Heroes of Order & Chaos: Slang and Abbreviations

Heroes of Order & Chaos: Slang and Abbreviations

Like any game, Heroes of Order & Chaos uses a lot of slang and abbreviations. I decided to compile such a list - Heroes of Order & Chaos: Slang and Abbreviations, and give every player, even a beginner, an opportunity to be in the game slang and abbreviations that can be used in beginner's guides and other informational materials.Heroes of Order & Chaos: Slang and Abbreviations

Heroes of Order & Chaos: Slang and Abbreviations

  • Unit (from the English Unit) - Indicates any unit that can move and attack.
  • Hero (Hero is a warrior that you choose at the beginning of the game and control throughout the game. All heroes are controlled by living humans. The hero raises his level in battle and can learn abilities available only to him.
  • Mobs (from the English word MOB - Mobile Object) - a synonym for the word "creeps
  • Neutrals (from neutral) - neutral creeps that stand in the forest zone. Do not belong to any base. Attack those who attack them. Kill them to get extra gold. Controlled by computer.


  • Stahner (Stun is a hero with immobilizing magic.
  • Tank (from Tank) - Usually used to characterize a hero with many lives, used as a "living shield".
  • Heeler (Heal is a hero who has the magic to heal himself or his allies.
  • Damager - Damage is a type of hero that has the potential to deal high damage.
  • The Disabler - Disabler is a type of hero who has magics that neutralize the enemy for a while.
  • Leiter (Later - a hero who may be weak at the beginning of the game, but by the end of the game he is the main thing on the battlefield
  • Nuecker (Nuke is a hero who has the strongest spells. Supporter is a type of hero who has magics useful for his allies.


  • AOE Spell (from Area of Effect) is a spell that is applied over an area.
  • Skill (from the English "Skill") - the hero's or player's skills.Passive or Passive ability (Passive is a spell that does not require activation and mana cost, it is activated automatically.
  • Crete (CriticalStrike is a passive spell of a hero or item that gives some chance to do several times more damage
  • Mana - blue stripe next to the hero by the hero. A certain amount of mana is required to cast a spell! If you don't have it, you won't be able to cast a spell.
  • Mana Regeneration - mana recovery rate.
  • Dodge or Dodge (Dodge is a passive spell of a hero or item that allows you to dodge a blow
  • Deceleration (Slow is a spell that slows down the opponent's movement or attack speed.
  • Stan (Stun is a skill that makes an enemy inactive for a certain amount of time.
  • Heal (from Heal) - a skin for healing yourself or allied heroes.
  • Spell (from Spell) is a synonym for spell.
  • Kuldown (Cooldown - the time to recharge a spell.
  • Channeling - a spell that is cast for a certain amount of time, but if you start moving or get caught, the spell is interrupted


  • Base (from Base) denotes your base (the place where you appear)
  • Line or Line (from the English. Line) - denotes the line on which go mobs and in which there are defensive towers. A total of 3 lines on the map: - Up, Top, Top - denotes the top line - Down, Bottom, Bottom - denotes the bottom line - Center, Mid - denotes the central line
  • The River - water line dividing the map.
  • Forest - the rest of the space with trees, bushes.
  • Dragon - the location where the second strongest neutral creep stands.
  • Roshan - the location where the strongest neutral creep stands. In HoO&C it has a different name, but the essence is the same.


  • Liver (Leave is the player leaving the game before its logical completion. Inevitably causes everyone else in the game to hate the game, as the player's exit almost always breaks the balance of the teams.
  • Lacker (Luck - a player who came out of a losing situation a winner, or he could not catch up and finish it.
  • Nub (from Noob) - a person who cannot play.
  • Randomizer (Random) - as a rule this is the name of the player who accidentally used a skill early in the battle or not on the subject, but the result was the destruction of the enemy hero. In principle, any accidental killing of a hero can be regarded as random.
  • Abuser (from Abuse) - a player who uses something in the game mechanics in an unusual way. Usually used as a synonym for bugger.
  • Bagger (Bug - a player who does not miss a chance to get an advantage over other players, using mistakes and shortcomings of the game.
  • Bot - a hero who is controlled by a computer.
  • Ganger (Gang is a player who left his farm line in order to kill the enemy hero by means of numerical superiority or surprise effect.
  • Pro or Pro (from the English Professional) - an excellent player.
  • Styler (from the English word "Steal") - theft of a phrase.
  • Soler (from Solo) is a player who asks for a solo to stand on the line (that is, alone). Solos usually go to the center.
  • Farmer (Farm is a player who spends all his time in the game to earn money and experience by killing a lot of creeps. Usually roams the woods and does not respond to messages for help. In 75 % cases he outclasses other players in items and if he starts to act he can pull a team out of a bad situation in the game.
  • Flooder (from English. Flood) - a person littering the chat room with the same messages.
  • Feeder (Feed is a player who constantly dies and "feeds" the enemy team, giving them a lot of money and experience for their death


  • Skillbuild (from the English "Skill Build") - rolling skills, a plan for the development of skills.
  • Focus (Focus is usually used in battle to indicate which enemy hero to focus all your spells on and kill him first, usually the first enemy hero are strong nukers or heroes with large area spells.
  • Haras (from Harass - to exhaust) - constant damage to enemy heroes in order to keep them with incomplete health, to drive them off the line or kill them.
  • Backdoor (Backdoor is an attack on enemy buildings when there are no allied creeps nearby.
  • Def (from the English Defence) - the protection of a point, tower, line.
  • CryptStilling (CreepStealing is the deliberate killing of creeps already attacked by an ally. Usually the phrase is used in cases of stylus forest mobs, because all creeps on the line are "common".
  • Last hit (Last Hit is the last hit on a creep/building/enemy hero in order to get money (often used synonymously with "steele").
  • Laith (Missing in action is a reminder for the allies, helping them to know that the enemy hero has left the line, if the enemy hero returns to the line then write "re" or "re".
  • Items (from the English Item) - things that enhance the hero's abilities.
  • Active Items (from the English Item) - things that give you the opportunity to use a new spell.
  • Item Build (Item Build is the purchase of items for the hero.
  • Push (from Push) is pressure on the enemy line, passing on, destroying towers, killing creeps and heroes.
  • Binder - is a term for team play. In a bind, each ally must know when to use a spell or what his main role in the fight is.
  • Arts - The abbreviation for the word "artifact" is the same as items. These are items that are bought and are in the inventory.
  • Nuke (Nuke is a spell with high damage, low cooldown, and relatively low cost (requires few mana points to use)
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