Idle Heroes - A detailed guide for starting the game. Heroes and who to rock

Idle Heroes - A detailed guide for starting the game. Heroes and who to rock

Today let's talk about the non-stressful game Idle Heroes, which literally today began celebrating its 2-year anniversary. In connection with this launch event, and about it I will talk among other things. Playing in this game I started recently, and tried to find some information on what to do in the first place, what to do in the second. What heroes to swing, where to invest resources, what to buy on the market and what not to buy. I found some information, but it was so scattered, that I decided to put it all together and write a detailed guide on Idle Heroes, to describe the main characters, at least for the beginning of the game. After that, you'll figure it out on your own.

If you want to play the same game, but only on a computer, with full synchronization with the phone - go to the link below. And play on your mobile on the road or in the toilet, and from the computer, when you work or study. Very convenient)

Video gameplay

It looks just like the video below. The only difference is that this is just the very beginning of the game and from the video it's not at all clear what's what. I'll tell you below, but the game looks like this, and believe me - it sucks. The main thing about the game, it does not take a lot of time. no need to hang in it all day, it's convenient.


Idle Heroes - description and essence of the game

It's hard for me to say what the game looks like, but more like an RPG with elements of strategy and collecting. I was drawn to the game by its leisurely pace, the fact that it does not need to spend a lot of time - shot and tomorrow. Just a lot of interesting characters and you can indulge a little strategy and gathering. Met people who have played over a year, I did not play so much, and I'm not sure whether I can). So, entertainment for transport.

The game is a game screen with a bunch of buildings, in each of which something happens. Idle Heroes itself has a minimal guide that will describe and tell you everything, and I'll fill you in. Let's go from left to right through the buildings.


I do not remember from what level it opens, but immediately issue tasks. These are passive tasks, and having sent there heroes, they can be used in other battles. In the quests is "autopick", I mostly use them. For dailies need to complete at least 2 tasks. You also need 5 star heroes to do cool quests. For a quick way to get a 5 star hero, see Tips and Secrets below.

You can perform 1 or 2 star quests. Quests with stars 4 and above you will need in order to use them in the event on the quests. In order to save a quest and get a new one you need - complete the quest and do not press the "Fulfill" button, which will automatically bring you a reward. Accumulate quests for the right event, which takes place once a month. If you do not have the right number of quests to complete the event, then skip it until the next event. For example, to complete a quest of 7 stars you need 2 quests. If you have less - do not pass it.


8 slots, update every 3 hours - after pressing the "Update" button. What to buy or not - wrote in the section below.

The visionary tree

Allows to call heroes 4 and 5 stars or their fragments. Very often orbs for it are present in different actions, about this I will tell below.

Open hordes need only at the time of the event on the Tree, again to get the reward. You need 120 pieces to complete the Event.

Also here you can exchange a 4 and 5 star hero for a random hero of the same faction. Sometimes this is very useful.

Open the faction whose hero you are now collecting. On heroes - in another article. For beginners I do not recommend to open light and dark heroes, they are quite rare and it is very difficult to collect them. Start with the forest faction.


Atomizing Heroes. For spraying heroes 3* are given fragments of the soul stone. For them you can buy heroes in the local store (top right corner). A lot of heroes. I recommend buying 5* and those that are more expensive at once. But about the heroes I'll stop below.

I recommend that you keep 3 star heroes, 4 of each. You will need them for recipes. Naturally, you spray 1 or 2 star heroes. Buy nothing in the store, or buy those heroes, which will go to pump existing heroes, the same Ice Blink.



Normal roulette. Also do not use in vain without special events. But for the daily tasks - once every two days - okay. But again - better to save up for a special event. In the store heroes - all for fodder, nothing else is worth buying.

Free Island

This is our farm. Will appear somewhere by level 40. At first we build farms for gold, and later rebuild them for crystals. In the expedition itself:

  • We pump farms for crystals, then for gold.
  • collect all chests every 6 hours
  • In the Lair of the Void raiding, while small, and as soon as the level allows - the boss
  • islets it makes sense to attack only those marked
  • as the level of the Stronghold increases - the number of islands increases, as well as install more diggings and shrines

Important thing. You don't have to upgrade the main building much. In fact, you should take 1 trip to pass the island, and 2 trips to pass the main island. If you strongly upgrade the main building, there will be stronger mobs on the islands, which will affect the number of attacks on the island.

Circle of Creation

To create (synthesize) heroes at 6*.

