Homescapes is the new leader in the App Store. Decorate your home.

Not so long ago, Playrix released the game HomescapesThe game has become popular in 92 countries and this number continues to grow. The game has become popular in 92 countries and this figure continues to grow. Homescapes Playrix game is a logical continuation of the previously famous "three in a row" game, but the action takes place not in the garden, and in the house. And the player can feel like a real home designer from the first minutes of the passage.

Download Homescapes free from the AppStore.

Briefly about Homescapes

By downloading Homescapes on Android or iOS, you will immerse yourself in the world of Butler Austin, who collects chips three in a row and then upgrades the house from the inside. The point is to perform tasks, and then for money to buy paintings, wallpaper, and furniture. You have to work with different rooms (hall, garage, kitchen), choosing the interior to your liking. Another feature is the description of the life of the butler's family, which is no less interesting to follow.

In total, there are several features of the game Homescapes:

  • unusual gameplay and a lot of levels;
  • a variety of options for decorating your home;
  • Availability of bonuses and gifts for the successful completion of levels;
  • surprises in every room;
  • The presence of several heroes who communicate through social networks;
  • The presence of another hero in the form of a fluffy cat;
  • the ability to communicate and play together with friends after syncing with Facebook.

Tips on how to pass Homescapes appear in each level - thanks to the developers, but often you will have to make additional purchases in the store, although the game itself is free.

How to play Homescapes

What do the developers say about their child?

The developers themselves note new "chips" in the game Homescapes, which previously was not in the last version of Gardenscapes:

  • convenient mechanics;
  • The system of bonuses on the field when completing tasks;
  • a variety of genre-specific chips;
  • simplicity of design;
  • Involvement in the story from the first levels, a vivid story of the main character.

It is also noted that the new game is not a sequel to Gardenscapes, but a separate unit for "three-in-a-row" devotees.

Homescapes game walkthrough

The puzzle game is not as simple as it may seem. The player has to repair the house by passing additional mini-games, for which money is awarded. While the first ten levels are easy to complete, the rest are increasingly difficult. But the idea is the same everywhere: collect items three in a row, for successful combinations get money (stars), which are spent on items.

In the first minigame you have to replace the carpet, which costs one star. There are several variations of the carpet to choose from, so everyone's house will be different.

But most often the problems arise with level 24. Therefore, how to pass level 24 in the game Homescapes, we will tell further. The task will be to collect 40 lamps 40 books with the possibility of 22 moves. The secret is simple: collect five identical items at a time, for which you get rockets or bombs.

How to pass level 24

Watch the video and good luck.

Mods for the game

Since the main problem is the accumulation of money, with the help of mods, you can get it much faster and easier. To run the mod Homescapes "A lot of money" is necessary:

  • turn off the Internet;
  • go to the phone settings and delete the game cache, and then remove it from the market or store;
  • install the mod game;
  • when getting to know Austin's family, it's best to enter a new name;
  • go through one day of the game and turn on the Internet;
  • After the second level there will be a question of selecting a safe. And you have to choose with money.

There is another way to enable the mod:

  • download the original game;
  • copy and paste the apk into the game;
  • download the mod game and play it;
  • paste a copy of the original apk into the mod game;
  • a real toy will appear, but with lots of money.

The hacked version of Homescapes involves a lot of money, lives and features with already activated mods. You do not need to enter them manually, it is enough to download the hacked version of the toy on your phone.

True, we do not support this method. Therefore, the use of mods and cheats in Homescapes you do solely on your own will.


To summarize

Comparing Homescapes to Gardenscapes, the game is original, bright and exciting, where the main place of action is the house, not the garden. It will take more than one day to repair it, and the bonuses and asterisks for passing will help you learn all the secrets of the mansion and its characters. Not for nothing in Europe Homescapes ranks 104th among the most downloaded games and it's only a couple of weeks after the game's release.


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