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Dream job: how to get it? Jooble to the rescue.

Each of us wants to earn good money. But at the same time, we want it to be fun. The best job, as you know, is a hobby. When a hobby begins to bring in income, then nothing better can be. But how to reach a level that the hobby was commercial in nature? How to find a jobthat would combine enjoyable time, a flow of finances, and satisfaction? About this told us the representative of the company Jooble to find a job. By the way, we hasten to announce that the company Jooble has a great mobile version.

This issue is discussed every day. And for the most part it is often discussed because people want to get a lot, but don't want to do anything. Of course, to begin with, you have to invest your energy, time, and nerves in order to get something in the end. It's like sowing a crop, which you need to take care of, to eventually eat and enjoy the delicious fruit. I want to tell you about 3 principles of successful people, which help to move forward and conquer new heights.

Adoration for what you do

Love what you do. It is a 100% fact that plays a big role in whether you become successful or not. As practice shows, a person who adores his business, achieves much more than the one who just does the work mechanically, without investing any soul, effort or time. Evaluate your work and direction. Do you now like what you do? Are you doing it to the best of your ability?


People who systematically and headily self-develop and develop their business achieve the greatest possible results. A simple example: if an athlete doesn't exercise for a month, his muscles will begin to weaken, and he won't be able to perform as hard exercises as before until he regains his form. But if you exercise day in and day out, there will only be development. This applies to mental activity, to business, and to any other line of work. Do something systematically and wisely!

Belief in a successful end result

The fixing principle. You need to believe that you will succeed. Try to imagine: can a person who every day keeps telling himself "I won't succeed, it will be a failure, it's no good, I'm nothing" achieve anything? Certainly, you should not praise yourself and exalt yourself above others. You need to be more sober and objective in every sense, to see the real picture of what is happening. And you should never think that you will fail. There will be many obstacles, but this should not break you. Fight, believe, hope, love what you are doing, and soon you will see the first results of your approach to success! 

Jooble dream jobAnd in order to choose your dream job, you can always use Google Play.

We give you a brief overview of the most popular and downloadable job search help products:

  1. HeadHunter - Everyone who has ever looked for a job has heard of HH. Jobs for all tastes, with the most optimized search.
  2. Rabota.ru is a large database of jobs with pretty handy tools.
  3. Job Search - the application is a kind of aggregator of vacancies, collecting data from various thematic Internet resources.
  4. Avito is one of the most popular private ad services in Russia.
  5. Yandex.Rabota - allows you to search for jobs in a database of more than 400,000 offers.


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