in another cave. Call it a raid, language is not rotated, because it is easier than the Scenarios and is passed on the machine. There gather the best attacking cast, where enough of 1 tank, I chose Hannah. To her: Hideus (for the sake of healing), Bran, Shaman Hesh and Amazon Hecate. After attacking each boss, twice a day, you get gold. A rating is formed for each of the bosses on the damage inflicted (what to do small characters, I do not know?!). After killing the boss - you get an additional reward.
  • Clan Shop. Here you can buy shards of the new hero Arzgar and ordinary things for the shards you get from the Treasury and in raids.
  • В Treasury You need to treat every day 6k Gold - to increase the level of the Guild.
  • Caravan - A great passive money-making activity. Threw a hero and okay. Maybe I'm lucky and there are few players in the Guild, but no special problems with filling or lack of places in the Caravan.
  • And on the Altare the skills of the heroes increase.

I'll add that the game is quite social - attachment comes through a Facebook account. The attachment allows you to help each other with food, hearts, and opening chests in the Scenario, which is probably the most important thing. Without "friends" it is very expensive to do this, only through crystals.

By the way, I recommend a good new card game: Legendary Game of Heroes and a fun strategy game Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms

Arena in Juggernaut Wars

I completely forgot to mention the Arena. For the Arena, as you remember, you need to choose a squad that has control skills. Also in the Arena you can have 2 lineups - attacking and defending, which is a great feature and should be used by all means. Reward for the arena goes passively, depending on your place in the Arena. For myself, I have not found a serious reason to be in the top, so safely stagger in the 200th place and quietly collect awards. On it we also have A great guide to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, please read.

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