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The genre of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) is now very popular. While previously this type of game could only be played from a computer, now MOBAs for iPhone and Android are becoming more and more common. So we've chosen the coolest MOBAs in 2019. Of course, these same games will be popular in 2020, the info is accurate. If new MOBA games appear, we'll be sure to tell you about them first. 

MOBA game genre is similar to DotA and has elements of strategy and role-playing games. The essence of the game: there are two teams that fight on a special kind of map - the opponents' bases in the corners of a square field, the bases are connected by three main roads, on which the creeps walk and stand towers. Between them - the forest. The player can only control one character, which differs from the other heroes abilities and characteristics. A total of 5 heroes in the team. Heroes can be upgraded and equipped. They become stronger during the match, they acquire new abilities and equipment. The goal of the team, together, is to destroy the main building of the enemies - their base.

Is it easy to install MOBA on your iPhone? Yes, the main thing is to choose from the best for 2019 and 2020 the ones you like. You can download a MOBA game for free and play it on your iPhone or Android. There are reviews and guides for the games with pros and cons, game scores, tips on characters and play, and a link to download MOBA on your phone.

We have selected the best MOBA games for Android and iPhone, in which you will not be bored: all the bright characters, they are easy to manage, the graphics is also very bright and spectacular, the selection of opponents is as fast as possible, there are team battles, tournaments, rankings and their own missions. Choosing the best MOBA is very difficult, but quite realistic, together with Apps4Life.