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Literally every day there are a lot of new games for iPhone and Android. And some of them are very difficult to pass. So we collect and describe the most useful tips for games 2019 of the year: the recently released Epic Summoners, a whole series of games Harry Potter, second season Auto Chess Mobile and a bunch of other new products that come out regularly. Exactly the same thing we will be doing in 2020 and beyond, stay tuned.

We make a review of the game, describe its pros and cons, and rate it. But that's not all. We share really useful recommendations. Our tips are proven, so they will one hundred percent help you win. In reviews we describe strategies, tactics and combinations that work even in the most difficult games. Here you will find guides and cheats for "impassable" games. For the most difficult games, we collect useful gameplay tricks. By the way, if you don't agree with the assessment of the game, we'll be glad to hear constructive evaluations and suggestions in the comments. 

In the section you will find a lot of useful things for mobile games. For example, sometimes winning the game depends on the choice of the character and his leveling, so we will definitely point out such moments. And sometimes the game is endless: we will tell you how to make it not boring and play it for a very long time and without significant mistakes at the start.

Tips will help both beginners and those who have been playing for a long time, because the reviews contain tricks that sometimes even professionals do not know about. For you we select only the best guides and cheats on the passage of mobile games for iPhone and Android, recommend the best games and make quality reviews. See for yourself!