Apple news #9 - one-line news for the week

There has been quite a lot of interesting news in the last two weeks. I will highlight the appearance of the iPhone with two SIM cards, Apple is clearly and increasingly invested in content and creating a media space around itself. This is very interesting. A few rankings, as usual. The release of the public beta of macOS Mojave and a lot of other news.

- Rumor. The new Apple smartphones will have two SIM cards.

- Instagram has music stickers for Stories

- Apple patented smart clothes for the deaf and blind

- Apple said that starting from June 30, users of older devices will not be able to change the payment information for the App Store and iTunes Store, writes MacRumors

- Rumor. Apple is preparing a single service with subscriptions to TV content, Apple Music, news, iCloud and other subscription services.

- The public macOS Mojave beta 1 is out

- The website NetBase posted today its new annual ranking of the most beloved brands of 2018 according to users.
1. Instagram.
2. YouTube
3. Facebook
4. Amazon
5. Google
6. Apple
7. Disney
8. Snapchat
9. Spotify
10. Netflix

- Rumor. Facebook will show users how much time they spend on the social network - soon.

- The popular game Fortnite has become the second most successful free-to-play game to be released on iOS. According to analysts, only Clash Royale, also by Epic Games, has surpassed its success.

- YouTube is testing a Channel Membership feature that will allow contentmakers to sell subscriptions to their channels.

- On June 21, 2018, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Apple's application for exclusive rights to real-time handwriting recognition technology.

- Steve Jobs' business cards on eBay

- Cupertino was seriously considering releasing the iPhone X only with wireless charging support, Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman has learned.

- Apple AirPower wireless charging station will not go on sale until September

- Apple to invest $25 billion in next-generation processors

- The automotive connectivity consortium, of which Apple is a member, has announced the release of a new "digital key" standard that will help open locks and start engines using NFC chips.

- Instagram hits the one billion user mark

- Tim Cook dropped to 96th place among top U.S. executives

- Instagram introduced an app for publishing vertical videos up to 60 minutes long - IGTV. A competitor to YouTube?

- Apple Watch 4 to be! Support for the next generation of smart watches is found in iOS 12 (suddenly ? )

- Fortnite on iOS brought developers $100 million 90 days after release

- The World Health Organization has included gambling addiction in the new list of diseases and disorders (ICD-11).

- The geography of Apple Pay is expanding. Now it is possible to pay for purchases with a smartphone in Poland. The launch of the service was supported by eight local banks.

- With the release of iOS 12, the iPhone will transmit location coordinates when you call 911 (not sure if this will work for us, but not a bad idea).

- Rumor. Apple plans to launch a cheap Netflix analog

- Intel will become the only supplier of cellular modules for the iPhone

- Creator of Mars rovers will take over cars at Apple

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