iPhone Xs Max - Apple smartphone with the largest screen in the history of the company

Apple continues to amaze us

Apple has forgotten Steve Jobs' admonition that a smartphone should be comfortable to use with one hand, and in 2018 introduced iPhone Xs Max - the largest smartphone in the company's history.


iPhone Xs Max - Apple smartphone with the largest screen in the history of the companySince the 6th generation iPhone, the company decided to introduce two models every year: with different screen sizes. The trend has remained, but the diagonal of the "small" iPhone Xs this year was 5.8 inches, which is even larger than the iPhone 6 Plus with its 5.5-inch display. The Xs Max, on the other hand, was simply gigantic at 6.5 inches. But the screen is not its main advantage.

The new smartphone uses an OLED display, which supports HDR, very accurately reproduces colors and shows deep blacks. By doing away with the frames, engineers managed to fit the Xs Max into the body of the iPhone 8 Plus, the diagonal of which was only 5.5 inches.

The front and back of the smartphone is covered by glass, and the frame is made of surgical steel, which protects the smartphone during falls and is not afraid of scratches. The level of protection against moisture compared to the last generation has also increased - now it is IP68.

The glass on the back cover allows you to charge the iPhone Xs Max with wireless charging.

Performance and Camera

iPhone Xs Max - Apple smartphone with the largest screen in the history of the company

You can buy the iPhone Xs Max for no less than 27,000 hryvnias. This is one of the most expensive mass-market smartphones in the world, but it justifies its cost. The device is based on the Apple A12 Bionic processor with the Neural Engine system, which processes photos with the "Depth" function activated, increases the speed of Face ID and is responsible for the work of applications with AR and VR-functions.

The stuffing of the iPhone Xs Max camera has not changed much compared to the last generation, but thanks to the optimization and use of the Neural Engine, the images look even better:

  • Smart HDR technology appeared
  • Reduced noise in low light conditions
  • The bokeh effect looks more professional
  • The "Depth" function is now configurable

Memory and software

The iPhone Xs Max is bigger not only in terms of the screen, but also in the amount of data it can hold. This is the first Apple smartphone with a 512 GB configuration. The price of the iPhone Xs Max with such storage reaches 70,000 hryvnias, but not even all laptops have that much internal memory, and given the growing quality of content it will never be unnecessary.

The iPhone Xs Max runs on iOS 12 and will receive updates for another 2-3 years. These updates don't just change the wallpaper and icon style, but can affect performance, Face ID speed, and picture quality.

iPhones have always been famous for the richest selection of related accessories, and the largest of them is no exception. On sale you can find thousands of cases from simple silicone to protective bumpers, with which the phone will not be afraid to fall even from the third floor.

You can order iPhone Xs Max in gold, black and gray colors. The official price of them does not differ, but traditionally the gold iPhone costs the most.

On the Internet you can see a lot of videos and videos about how the smartphone screen fades, and it bends at the slightest pressure, but in fact in this respect it is no worse than any other device - Apple has always had haters, who love to search for flaws in its products.

Source of material - online store Avic.ua

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