Heroes of Order & Chaos guide

Heroes of Order & Chaos guide: secrets, strategies

The Heroes of Order & Chaos guide mainly deals with strategies, features, and subtleties of the game. It is suitable for all players, both beginners (with little gaming experience) and advanced players. In order to understand it, you need to know minimum game fundamentals, tactics and mechanics of the game, as well as cuts in the game.Heroes of Order & Chaos guide

Heroes of Order & Chaos Guide Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Terms
  3. Basic knowledge and tips
    1. Wards
    2. Roles
    3. Hero Skills.
    4. Chasing (stalking)
    5. Numerical advantage
    6. Stuff
    7. Respawn opponents
  4. Common strategies and tricks
    1. Gunking
    2. Protecting the tower / capturing the tower (hagging)
    3. Kiting
    4. When it's worth fluffing a line
    5. Batting (baiting)
    6. Backdoor
    7. No invisibility!
    8. Surprise with a heel
    9. Hidden teleporter
    10. Unusual use of wards
  5. Strategies on the map 5x5 Sinskald Rift
    1. Differences from the League of Legends
    2. How to start a game
  6. Strategies on the map 3x3 Battle of the Borders
    1. How to start a game
    2. Positioning
    3. Skills
    4. Strategic significance of the first tower
  7. Strategies on the map 5x5 Underground Kingdom (Steam Locomotives)
    1. Starting strategies
    2. Skills
    3. Push Lines
    4. Priority on enemy trains
  8. Conclusion of the Heroes of Order & Chaos guide

Heroes of Order & Chaos guide

[1.0] Introduction

So, you have a basic understanding of how to play this game, but you get killed all the time, you often can't kill/kill your opponent and you lose pvp battles. So this is the place for you. By studying this guide you will be able to play better. There are 2 sides to each strategy: how to trap your opponent and how to avoid your opponent's tricks. There are a lot of books, but I'm sure the guide will prove useful.

[2.0] Terms

Here is a list of terms I use for myself. Note: they are not mandatory or universal.

  • Wards (eyes): the staff of Tinos and the staff of Protection are things that are sold in the store.
  • Blue Zone: The area where the blue golem, bears, and goblins are located (for the Sinskald Rift map)
  • Red Zone: The area where the red golem, spiders, and goblins are located (for the Sinskald Rift map)
  • Top and Bottom Lines: Top and Bottom Lines (for the Sinskald Fault map)
  • Baron: the most important bosses on the cards
  • Line of attack: the line on which your train travels (for the Paravoza map)
  • Line of defense: the line on which the enemy train is traveling (for the Paravoza card)

[3.0] Heroes of Order & Chaos Basic Knowledge and Tips[3.1] Wards

I'll start with these things, as they are very important in the game. Wards - 2 things in the store during the match in the tab "consumption", the price is 75 gold for the staff of Tinos and 150 gold for the staff of Protection. Installing this staff on the map allows all heroes to see the map area around the staff for 3 minutes. The Staff of Protection allows you to see your heroes in inconspicuous mode. Installing a wards helps to prevent or prevent yourself from ganking, stylin' the dragon and baron.You might think that's too expensive. Let's do the math. If everyone on the 5/5 map buys one ward, you will have 5 wards. For example, one each on the dragon and baron, and one each in the closest bush to the enemy turrets. As you can see, 5 wards will give a good view of the map.Such an advantage as wards, unfortunately, very few players use, it's sad. That's why I started with wards. This is not the last time in this guide that I mention wards.

[3.2] Roles

In addition to the categorization by fighter, mage, knight, and healer, there is a more specific categorization by role. It is important to know your role in the game and play it. Here's a link to the link that details the roles:Link In general, when you participate in pvp, a tank should initiate an attack and protect your carriages from your opponents. Carries should do a lot of damage and make kills, saports should saport.The opposing team will do the same, take that into account.

[3.3] Hero Skills

Knowing the skills of each hero is very important. I don't mean primarily how you play your hero, but how you should play against other heroes. Try to understand how to use the skins most effectively and how to combine them. For example, Kagax. It's not wise to attack Kagax 1 on 1 unless you're outclassing him and proc'ing him. Just when you think you're about to kill him, he uses the ulta, heals and catches up with you using his passive skill. Always consider these situations and look for options to counter them with your team.

