Heroes of Order & Chaos: A Beginner's Guide

Heroes of Order & Chaos: A Beginner's Guide

This is my guide for beginners in one of the most interesting genres of online games, MOBA games - Heroes of Order & Chaos. In it I will try to describe all the aspects you need to be more or less interesting at a decent level. Hopefully it will help you reach an intermediate level game, and give you the basics on how to play HOC. Tip One - change the game language to English, it is more correct, because there are no bloopers in the translation (everything was originally written in it), and you will understand about those stats, which will be below in the items. So, let's go, Heroes of Order & Chaos: A Guide for Beginners and Beginners.Heroes of Order & Chaos: A Beginner's Guide

Slang and Abbreviations in Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos: A Beginner's Guide

The goal of Heroes of Order & Chaos

The main goal of the game is to destroy the central building of the enemy base. To get to it you need to destroy 3 towers on each of the lines and barracks. It is not necessary to destroy all 9 towers and 6 barracks to be able to beat the "throne" (the central building). It is enough to destroy 3 towers on one line and 2 barracks on the same line. After that, your creeps can reach the enemy's throne and destroy it. The main thing is to skip and not to foul)Heroes of Order & Chaos: A Beginner's Guide

Roles of Heroes

Some bad man, very poorly translated classes, and in general, there is not 4 roles of heroes, but nevertheless:

  1. Tank is a class of heroes that are "fat" and can take all the spoils, while you will kill the enemy room. Examples of tank in Heroes of Order & Chaos: Paladin, Erefern, B-12, Valox
  2. DD is a class of heroes that are quite "thin" and die very quickly when focused, specializing in auto-attack damage. Examples of DDs in Heroes of Order & Chaos: Exile, Nomad Assassin, Sand Walker
  3. Sappers are a class of heroes who usually don't farm and live on assists, usually help on the line and in 50% cases they have a hit in their skills. Examples of soppers in Heroes of Order & Chaos: Hlint, Minotaur, Witch
  4. Procasters are a class of heroes that have "rolling" spells, deal mostly magic damage, have 2-4 damage skills that work well together, or 2 damage skills and two passives that help them deal mad damage. Examples of procasters in COC: Mystic, Gervous, Migrov, Arcimtyros
  5. Gankers are a class of heroes that run in all 3 lines and help kill heroes, usually have "control" in the form of stan or deceleration. Examples of gankers in HOC are Arcimtyros, Mystic, Ant, Paladin
  6. Junglers are a class of heroes who spend the first stage of the game in the forest, and gank from the forest. Examples of junglers are Archimtyros (I don't know any more)

For newcomers to the genre, I would recommend Sapports and Prokaster, they are fun to play, and the game does not turn into a nerd.

Buildings for Heroes of Order & Chaos

There will be no Persian builds here. Buy what's recommended, later you'll figure out what and who to buy. Good thing, by the way, unlike other MOBAs here is not such heresy in the recommended.Heroes of Order & Chaos: A Beginner's Guide

Order of play in Heroes of Order & Chaos

  1. Early game - the very beginning of the game, which lasts until about 8-10 minutes. At this stage it is strenuously farming, while there is an opportunity. Kills to do if possible, and even better, dilute on this very opportunity. Done this way: you harrasit opponent a little bit, if he is an idiot and does not leave the line at low HP, and you have a stan or a good slowdown on the line, it's your frag. After missing at least one tower game very often without going to mid-game, even if it is not yet 8 minutes and half of the players do not have 6 lvl. (Personal observation on Dota and LoL)
  2. Mid-game is in the middle of the game, the time when leiters have to farm and everyone else has to fluff and kill heroes. Leiter, if he already farmed a lot can go with them to poop and kill, but in 90% cases he still have to "a little" farm, if he is not defiled to the tomatoes) At this time the team can go and get the dragon with "Roshan", if strong enough, of course. The game usually goes to mid-light game by 20-25 minutes, where the algorithm is about the same.
  3. Late game - it comes around the 35th minute. Usually kerries and procasters, if they are dragging yerli and mid-game, have 3-4 bought items (not just items, but ready-made, without available artifact improvement) and are a serious threat to the enemy team (or to yours... ), and usually they focus and defend first. The whole team has to go in a goose-step, even a defrocked kerry alone against 3-5 won't get you there. Also, in 90% cases, each team has no more than 4-5 towers at this stage of the game, and sometimes 2-3. More often than not, that stage of the game is won by the team that dragged the other two. But, of course, you can kill them all at once and they lose in shame) But it's pretty hard to do without game experience.

Explanation of item stats in the HOC game

I will write here the stats that items have.HP - health pointsMP - manaHP\MP Regeneration - mana regeneration/health. In contrast to LoLa and Dota, writes how many units regenerates per second. In LoLa and Dota it says so only near the XP/MP bars, and on the items in LoLa it says XP/MP regen in 5 sec, and in Dota it says XP regen in units/sec, MP regen - in percentage of natural.Movement Speed - the speed of the hero's movement. For the sake of brevity I recommend to call MCPhysical Attack - physical damage. For the sake of brevity I recommend to call it ADAttack Speed - attack speed. In the attributes of the hero specified number of hits per second, that is, if, for example, the value of AC 0.71, then he inflicts two attacks in 1.5 seconds. And if it's 1.00, then he deals exactly 1 attack per second. For the sake of brevity, I recommend calling it ACHarvest HP - lifesteal aka vampirism, works only on physical attacks (auto-attack)Critical Rate - CreteMagical Attack - magic attack, improves mages' auto-attack and spells that are scaled from this trait. I recommend calling it AP for short.Leech HP - spell vamp aka magic vampirism. Works for spells and magic auto-attackPhysical Defense - armor aka armor.Magical Defense - MR aka resistance to magicSource: 4pda community

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