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Most people played puzzles as children and know that this is a puzzle where you have to put together a picture of many small pieces of different shapes. But many have grown up and stopped playing them. And wrong, because the jigsaw puzzles are useful not only for children. Psychologists conducted a study and found that collecting puzzles helps develop logical thinking, memory, attention, fine motor skills, and helps properly understand the relationship between the whole and the part. Such skills 100 % come in handy in life! So puzzles need to play and adults. Only it is difficult to imagine how, after a hard work tired person put a puzzle on the table and start putting it together. Therefore, in such a situation will help Free puzzle games on the phone.

In our list you can find puzzles that are very popular in 2019. But they are so exciting that everyone will play them in 2020 as well. What are they interesting about? We have collected the most bright and colorful puzzles for all tastes. There are landscapes, puzzles with animals, characters from your favorite cartoons and movies, cars, cities and beautiful places of our planet. What about puzzles for kids on the phone? Cute cartoon characters, funny animals, beautiful objects and landscapes - you can find it all in our selection puzzle games on the phone. Each puzzle has its own layout: some classic shape figures, while others are square, triangular or any other shape. Collect such pictures are not difficult, but fascinating. If a little confused, you can always use the hints in the game or read the tips in our review.

The great thing about puzzles on your phone is that you can play them anywhere: in line at the bank or hospital, on your lunch break, or on your way home. And kids won't be scattering small objects all over the house and pulling pieces of the picture into their mouths. There won't be such a problem as losing one puzzle, when almost the whole picture is already collected, and you have to look for the last piece, which got lost somewhere in the box, fell under the table or was stolen by your pet J

Download a game of puzzles you can free on the phone iPhone and Android. Read the review, it has the pros and cons of the game, its evaluation and download link. A little effort - and a bright useful game is already installed on your mobile device.

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