Homescapes - tips on passing. How to get stars and a lot of money in the game?

Homescapes - tips on passing. How to get stars and a lot of money in the game?

If you have already played Homescapes, then you know that the main task of the player is to equip a house, decorate it, perform some tasks in the mini-games. The more puzzles you solve, the more money you get to your account. If the first levels can be passed without much effort, then further you will have to work hard, and if you have difficulties with the levels, I recommend to visit the large article with tips How to pass levels in Homescapes. About how to earn extra money, stars and get lives in Homescapes, as well as secrets and tips on passing Homescapes - we will talk further.

Download Homescapes for free in Russian from the AppStore.

Video gameplay and how to play Honescapes in general


The main character of this game is the butler Austin, who came to visit his parents and finds out that they find it hard to keep the house in order, so they want to sell it. But Austin does not want to sell the house, where he spent all his childhood and with so many memories, so he asks for your help. And you work with him to fix up the mansion. You can change your name by going to the settings - they're in the upper right corner of the screen - and clicking on "Edit Profile.


In the game you are given five lives to complete the levels. A new life appears every half hour. If you waste your lives, you can either wait for them to regenerate or speed up the process:

  1. Ask your friends for life. If the game is connected to Facebook, you can ask friends on social networks for life. Of course, if friends ask for life from you, then share it with them. Also, connecting to Facebook gives you a bonus of 1,000 game coins. So use this way, it's very profitable.
  2.  If you move the time in the phone settings forward a few hours, it adds extra life.

Task Sheet

It is located in the lower left corner. It contains tasks that need to be completed. You get coins and stars for completing the levels. You need these stars to complete the task. Their number can be different - 1 star or more. Tasks are quite different - from feeding the cat to put a mirror. And the stars are also needed for the transition to a new day. You spend a star, but you get some kind of gift - coins or bonuses for the game.

What else is interesting on the tablet?

  1. Network. Here Austin and his friends correspond and post pictures. There is also a "Friends" tab. In general, you can distract yourself, have a laugh, or look at pictures.
  2. Mail. The tab is linked to Facebook, you can add friends to send and receive gifts.
  3. News. You can also go to Facebook and read the news there.

But the main point, as you have already realized, are the Tasks, by completing which you move forward and unlock new levels.

Bonuses in the game "Three in a row

To move to the next level you need to play the game "Three in a row". For a certain number of moves you need to collect some chips: green cups, yellow lamps, blue squares, red bows, pink buttons and many other things. Sometimes you have to guide an object to the bottom of the playing field, such as donuts.

In the passage of this game helps different bonuses:

  • An airplane can be assembled by connecting chips of the same color into a square. If you click on it, it will fly to a hard-to-reach place and can smash a box or a cookie. If you combine it with other power-ups, like a bomb, it can fly away and explode there, which is sometimes very useful if you need to break ice around a cherry tree or something like that.
  • A rocket is obtained by collecting 4 tokens of the same color in a row. Almost all other bonuses are also collected in a row, except the airplane is unusual. Rockets are horizontal and vertical. They remove the tokens in the rows they are in by clicking twice on them or swapping places with a neighboring token.
  • A bomb can be made by combining five tokens with a T. It explodes several cells around itself and has quite a powerful effect. If you combine the bomb with a rocket, the explosion will clear 3 rows horizontally and vertically at once, not 1 as with the normal rocket.
  • And if you collect 5 chips in a row, you get a Rainbow Ball, which removes all the chips of the same color.

There are many other bonuses, but these are the most basic ones that you can collect yourself in almost every game. Use them as often as possible!

How do you get extra lives?

Each player in Homescapes tries to make his house nicer, more beautiful, to buy the best for him, but the levels are constantly getting harder, so it's harder to pass them. Because of this you lose time and hp (health points). To avoid wasting time, you can resort to a little trick:

  • Turn off wi-fi;
  • exit the game;
  • go to the settings on the gadget;
  • go to "Time and Date";
  • advance the time by a couple of hours;
  • enter the game and get an extra five lives;
  • If you run out of lives, repeat the procedure again.

Do not forget that along the way to collect all the bonuses such as missiles, balloons and bombs, and resort to tricks only if you can not pass the level for a long time.

Stars in the game Homescapes you can get after passing some levels, and they are needed to improve your home. It is better not to download the hacked version, because all the accumulated will be deleted, you will have to start again.

Extra Money in Homescapes

Getting extra money in Homescapes can be quite easy, but it is important to stick to the recommendations regarding saving lives, because then the money will remain intact. In this case, you may need the money only for hp or in extreme cases. You can also sign up for Facebook, for which you get up to 100 coins.


Homescapes - tips on passing. How to get stars and a lot of money in the game?

A few secrets and tips for Homescapes

Since for each task the player receives coins and money, you need to know how to properly dispose of them and remember a few rules:

  • buy planes, light balloons, a hammer and bombs;
  • For one mini-game they give no more than 60 coins, so it is better to accumulate them first;
  • for viewing ads get extra money, as for one level, and you can watch the video several times in a row;
  • stars are needed to decorate the house, but do not rush with the choice of decor, you can not change the items later.

Remember that Homescapes is both a house simulator and a strategy game, so pay attention to the current objectives and goals in the game, and calculate your moves in advance. And bonuses and stars will make it easier to play.


  1. Playing for a long time, I like it, but why does not pass payment, I do not understand. Neither from cards, nor from a phone, all entered correctly, maybe somewhere to register?

    • I didn't donate to the game, but I don't think there should be a problem with that. Try writing to the game support.

  2. Everything is BLEEP! Translated the time in front and even reloaded the tablet, no five lives did not work, as it was zero and remains so! I do not understand the fun in tips that do not work!

  3. And I transferred the time and I was blocked, I can not participate in competitions, what to do? Is it forever or for a couple of weeks? Does anyone know?

  4. I can give you another tip, which I discovered myself.
    As you progress through the game, don't waste any stars.
    Just pass the levels and collect these stars.
    In addition to getting free lives from friends and constantly changing the time on your device, there is also a way to play for a long time.
    In short.
    When all lives are spent, start spending stars on tasks.
    There in the task scale are gifts.
    For every last gift you get 30 minutes of free play.
    Don't wrap up the day.
    As long as you play for free, lives are restored.
    You've wasted your time and lives - call it a day.
    In the new day of life will be restored.
    This can be repeated until you have spent all the stars.
    It's best to collect stars from the beginning of the game - by the time you spend, you'll have about 80 for sure.
    If you follow this tactic, you can accumulate 12 hours (!) of free game play by using the game's perks.
    I've had it happen to me twice already.
    Don't thank me)

  5. And maybe who knows how to ask for help in passing the level? Not just life to throw off, but some kind of difficult level to help pass, sometimes so annoying that does not pass

    • If you can not pass the level, just write about it in the Union 😂 I do not know how it works, but it usually gives the solution, very easy))

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