Ideas for Applications - 1. Alarm clock, parking lot

There's no shortage of apps in the world. But there are even more different ideas on how to make Apps better, cooler, and cooler. We decided to collect such ideas, in case someone decides to implement them, that would be great.Let's start pulling ideas. The first ones from Varlamova. Moreover, his second idea has already been implemented Yandex. It's only been two days. Well done. The reaction is phenomenal.

zyalt: A smart alarm clock. The modern smartphone is packed with many sensors. It is able to determine when a person gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom, for example. A smart alarm clock should go off only when its owner has left the bedroom. A good feature for those who are afraid of oversleeping. I sometimes set myself a dozen alarms every 5 minutes, since the first ones I can turn off and go back to sleep. I definitely wake up on the fifth one. A smart alarm clock would help me ensure that I'm awake. Although... there is still the risk of falling asleep in the living room 😉

zyalt: Smart Parking. Relevant for Moscow and other cities where there is a system of paid parking, which can be paid for via a smartphone. Everyone is thinking about how to make paying for parking convenient, and I suggest thinking about how to make it convenient to complete the payment. The fact is that many drivers, when leaving a parking lot, forget to complete it and pick up the remaining money.For those who are not aware, let me explain. You can only pay for parking by the hour. Even if you need to park for 20 minutes, the minimum payment is one hour. But there is a way to get the unused money back: to do that, when you leave, you need to press the button in the app to complete the parking.In general, with this button of completion and there are problems. What should you do? The smartphone determines by GPS that you are leaving the parking space, and a signal is sent to stop the time and return some money to your account. Now there is a good offer from Yandex for Moscow. I hope the guys from Yandex will add this useful feature to their program

There are other, no less interesting ideas. Taken from the comments.

guga50I have been thinking for a long time about an app/forum about Moscow. You ride your bike and your phone tells you in your headphones about what you see.

kemchik: Identification of the nearest free car wash. With prices, services, etc.

teido: "My Pharmacy" apps creating a database of home medications. Accounting for expiration dates, thematic breakdown, the possibility of access for other family members. Updating databases to do via wi-fi without access to the global network.

smile_and_read: I've been dreaming about an app that would help me in my work for a long time. I work as a tutor, I keep my class schedule in a calendar, my tuition records in an app to keep track of my finances, and I keep advance payments or debts in notes. For a year now I have been struggling with how to optimize all these records.

Of course, it wasn't without funny ideas 🙂

kallbasser: Not enough of an app that reminds you to wipe your heel when coming out of the toiletmutnyi74: We need a program that identifies the nearest toilets in the city, including toilets McDonald's, coffee shops, etc.

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