Scary mobile games that may or may not hurt children

I forbid my children to play scary mobile games

An unusual look at scary mobile games from a mom of 2 kids.

The topic of scary baby phone games interested me not only because I am a modern mom of two, but also because I am a caring (some might read "anxious") mom of two toddlers with an emerging psyche. Today's kids have some sort of adult mindset. They are overthinking, overanxious, frightening and maturely analytical.

My daughter's (7 years old) psyche is very mobile. Since the age of 5, she has been deepening into the issues of life and death, discussing about old age, worrying about her health. Let me give you an example: my daughter asks to take her to the dentist, because the holes in her teeth must be treated immediately, because later it will only get worse. To be honest, I'm a little afraid of such a clearly constructed logical chain with a culmination in the form of consequences. My son thinks less about it, but he is very influenced by public opinion, which also makes me worried. I imagine what would happen to them if I didn't control the use of phones!

Scary mobile games for iPhone

I was prompted to write an article about the worst games by several situations. With the start of the school year, cases of children's suicides increased across the country, which may have been caused by games. After personally observing my son and daughter's classmates and doing a little research, I finally panicked. Children not only play these destructive games during recess, they stick to their screens even on the playground after classes are over.

Once I took a picture of two children sitting on swings, staring at their phones. But most of all I was struck by the boy who was climbing up the slide without taking his eyes off the game. He then caught up with his peers, constantly poking his finger at the screen. It turned out that the most popular among this generation are the following games.

Five Nights at Freddys' is a scary horror game

scary mobile games, Five Nights at Freddys'

The main characters of animatronics are, at first glance, old toys on hinges. But it's not that simple! In the game (download game If fearless) They change beyond recognition, becoming monsters with huge fangs and terrifying mechanisms instead of body parts.

The game's backstory seems schizophrenic. One day a maniac entered the pizzeria and lured all the children present into a room and killed them. The souls of the children began to inhabit the animatronics every night and take revenge on anyone who got in their way. In addition to these characters, there is a security guard in the scenario who

It is necessary to make it through the morning and not die. The child plays on his behalf. In order to prevent the animatronics from getting to him, it is necessary to deftly and quickly close the right doors in front of them.

The game undoubtedly affects the psyche, using trance-inducing techniques: slow steps, whispering, dark corridors, dim lights, and monotonous music. The game draws them in and keeps them in constant tension. If the child fails to complete the task, and the guard does not live to see the morning, there is an opportunity to start again. The player is eager to reach the goal and move to the next level.

In this case, the stress for the child is several things at once: he fails to pass the level, he is overcome by a constant feeling of fear, he is torn by the desire to return to the game. As we know, constant and prolonged stress can lead not only to psychological problems, but also to real physical ailments: sleep disorders, cardiovascular disease, headaches, gastrointestinal problems.

If your child asks to download this game, look first Trailer.

Granny is another very scary game

scary mobile games, Granny

This "wonderful" game (download gameIf you're not afraid.) are adored by my daughter's classmates. That is, first graders. I will say right away that I do not understand why the crazy and disfigured character is exactly a grandmother? In fairy tales and old movies and stories in classics, Granny is a kind, caring character. Although, maybe Granny is the prototype of the aging and uninteresting Baba Yaga for modern children?

The game begins with you finding yourself in a creepy and gloomy house with many rooms and a zombie grandmother living in it. She's looking for you with a bat in her hands. If you make any noise, she immediately finds you and brutally kills you. There is blood splattering everywhere. There are some trappings in the game: traps, a horrible teddy bear, and notes from prisoners already killed. There is only one way out, but you can't pave the way to it at once. There are five attempts at this. After each time Grenny finds you and beats you, the strength and speed to walkthrough becomes less. On the 5th time, you don't live anymore.

In the reviews for it they write that the game is very intense, a lot of blood. The whole game is accompanied by music from a horror movie. Doesn't that bring up cruelty in children?

Check your children's phones for this horror games.

Minecraft is aimless and strange

scary mobile games, Minecraft


The player enters a world made entirely of dice. There is no definite goal or task. Everything happens according to the principle of "sandboxing" - mindless picking for the sake of picking. In the game (download game) There are three worlds: survival, hardcore, and creativity. For each of these, there are different options open to you. You can finish the game by killing the Ender-Dragon, but that's not the main point.

The game can last indefinitely, everyone chooses their own path. Some are constantly building, some are looking for diamonds, others go to kill the Ender-Dragon. What they all have in common is a complete addiction to the game, a departure from reality, a meaningless waste of time. They say that the game develops creativity. But to me this is a very dubious statement. To build a trap, a castle or a house out of blocks it is not necessary to master architectural programs. Even 4 year old children play Meincraft. From such an early age they are hooked on the game.

Make sure that the game makes absolutely no sense, see video.

This is the scourge of today's children, some are already being treated by psychiatrists. In the near future drug addicts will be retrained as game therapists and will treat deep addictions in our children.

Mobile scary games are a business. And whoever makes them hardly thinks about the consequences. All games are created for commercial gain. They are created together with psychologists, who suggest how to influence all three channels of perception - sight, hearing and touch. And this is a clear manipulation of consciousness, zombification and mainstreaming.

scary mobile games

Any games that draw the child into the phone take him away from reality. He becomes apathetic and detached or aggressive and unbalanced. The first mental reaction is a pathway to autistic disorders, the second to schizophrenic ones. If you say that this is a modern trend, that it cannot be avoided now, that children who do not play will be out of society, then I answer you: "My children will create their own microcosm with questionnaires for friends, rubik's cubes, books and origami. They will find their niche and followers of their ideology and philosophy. I hope they will have followers..."

P.S. My kids are not deprived of the opportunity to play on the phone. They are mastering English learning apps, compete in the knowledge of capitals and, of course, play. At what? В My PlayHomeFor example. This game has already been talked about on our site. I choose content for my kids very carefully. And I advise you.

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Thank you. We agree with you.

Oleg Tsegelnik

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Bullshit. You are throwing yourself into extremes.

Oleg Tsegelnik

I agree. But any opinion is welcome. Again, there must be a job for psychologists)