Learning English with Emister

If you are bored with monotonous learning but want to quickly learn English without the help of teachers, you can't think of a better app than Emister. Its peculiarity is that learning is combined with playing, and adults, children and even demanding teenagers will appreciate this approach.

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Learning English with Emister

Emister - an app for learning English

Learning new words and expressions takes place along with passing simple but fascinating levels, solving problems and adventure stories together with the main character. Everything starts with the choice of the level, and the transition to the map, where marked all the way and obstacles to achieve the goal. It is important to pass each proposed point, otherwise get the prize and open all the tasks will not work.Learning English with EmisterIn each lesson you can learn new words, relevant grammar and consolidate knowledge with the help of tests. Only their solution will allow you to move on to the marked route. If you make too many mistakes or lose hearts, the game starts all over again. Despite such rigid rules, players manage to get better results in the future, think through the answer several times and better absorb new knowledge.htmlimage-3If you have passed all the stages of the game, then feel free to move on to the "Practice" section, where you are offered to solve problems on the material already offered earlier. We are talking about grammar and vocabulary. If you're sure of your abilities and excitement, the "Tournament" section allows you to compete with other players and compare your level of English. Looks like a tournament in the form of tests, which are passed simultaneously with the rivals. If you answer correctly, you get points, and if you complete the tasks faster than others, you can get extra prizes and points. The winner will be the one who earns the most points and will be in the lead in the rankings. It should be said that the questions themselves are not difficult, but require attention and confidence in their knowledge.htmlimage-4Judging by the reviews of other users, the game features a rich interface, easy controls, bright colors and fascinating tasks that absolutely everyone will appreciate. Cheerful music and good graphic design will especially attract children. You can download the application to any smartphone, and absolutely free, but then the developers can offer only a few free levels. And the purchase of a premium account will allow you to avoid ads and enjoy all the features of the toy. It will also allow you to unlock all the grammar lessons and participate in tournaments, rankings and win contests.htmlimage-5.

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