The Circle of Conscription

  • Basic draft: nothing much here, draft as much as you want, but it's all for nothing. Heroes are only needed for 5 stars.
  • Heroic call: there is a greater chance of heroes falling out on 4 and 5 stars. They recommend you do the following: without donation, finish the Daily Call only when the free heroic call is given (once every 2 days), if with donation, you can do it every day. Otherwise. scrolls for an event. Better to use at events, and it's better to miss the event than not pass completely.
  • Friendship Appeal: Call for hearts received and sent to our friends. Friends are recruited in chat with the usual words "Add me" or add yourself. It does not matter who, the more the better.


Here most of the campaign happens without you. In an automaton. There are no special features.

Be sure to farm only 5 circles or 10. The rest should just pass. Every 8 hours the full reward accumulates, so it is important to go in and pick it up. Heard that you can just go in and not pick up, but check these rumors yourself 🙂



This building is also one of those buildings that collects tickets for the arena. I do not recommend passing more than 3 times a day, collect chips for the event. And during the event, I recommend that the team in the defense to put light, so that you were thrown off the seats, so that there was no problem with picking up the enemy. We will need a lot of them.

A little trick. In defense put horror-horror setup. That way the game will pick you up similar opponents in strength.

The test of a brave man

Here we pass several dozen opponents. For a reward. The trick is that your fighters start each battle shabby, as they came out of the last battle. Therefore it's important to have a healer, or even two in the team. And a long bench, as they say in soccer. Ah, yes, to participate can only 4 stars and above, with a level of 40.

In the store, we take only currency for the upgrade werewolf.

Aspen Dungeon (The Pit)

A minigame located next to the arena that opens every 48 hours for 48 hours and then closes.

Every 50 levels the game is saved.

You choose 5 of your heroes and fight against a wave of monsters. For every 100 waves you pass, you reach a new difficulty level, but the difficulty increases in increments of 100 levels. The first difficulty is "Easy", the second "Normal", the third "Difficult" and finally "Nightmare".
For each wave you defeat, you get 1 of 3 awards.

  • A chest containing gold, spirit, stone to advance the hero, material for monsters... etc. Д.
  • Potion (milk, angelic potion, demonic potion, or 1 of 3 stat boosting potions)
  • Merchant

In the store we buy from the granny (the most normal merchant), even for gems, but better for the gold.


Tower of Oblivion

The higher we climb, the more expensive the rewards. Strive. If you can not pass - swing a team and go back.

Use heroes that stan, freeze, and so on.


Crafting your own armor and weapons. It's simple. We get from the campaign weaker - by crafting into a stronger one, and do not forget to dress heroes.

Over time, it is better to clearly track what is missing and craft only what is missing. Because crafting everything - expensive in gold. So for the daily make only the 3 cheapest crafts, and expensive crafting only when the hero need to make a set.


The most important thing to know. That everything you invest in development will stay with you even if you change guilds, so don't be afraid to invest in the technologies your heroes need.

Events in the game (important!)

Now it's worth talking about the events in the game. After all, it is around them that the gameplay is built and it is possible to make good progress.

First. You can score events and play for your own pleasure and understanding of the game. Follow the tips or climb on them, just for the thrill of pushing buttons.

Second. If you want to bend even a little/much, heed this advice.

Events in the game are promotions that last for 1-2 weeks. The coolest rewards are very cool heroes or orbs, for which you can pull off a good hero. During the action, you only need to perform certain actions. Points will be awarded for these, and rewards will be given when points are achieved. For example, the current action is about using the heroic call. Ie you have to do a heroic call, the more the better. Developers took care of buying heroic summons scrolls right there, they are not cheap. I mean, it's better to save them up beforehand. What do you need to save up?

  • Heroic Scrolls
  • Tokens for the arena
  • Completed tasks level 4 and 5 (yes, yes, you can not turn in tasks, save. new ones will be issued all the same)
  • Chips for use in the Casino

Events in the game Idle Heroes

As an example of the screenshot - for 25 heroic summons you get 200 special Jubilee coins and one summons in the Seer Tree. You can also buy Heroic Appeal scrolls for your jubilee coins. The most delicious reward is for 700 heroic summonses - the hero Bertrand.

I did not write where to find these events. Look at the screenshot. Upper right corner, the button with the hourglass.

Idle Heroes tips and secrets

Game tips are scattered all over the Internet. If I missed anything, add it to the comments, and I'll add it to the article.

