Heroes of the Dark - review, tips on heroes and pumping

Netmarble has rolled out another game, Heroes of the Dark. It's just all in one. It's a strategy and role-playing game, and in some places, or rather in structures, it's like a Hustle Castle. It turns out that each player will find something different. Also, it's a game about vampires, werewolves, and humans. It's been a long time since we had such a vinaigrette of game genres. In this article I'll make a small review on the game itself, as well as give some tips on pumping.

Heroes of the Dark Review

This strategy is about confronting vampires, werewolves, and humans. True, all of them can be on your team.

The game itself, is a standard large field, where you appear and your base, which you will need to build. Around your base, of course, there will be other players, as well as mines with gold and such a resource as MoonDust - moon sand. These are the two main resources in the game. They are mined cherrezhni, where you can send the gerov for 15 minutes, 2 hours or 8 hours, as well as through the buildings. I am at level 10 of my base available to two buildings, each of which produces gold and lunar sand.

Also, on the map there are NPCs of different levels. Their main purpose - extraction of shards from them, which will increase the levels of the heroes. Also, there are dungeons in which you can get gold, moon sand and shards of heroes to increase the stardom. That's how we got to heroes.

Heroes of the Dark - review, tips on heroes and pumping


Heroes are divided into:

  • Vampires,
  • Werewolves,
  • People,

Each of the heroes has its own specialization:

  • Tank
  • Ranger (shooter)
  • Bruiser, boxer (melee fighter)
  • Nuker, nuker (magician)
  • Support (most often a healer)
  • Assassin is a razbonik, a melee fighter who deals a lot of damage.

In this case, in battle, there are only two spaces available for melee heroes and three for ranged heroes. This is the art of strategy.

I'd like to point out that every hero has abilities:

  • perc,
  • The ulta on reaching the energy in battle,
  • passive skill,
  • a passive skill after 4 stars,
  • a passive skill after the 6th star.

So when picking fighters in any battle, you need to consider all of these skins. Someone will get more gold in the diggings, someone will do more damage in the dungeons, and someone gives 10% more health to nearby heroes, and so on.

The mansion or your ancestral castle

The main feature of the mansion is that it looks like the castle in the game Castle Castle. That's about it. There will be a separate material on each structure from which everything is clear and obvious.

It is not possible to build all the buildings at once. To do so, you must raise the main building - the Throne Room. All other buildings are based on it.

Heroes of the Dark - review, tips on heroes and pumping

Heroes of the Dark gameplay tips

  1. The first pack of heroes, whatever they fall out - develop up to level 20. By this time, there will be other heroes, including legendary or epic, and then decide who to cast next.
  2. For the battles on the big map is rubbed energy, aka stamina, you do not have to idle. That is, be at 100. It should always be less than 100. And before going to sleep drain it completely to 0. Overnight will accumulate.
  3. At first, energy will be important to get resources to level up your heroes - the game generously gives away energy and money packs. Look for these in your chest (Stash) in the Resources tab (first).
  4. In the game quite often I see the event. You'll get extra rewards for that, so you'll be able to get them and develop yourself during those events.
    Heroes of the Dark - review, tips on heroes and pumping
    1. to gather resources,
    2. to raise the level of the heroes,
    3. on spending money and others.
  5. Be sure to join a guild. This will help you develop faster.
    1. The help of co-guilders during the construction and treatment of heroes.
    2. Joint attacks.
    3. Joint base defense.
  6. After the 8th level of the base, you have to start saving resources to spend them in the event. This refers to the development of the base itself - levels of buildings, this is about summoning new heroes and shards, this is about crafting, gathering resources, and so on. But it's clear that some of this stuff needs to be done regularly to close the daleek. And then I move on smoothly to the next piece of advice.
  7. One way or another, you'll form a team of 5-6 main characters who are either nice to you or just level good. Develop them further, they'll help you even though they're not meta heroes. You'll find out about the meta ones later and dock them, the game is long and deep enough.
  8. Raise the levels of non-mainstream heroes, dress non-mainstream heroes only in the corresponding event. I've already talked about it, just not unreasonable to repeat it again. Unless, of course, you want to collect rewards from these events, if not, then no 🙂

In-game donation


The best heroes

Right now there's really no understanding of which heroes you need to rock and which you don't. But nevertheless, I'll give you some advice.

The best healer

At the moment, it is already clear that the best human doctor is Altyntai. He treats, not supports, as other supporters do.

In addition to her heal, she buffs on the health of the hero ahead of her and heals faster in the Infirmary if added to this build.

Heroes of the Dark - review, tips on heroes and pumping

The best tank

In general, I think humans are a little better in this game than werewolves and vampires.

Alessa - Great Tank. She has no stan or debuff like the vampire tank Loktus, but she survives better due to her shield + she has great damag for a tank + her ultimacy - hitting the ground creates a circular strike and throws the enemies away. It's akin to a steel, because while the enemies are running towards her, time passes in which the rangers and mages shoot the enemies. Definitely recommend it.

Heroes of the Dark - review, tips on heroes and pumping


Although, for example, they praise Catherine. She has a passive - for each human hero in the team, her attack is increased by 5%. She also gives the entire squad 23% dungeon attacks. At least because of this perk it is worth mastering.

Heroes of the Dark - review, tips on heroes and pumping

The Exchange

All in all, not a bad initial player of ours. The Exchange. It has a rebound and good damage. And also increased attack for the whole squad when attacking Enemy Camp.

But the most important thing is that he has 23% increased attack for all teams when attacking Camps. Let me remind you that the camps here are small dungeons, where you will farm shards for each type of hero.

Heroes of the Dark - review, tips on heroes and pumping

But as soon as the information appears, I'll add it.

The best lineups of heroes

It is important to understand that the team must be diverse. Although sometimes play this way: 2 tanks + assassin, 2 mage or Renge. I.e. use only the brute force, and take the tanks with a heal.

Seen a bunch where 3 tanks and 2 hil. But it's a long time in terms of passing any dungeons, but it works!

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