Chaos Chronicles - useful resources

Chaos Chronicles - useful resources, sites, YouTube channels for learning the game

As I said before, I'm stuck in Chaos Chronicles for at least half a year, if nothing changes. In the last couple of weeks I've been studying a lot of information on the game, and thanks to that I've gathered some useful material and websites on the game, which I'm sharing with you, my dear listener.

Well the channel is still 0 subscribers and I'm asking you in every way to subscribe, be the first) subscribe, put aike!

And I'd appreciate it if you could supplement my list with cool links, resources, or YouTube channels that I haven't mentioned. Let's collect useful stuff on the game in one place. And yes, we're talking about the web version of the game.

If you're comfortable watching the clip, watch it, and if you want to read the same thing, you're welcome to do so.

Discord - the official game discord

https://discordapp.com/invite/taD5rp9 - This discord is advertised in the game itself. Most of the time, I used it to get free gifts from developers, such as: Boxy boxes, gold boxes, boxes from their Youtube channel, spheres, energy, and more.

In general, they have a cool idea, every day, I repeat, every day give out small gifts. It seems to be nothing substantial, but keep the audience by this very tightly. I generally want to say that the marketing department of this game commands my respect and admiration. But back to Discord, there's live communication, you can ask any question and get an answer. The community is not as toxic as it usually is with Ru communities. There are separate chats for web and mobile versions of the game.


https://twitter.com/HeroWarsWeb - The official twitter of the developers, which also duplicates information on gifts and updates to the game. But as for me, it's easier to catch them in discord or directly on the sites, which I will tell below. 


https://www.reddit.com/r/HeroWarsApp/ - exclusively for the mobile version of the game. Sometimes there are interesting discussions, but mostly reposts from Discord about what mission the prize is in today. But if you dig deeper, you can find a large number of guides, although they are all a bit outdated.

For the web version there is also, but I do not publish it, it is almost inactive.

Useful sites

https://www.smartones.solfors.com/ - The strategy and moves in Adventures from level 1 to 12 are beautifully laid out - I recommend it, it's very clever. Also, every day there is an updated list of daily gifts from the official Discord for the web version of the game. I will say that sometimes the author posts gifs that are not in Discord. I recommend checking in daily.

Chaos Chronicles - useful resources, sites, YouTube channels for learning the game

https://hwgame.top/events/wb - full information on the game's events: what you need to collect, where, how much, and what the rewards will be. The only drawback, there is no list of upcoming events, so that you can prepare in advance. But usually in 1-2 days there is information about the new event, and there is a small chance to prepare for it does exist. This can be: podkopirovat energy, summon spheres, eggs or other consumables.

Of curiosity - there are plugins for the Chrome browser, which can help with the game. For example, there is an extension that displays basic information from the game by spent emeralds, adventures, arena battles, etc. when the game is running, or there are several calculators - Hero Calculator, Titan or Pet Calculator.

Chaos Chronicles - useful resources, sites, YouTube channels for learning the game

I don't use any other sites. Perhaps you know, share that knowledge in the comments! I'd be happy to.

YouTube channels on the game Chronicles of Chaos

First of all, I will recommend my channel of course 🙂 I am not yet a super-specialist on the game, but I am able to aggregate information and dry, in a clear short form transmit useful information. In general, this is what I do on the channel. In addition, I do small reviews and impressions of new mobile games.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW28_QfhSohi9XtyRkSyJgA - Kawachai Games

Web version

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGSROAapnwTBawtCMHij4Og - The official YouTube channel of the game. No practical value from it yet, but it is impossible not to note it. 

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDmX6DZ5v-10PNibdR3QWQg -  channel "Alexander Larin. The channel where I get the most comprehensive information on the game so far. From time to time I continue to rewatch clips from a year ago, when specific questions about the game arise. The author of the channel is still in the game, and even responds to messages, which is more than pleasant. He's been playing, parsing accounts, and creating Chaos Chronicle guides for over 5 years. 

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwS0yu20Yvky0ijzry7CvTg - conduit Ilya AkifievIlya has a lot of useful information, which partially overlaps with the previous channel. But Ilya has his own opinion and it is also interesting to listen and learn a lot about the game.

https://www.youtube.com/c/FILOSOFkmv - The channel of a man who plays Chronicles, as he himself claims, without donation. Accordingly, and advice on heroes, packs and pumping he gives such, where either no money at all, or the minimum amount. I recommend it, there are good videos.

Mobile version

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR8PHhDezBphWktmiKyMxsA - exactly the same official channel, but already on the mobile version of the game Chronicles of Chaos.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCECbu0BXNfSdD6kv7vldRnQ - ASAQR, one of the long-time players in the mobile version of the game, active to this day. 

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR32pSHt_KevAvO89WJKN-A - Just the King, no need to comment, just kidding. Great new channel, where you can find useful information specifically on the mobile version of the game. 

That's it, if I haven't mentioned a channel, site or resource about Chaos Chronicles, post about it in the comments! If I missed a lot of information, I'll make a new video. Hugs to everyone, bye.

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