[3.4] Chasing (stalking)

If you are sure that you will make a kill in a few seconds, then run forward and catch up with the enemy. But if you're going to chase your enemy halfway across the map, chances are you won't make a kill, but will instead kill you. Secondly, you don't chase your enemy's turrets early and sometimes even mid-game (on Paravoz and later), it's better to spend your time on creeps and jugglings to get gold and exp. More often than not, you're more likely to die than make a kill.In general, chase your opponent if you're sure you'll take him before the tower. Otherwise, NO. Even if he runs away, he will lose time, and you will quietly farm the lane, getting expo and gold.

[3.5] Numerical advantage

As long as you don't outnumber your opponents by 3 or more levels and are better equipped, you shouldn't attack outnumbered. Chances are you'll be killed before you can do anything. This applies to 1vs3, 2vs4, 3vs5, etc. situations. Better play defense, retreat to the tower, wait for the team.

[3.6] Things

Analyze what your opponents have bought. This way you can play against them more effectively, choosing a defensive or offensive strategy. To see your opponent's purchases, click on the gear on the screen. The procurements are shown at the moment of your last meeting, i.e. the last time you or your teammates saw the enemy; you may also plan your procurements knowing what items have been purchased from your opponent. For example, one of your enemies collects items for damage. In this case, a priority armor purchase can be very beneficial. If the guide on the hero write what things to take and in what order, they may be wrong. There can be different situations (depending on the peak of the enemies, their purchase, play style, etc.), in which it is worth to deviate from the standard purchase to play more effectively.

[3.7] Respawn opponents

This is more applicable to the late stage of the game. Suppose there was a skirmish, you won, but you're low on HP. Is it worth continuing the rush or retreating? One of the factors here is the revival time of your opponents. The time is ticking on the heroes' portraits, so you can always tell if the enemy is alive or not. Take into account that he can use runes to revive quickly. Sometimes it's better to retreat and not let the enemy make a kill, to maintain the advantage.

[4.0] General Strategies and Tricks of Heroes of Order & Chaos

I'll tell you some common strategies and tricks that will help you make a keel and not die yourself.

[4.1] Gunking

Ganking is a sudden attack on your opponent. If you get ganked a lot, don't call your enemy a rat or a nub. It's your fault and your team's fault. Ganking is easier when your team plays harmoniously. Ganking can take patience. When ganking, it is a good idea to pick your position so that the enemy can't get away. Be careful if your opponent has a blink and can run away, in which case you probably shouldn't use your gapclose (a skill that allows you to get close to your opponent quickly, such as the paladin's one). Also, when you're going to gank, warn your team (for example, signaling with a tap on the map). Let the team attack in a straight line, and you go around the enemy from behind.How to avoid enemy gankers? First and foremost, keep an eye on the map, observe if any of your opponents are not visible on the map. They might be jungling, they might be on base, or they might be waiting for you to gank! Suppose you check the map and you don't see any of your enemies. How do you make sure you're not being waited on? A reminder about wards. Place wards in the bushes, fog, or lane behind you, so you can spot the enemy and take the right action.

[4.2] Defending the Tower / Capturing the Tower (Hagging)

When you're outnumbered or just need to protect a turret, you stand under it (parallel or slightly behind it) and help kill creeps and take damage from enemy heroes, keeping them at a distance from the turret. Enemies probably won't attack you, since the tower will do significant damage to them. Mages can usually defend towers more effectively if you're attacking with a team and there's a defense team, such as Goroshia, who can pick up creeps with his AOE skill, there's probably no time to waste early in the game. The expa and gold you get will be divided among all the teammates who are nearby, while your opponents can get well-farmed in the lanai and jungle. This is the main reason why not everyone should go to the midrange at the beginning of the game.

[4.3] Kiting

Kiting is all about attacking and controlling your opponent from a distance.Don't think you can kill an enemy with full HP on the line in a couple of seconds, especially in the early to mid-game. Use the "hit and run" strategy known as kiting. The strategy is very effective for kills and best suited for heroes with a ranged attack. (Mystic, Elf, etc.) Your task is to hit the enemy once or twice and run away, so as not to get damage yourself (from creeps or enemy). If you can't hit an enemy until his HP is less than half, then you have a better chance to kill him by slowing him down, locking him up or just using some combination of skills and general attacking, also be careful when playing against kiters, especially when you have low HP. For example, a mystic can use 3 skills in a second, causing a lot of damage.

