Interview with the administrator of the Life-Hack Telegram channel

Interview with the administrator of the Life-Hack Telegram channel

They say that Trump's victory in the U.S. election is due to hackers. It is unlikely that we will ever know the truth on this issue, but we can talk to a person who is close to the subject, knows firsthand what it means to "hack" or "crack", is the author of many articles and materials about hacking. Today I'm interviewing the administrator of Life-Hack Telegram channel.

Interview with the administrator of the Life-Hack Telegram channel

About the Life-Hack Telegram Channel

- Tell us about your channel? What makes your content unique?

Our channel @Haccking is first and foremost about educating and training people. We try to adhere to the hacker code of ethics, in particular its second provision - information belongs to everyone. The main task is to create and disseminate knowledge,
This is the uniqueness of our content. We also collect interesting IT news for our readers.

Hacking training

- Is it true that anyone can learn to hack computers?

I don't know what you mean by "computer hacking", but I believe that no system is invulnerable. To answer your question, anyone can do it, all they need is time and knowledge.

- Okay. Where do they teach this? I don't think there's a Hacking department. How did you learn that?

There are a huge number of resources that deal with training, as well as a variety of conferences, but I believe that you have to learn on their own. Firstly, self-study gives the skill of independence and search, and secondly, these skills should be 80 levels to continue learning. It is impossible to know everything.

- Can you recommend some resources or sites that readers could start learning from?

There is a lot of information now, you can start with video tutorials on YouTube. A lot of literature and useful information here:,,

- Tell us about the capabilities of professional hacks.

In today's world, the possibilities for a professional hacker are endless. If you need full control over a person's devices: his PC, gadget or some home device, such as a router - you are welcome. You need access to cloud services - that's easy, not only people, but corporations and even entire countries are at risk. Here is an example of an attack that some consider the beginning of a new era of cyber warfare: the attack on Iran's nuclear power plants. In 2010, an infected flash drive halted operations at the plant's nuclear power plant, an important military facility for the state. The damage to Iran's nuclear facilities was comparable to the damage caused by the Israeli Air Force attack.
Now cyber warfare could lead to a catastrophe whose consequences could affect the entire world.

- Recently there was a cyber attack on Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. It was a ransomware worm that demanded that money be transferred to a certain account or that would crash the system. Many companies were affected. What do you know about it?

Yes, that's about right. A total of 74 countries reported attacks, including the U.S., Italy, the U.K., Argentina, the UAE, and others. Russia and Ukraine topped the list of victims. In a nutshell: WannaCrypt (or WannaCry, WCry, etc.) ransomware, which blocked computers, encrypted data and demanded $300 in bitcoins as a ransom. On June 27, 2017, a new modification of the program began to spread en masse. This time, the virus used the same system vulnerabilities as WannaCry (for example, the NSA's EternalBlue exploit and DoublePulsar backdoor).

Which is cooler - iOS or Android?

- Which system is harder to hack - Android or iOS?

I think that it does not matter, it all depends on the system operator, by far the most vulnerable link is a person, but I think Android is more "hole" axis.

How do you keep your gadgets safe from hacking?

- How do you protect your gadgets from cyber-attacks?

You need to learn and understand how modern systems work and adhere to basic security rules. To stay up to date on new trends and protect your privacy, subscribe to the @Haccking channel.

- Okay, but here are the basic things I need to know. Let's give some advice to our girls. 

For starters, and this I think is basic: I advise you to learn how to use search engines, it's not just for girls! People don't know how to search for specific information, it's easier for them to ask.

- What do you mean?

I encountered this problem from my experience of administering a channel, people sometimes ask such absurd questions that Google will give you the answer in 1 minute. It's unfortunate.

- Look, I didn't even ask, what's your name?

I would like to remain anonymous.


For my taste, it is a very interesting interview with the administrator of the channel @Haccking. If you are interested in hacking and cracking, the world of hackers and virtual networks, subscribe and get first-hand information.

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