Nowhere have I found any normal information that if register for the game. I.e. go to the options and give a precious mail (and, it is possible left), then for this will give 5* hero - Norma. I recommend dressing her in your best until you rush the other heroes to 5 stars. This is your top healer for a while, if not forever, depending on when you quit the game.

Events - It's important. You want to bend, use the full power of events. Save resources for events. I wrote above about why.

When it happens arena-related event. Put in the defense of the weak, so that you move down in the rankings and you can always find the weak. At this time, to be at the top of the rankings - no.

Using a Seer Orb (to use in the Seer Tree): after getting your first orbs you will have a dilemma on how to use them. It is best to call heroes from the faction Bastion (people, emblem - a cross on a blue background), because it is filled with the highest percentage of top heroes. Spending orbs on Dark and Light characters is absolutely undesirable, the choice in the beginning should always be between the faction Bastion or Forest.

What to buy at the market

At first it seems that the market is full of useful things, especially heroes or armor. We don't need them. We don't buy them.

  • Buy chips to play Lotto for gold. But in any case do not use immediately, but wait for a special event.
  • Buy a heroic call. Use the same under the special event.
  • Should I buy Glenn? No.
  • Is it necessary to buy a variety of dust? You can, at the beginning of the game, up to level 20. Then you will have enough of it.
  • Is it necessary to buy simple scrolls? I don't see the need. The chance of a 5* hero falling out of them is extremely low, which means you'll be summoning garbage alone.
  • A four-star hero for 1.5 million gold.

The best characters to start the game

I warn you, this is the very, very beginning. A month or two into the game. Then these heroes will go to the fodder of the stronger and necessary heroes.

Norma - a 5* hero, which is very easy to get at the very beginning. To do this, you need to register in the game. Go to "Settings", click "Register" and register. Go to mail and pick up the hero. What is she good for? It's a healer. With all that follows, and if you do not make another one, as I did, for a long time - this will be the only normal healer in the game.

Feigen - This hero is a 4* from the beginning. Tank. I haven't made a better tank yet, so at the very beginning of the game, this character is quite all right. Staunts, holds the hit, does the damage.

Alleline - of this hero I have already dropped 3 pieces, although I do not need that many. The first one I got for some quest or you can buy in the guild store. Costs only 1000 guild coins. What's good? She has a passive skill - attack absorption, when stolen 14% attack from the enemy and appropriated itself. With Norma's debuff and Alley's damage, you can do wonders.



The best heroes for Aspen Dungeon

Heroes of the Divine Level

Weights: Aspen's Imba , a healer who can do great damage. Basically, if you want to reach "Nightmare", try and get yourself 10 Vesu stars.

Sigmund: Another great hero. While he personally has no healings of his own, he is with an artifact for damage reduction, and with the help of your healing potion will break through many levels

Pretty good characters.

Killer: classic, does a ton of damage and has self-healing when he kills enemies. Only problem is, if he hits the ceiling and can't kill enemies quickly, he can't kidnap himself and dies

Dominator: after the buff gave him a 38% chance to freeze, and increased the chance to heal - he became a good enough option to start with

Lutetz: Lutetz has gone up a lot lately, and his third passive gives him an insane 400% of healing for 5 consecutive rounds, which is something unrealistic, as well as 40% of armor. Important! You should always heal him after his 80% health reserve, as his passive ability only triggers when it drops below 80%.

Ormus: bread and butter healing. While he has fantastic healings, he is not as good at making it through difficult levels such as Killers or Asmodels, for he has very low damage

Dantalion : Very good for the first two difficulties because of the self-release

Norma: Norma is a great choice for new players, as it heals by taking and dealing damage. A great choice for beginners, as all players now start with the 5-star Norma.

Groo: Incredibly tanky and can handle levels of 4 Killers , and has a healing ability that adds up over time. Can't overcome levels where there is a lot of debuff.

Eddga: Ulta heals himself. An underrated hero in my opinion, and quite good for Aspen.

Zombies: Tanking hero with abundant healing. Not so good because of low damage, can get stuck at certain levels against debuffs

Gehrke: Heals a single target, while also healing from taking damage.

Asmodel: Overall a good hero, quite tanky and gives massive crits for difficult levels , a similar role for Sigmund just not so good at it.

Michelle: Being a ranger means high damage, and with her skill she can herd all 4 enemies, heals herself, and is immune to stan.

What and how many resources you need to upgrade your heroes

Idle Heroes - A detailed guide for starting the game. Heroes and who to rock

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