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Arcade on your phone - is a genre of mobile games in which the gameplay is short in time, but quite intense. Such games are very similar to those that appeared in the 1970s and 1980s arcade games, so for some arcade on iPhone or Android - is a huge nostalgia for those very games: Arkanoid, Super Mario, Planeswalkers and others.

All arcade games meet these game characteristics:

  • the game world fits on one screen;
  • the game can be played indefinitely, because you can't win here, you have to last as long as possible. Usually there are a lot of levels, each time it gets harder and more interesting;
  • the player has several lives;
  • the game account is replenished by completing tasks. Although you can't win in the arcade, you can compare your results with the results of other players in the rating table;
  • The gameplay is not complicated, you can quickly learn, even if you do not know how to play;
  • there is no story in the game.

As you can see, arcade games on iPhone are quite simple, they are easy and fun to play. Apple arcade on Android are also interesting, they have cool modern graphics, simple controls, a variety of worlds, fun gameplay, a lot of tasks and opportunities.

Don't know how to choose a good game that's fun and exciting? At Apps4Life has compiled a list of the best arcade on android и iPhone. There are reviews of games, tips on how to play them, advantages and evaluation of a variety of arcade games. To download и free install arcade on android и iPhone, just follow the download link that's in every review. Install the game you like and enjoy the best arcade games for iPhone and Android phones!

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Description of all aircraft abilities that open up with the evolution of the aircraft. Note: due to periodic game updates the data in the guide may become outdated over time. Sparrow Ray of Hope (overdrive): hits enemies with a double laser beam. Restart systems: at full armor, increases damage by 30%. Ni.