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Inquire by Tamper (Curiosity) is one of the best apps for travelers. It's like carrying all of Wikipedia in your pocket!

Inquire by Tamper (Curiosity) is one of the best apps for travelers. It's like carrying the entire Wikipedia in your pocket! Inquire by Tamper is the easiest way to learn more about the world around you. Using your location Inquire by Tamper will show you the most interesting places nearby and provide the latest articles from a reliable source of knowledge - the vast Wikipedia.Inquire by TamperThe perfect app for those who want to know more. If you are not travelling - you can go deep into the study of the area where you live, explore hidden facts and learn a lot of new and interesting things. So, this great Wiki client comes in handy even in your hometown.The "Popular" section will show popular articles that are most read today, a week or a month ago, allowing you to discover interesting articles when they are most relevant.The "Browse" section displays articles from hand-selected categories that adapt to factors like time, place and current events. Learn more about famous inventors, movies made around you, and many other interesting facts.CuriosityThe app not only allows you to search for a specific Wikipedia article, as soon as you run it, it immediately shows you articles where events are unfolding near your current location."Inquire by Tamper is designed to learn new things, to explore the world around us. We want to encourage people to explore. From exploring places in an unfamiliar city, to learning about the history of their own. Inquire by Tamper is a great tool for that."Jeff Dlouhy, co-founder of Tamper, says.222Interesting fact: The app was originally named Curiosity by Tamper, but due to trademark disputes the creators were forced to rename it Inquire by Tamper.Download on the App Store ($1.99)

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