iOS 11 installed on 59% iOS devices

According to Apple, as of December 4, 2017, 59% iOS devices regularly visiting the AppStore had iOS 11 installed. 33% devices were still on iOS 10. Other, earlier versions of iOS occupied only 8% of the total number of devices.

Compared to Apple's previous data, from Nov. 6, iOS 11 market share increased from 52 percent to 59 percent for the month. For the month, the spurt was 7%. Considering that iOS 11 was officially released at the end of September, this is a rather weak result. The reason for this is the constant problems with iOS11 that users are experiencing.

iOS 11 installed on 59% iOS devices

Certainly, the company fixed an incredible number of bugs and bugs in 2 months, but it all left a sad mark on Apple. Never before has there been such a raw system. Usually Apple released a perfect operating system, which was cited as an example of the same Android, and which was one of the strong arguments in favor of using "stumpy". Now that opinion is very much shaken.

What version of iOS do you have? Maybe an earlier version than 10? I, for example, still have version 8 on my iPad, and I'm not going to install a new version. Write about it in the comments.

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