[4.4] When it's worth it to fluff a lane

The push line is all about killing enemy creeps and taking out the enemy tower, supported by your creeps and teammates. This is necessary to win. However, there are times when it's not a good idea to do this early in the game. First, the farther you go into enemy territory, the more likely you are to run into gankers. Of course, the wards help, but it's not 100% defense. Second, if you're playing a melee hero and you're laning against a remote hero, you're going to get kited. Obviously, it's not a good idea to empty in these situations. But that doesn't mean you have to stand there and do nothing. Your job will be to lash out - you have to make one last hit on every creep to get gold. It's not necessary to attack creeps without interruption, try to finish creeps, you can do it with skins or just "run" next to them, timing for the last strike. In fact, it rarely happens in random pvp, but if your opponents do not fluff, maybe you should not fluff too, but rather let the enemy closer for a coordinated gank.

[4.5] Batting (bait)

Usually on the lane in front of the enemy your teammate (he's a decoy) with low hep. The enemy thinks it's an easy kill and starts chasing, while your team waits in ambush in the bushes/fog. The decoy dives into the fog or runs into the woods/tower, and the team quietly gank the chaser.Beware of these traps. If you see an enemy with low xp, it makes sense that he'll go back to base for a heal, but if he's been circling around the jungle for a long time, it's possible that there's an ambush.

[4.6] Backdoor

A backdoor is a rear attack on towers without creep support. It is usually done in the lairage when neither team has a clear advantage. It is a good strategy, usually requires support and understanding of the team.For an effective backdoor usually use a fighter with high damage and attack speed. A good example is the elf. He can use incivision and jungle to sneak to the enemy base while your teammates are engaged in a lockdown. When enemies appear you can retreat, or if the tower is low on health you can finish it off by sacrificing yourself. First, keep your eyes on the map. If you see that the enemy is alive, but he is not on the map with the team in the lockdown, perhaps he is getting ready for the backdoor. If someone has a free slot, you should buy wards and place them on the approaches to the base. Finally, you can leave someone on base for protection. If someone tried to backdoor, he will do it again.

[4.7] No invisibility!

What do you think, what a stupid headline!? Well, well...Anyway, it's not a universal strategy and I'm probably one of the few who uses it because it requires wards. It's really simple. Buy a protection staff, and as soon as someone goes into incision, put a ward nearby, the team can see those in incision.Many people pay attention to players with a potion that allows you to see the incision (fortune teller drink - they call it farsin, farsing, anti-incision), by the icon above the character. If everyone is without the potion, those with the invis feel safe in thinking they can make kills from the invis. But if you put a ward near them, they get trapped and can easily be killed. Detecting wards can be done by Farsin, Ant hero ants, etc.

[4.8] Surprise with a heel

Yes, I know, another section for the nerfs. Heel helps in 1x1 combat, when you have one or two hits left, use Heel. When playing against a player with a heal, just remember it's there.

[4.9] Hidden teleporter

Teleport (TP) is a 40-Level ability that allows you to teleport to a friendly unit. It's used to help a teammate, defend a turret, or just to quickly return to the battlefield. There are 2 more ways to use TP. You can teleport to a ward. Given that the enemy can't see the wards (most of the time), he won't see you until the last moment. This tactic can be used for awesome ganking. When you cast TP to your teammate the enemy sees it and runs away, but if you cast TP at the ward they won't be surprised.Another option is to use TP for the backdoor. Let's say you got caught trying to backdoor and got killed, but you managed to put a ward. After the kill, the opponents will fluff, and you at the same time respawn, do TP to the ward and take out the base.

[4.10] Unusual use of wards

This is a small trick that uses wards not really for their intended purpose. You'll have to drain a lot of gold to perform it. Best suited for the map Steamers to destroy the towers closest to the base of the enemy. Technique complex and requires a high level of teamwork and communication, as well as keep track of the rep of the heroes.So, if you have an empty slot and 675 free gold, buy up to 9 wards (calculate how much you need). This can be done with any tower on the map 3x3, but I'll show you the example of the third tower of the attack line on Steam locomotives. Let's say your team just killed all the enemies, giving you the opportunity to attack the tower. To avoid waiting for creeps, you alternately put wards under the tower. The tower attacks the wards, and you attack the tower. This way you can buy time without taking damage from the tower.

[5.0] Strategies on the map 5x5 Sinskald Rift

[5.1] Differences from League of Legends

If you've played League of Legends, the map will seem very similar, but played differently. First, there is no strict binding of heroes to the line, any hero can play on any line and no one cares. Secondly, everyone juggles, and it is approved. Third, contrary to section 4.4, all empty their lanes. And finally, the dragon and baron are easy to pick up solo.

[5.2] How to start the game

There are 2 common strategies. The first is that everyone starts in the jungle. Ideally the mage takes the red golem, the carrie takes the bears and blue golem, the third takes the spiders, the fourth helps the carrie, the fifth takes the goblins or tries to take the red buff from the enemy.The second strategy is when most or all of the team counterjangles, trying to get kills. Skirmishes often occur in the blue zone of Order or Chaos spiders. This can be beneficial if the other team uses the same strategy or there are weak players who are in or near this zone.What to counter such an attack, it is easiest to retreat, spread out evenly on the lanes and farm. As long as your team or the opposing team goes to the crowd, they will lose experience and goal.

[6.0] Strategies on the map 3x3 Battle at the borders

[6.1] How to start the game

There are 2 common strategies. The first - 2 people stand on the line, the third prepares to clean the upper forest. The second - the whole team arranges a lockdown before the start of the main game. Usually in the midway on the lane, sometimes below. Winning team in the lockdown will have a good advantage.

[6.2] Positioning

The ideal layout on this map is when one player jungles up and goes down to the gank. The other two play on the lane, one of them periodically picks up goblins half a lane.

[6.3] Skills

The best skills for 3x3 are mass hit and blink. The map is too small for teleport. Mass heal is highly recommended, because it helps a lot in the early zamblets, which victory can give an advantage. Most 3x3 games are finished in 15 minutes.

[6.4] Strategic significance of the first tower

This is probably the only turret on all the cards that shouldn't be fluffed early on, sometimes in midgame as well. Play on defense, try to lusthit. If you keep fluffing early on, your creeps will take the tower out, and you shouldn't do that. When you take out the first tower, you get "extra creeps", your creeps will respawn 2 more than before. And that's potential expa and gold for your opponent. In this way, you're going to loot the opponent's team. That's why it's worth to empty the first tower when you're sure of a quick victory.

[7.0] Strategies on the map 5x5 Underground Kingdom (Steam Locomotives)

[7.1] Starting strategies

Two starts are possible. The first - all go to the attack line in the fog, the second on the count from the enemy tower. Second - all go to the defense line and prepare to take the enemy creeps and train. Keep in mind that the other team can also use the first strategy, you need someone on the team to check the fog with the AoE skill. Depending on the behavior of the team, there may be early locks on the lanes or both teams will peacefully take the trains.

[7.2] Skills

The best skills are teleport and blink. Since towers are hard to destroy, the game often reaches the lay of the land, making masheel useless. I recommend using teleport to your towers for defense, or teleport to your train after destroying your opponent's train.

[7.3] Push Lines

To win on this map, the main goal is to empty the attacking line. It is only worth bulldozing the defense line if you have some time before the next trains arrive. Blowing a defense line will give you more time to destroy the train and a better position to defend your own. However, constantly fluffing a defense line to an enemy tower is a bad idea, because you won't be able to get the whole defense line through quickly. Leave it for later, when the whole team is 15 lvl and with a good buy.

[7.4] Priority on enemy trains

Make it a priority to destroy enemy trains. Don't chase an opponent with low HP. It may be his plan to distract you from the train. Making kills on this map is much easier than destroying towers. Especially the towers near the base. They do a lot of damage and are hard to take down.

[8.0] Conclusion

That's the end of the tale, and good for whoever listened. Don't forget the wards!

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