Heroes of Dragon Age: secrets, guide, cheats

Information from publisher EA - turn-based strategy. And it's not the classic Heroes of Sword and Magic! In this game, the heroes themselves decide who and when to hit, it's up to the Player to choose a strategy for each battle.In HoDA (Heroes of Dragon Age) everything is built on classic Korean randomness. Situation when you fruitlessly farm the same card in the hope to get the right hero here is not uncommon.Donate in this game is not necessary, but without it quickly pass the main company is extremely difficult, but we still play it - it drags. For more details, read the FAQ - Heroes of Dragon Age: secrets, guide, cheats.Heroes of Dragon Age: secrets, guide, cheats

Heroes of Dragon Age: secrets, guide, cheats, game mechanics

Laws of Absorption

  • It is more advantageous to absorb feed of the same color because the fraction bonus will be effective
  • Absorb food of the same degree as the main character is more profitable because will act degree bonus, ie, the hero of degree 2 is more profitable to feed food of degree 2, the hero of degree 3 - food of degree 3, the hero of degree 4 - food of degree 4, but the hero of the first degree is more profitable to feed food of degree 4.
  • Legendary food gives more points than epic food, epic food gives more points than rare food, and so on.

The Laws of Support in Heroes of Dragon Age

  • The increase in the hero's characteristics will be greater if the support faction and the supported character match
  • Legendary heroes will give a greater bonus to support than epic heroes, epic heroes will give a greater bonus to support than rare heroes, and so on. But two-star or three-star legendary heroes will not give more support than one-star heroes.
  • If there is already a 1st degree hero in the support and you have exactly the same legendary hero, then when you put a legendary hero in the same cell characters degrees are summed up (that is, if there was in a cell Merrill of degree 2 and you throw in the same Merrill of degree 1, then the result in the cell will be Merrill 3rd degree) and the increase in characteristics will be the same as if you first merge them, and then put into a cell

The Laws of In-Game Combat in Heroes of Dragon Age

To make it easier to understand, let's break down a couple of definitions:5887778 - is a character attack5887779 - is the damage the character did5888079 - is the cycle of factions in nature. The red faction deals increased damage to the blue faction, the blue faction deals increased damage to the black faction, the black faction deals increased damage to the white faction, and the white faction deals increased damage to the red faction. The damage bonus is 20%

  • If the characters in the squad have the same faction, then there will be a bonus to damage, which depends on the rarity of the characters (i.e. each legendary character gives 5%, epic at 4%, etc.). If two factions coincide at once, there will still be one damage bonus
  • Characters in the front row increase their health by 50%, characters in the back row increase their chance of a critical hit

About Combat Damage in Heroes of Dragon Age

  • The damage dealt by the character can vary up to 25% from the attack. That is, if the character's attack is 100, then the damage will vary from 75 to 125
  • Critical damage is double the value of the attack and does not change. That is, if the character's attack is 100, then the critical damage will be strictly 200
  • Heroes who attack a line or column of enemies deal half damage (x1.5) to giants
  • The damage shown on the screen is the highest damage dealt. That is, if your red faction character attacks an opponent who has a blue faction character, there will be a bonus to the damage against the blue faction and that damage will be shown on the screen, although the other enemy characters will receive less damage

About pulling power

  • Drawing power reduces the target's attack by half the attacker's damage value. That is, if 100 damage was dealt to an enemy, his attack will be reduced by 50.
  • The power draw is not affected by critical damage, i.e. if critical damage of 200 was taken, the enemy's attack will still only be reduced by 50
  • The attack can not go down to zero, there is a minimum limit below which it does not fall
  • Heroes attacking in a line or column reduce the giant's attack not by half damage, but by all damage
  • The power draw is summed up and continues until the end of the battle

About Treatment in Heroes of Dragon Age

  • Heroes who heal only themselves are healed by the power of their own attack with a deviation of 25%, and in the case of critical damage the healing power will be twice as high
  • Heroes who heal everyone will heal at half their attack with a deviation of 25%, and in case of critical damage the healing power will be equal to the attack power- The screen will only show the actual healing value, that is, if the hero lost 50 xp and attacks at 500, the screen will show the value 50, not 500 or 250

About the slowdown

  • Deceleration decreases the target's turn speed by one step (from fast to medium, from medium to slow, from slow to super slow), and the deceleration adds up, but does not cause skipping a turn, the deceleration lasts until the character gets off, after which all the effects of the deceleration fall away

About the stun

  • A stun cancels the opponent's next attack. Slight/moderate/high stun chance is 25/50/75% stun chance respectively

About the power gain from your own attack

  • The strength gain is 25/50/75% of the damage value. The amount of increment will depend on the following conditions: 1) several targets are attacked at once2) there is an additional ability (pulling, stunning etc.) If both conditions are not met - the strength increment is 75%, if any one condition is met - 50%, if all conditions are met simultaneously - 25%
  • Strength gain does not depend on critical damage, it will be the same as for a normal attack
  • The strength boost lasts until the end of the battle
  • Pulling power affects the gain, if there was an attack of 100 (at a gain of 50%), and after pulling the force was 50, the force increase will occur by 25 (ie on 50% from 50)
  • Curse cancels the strength gain effect

About the curse

  • Any enemy attacked by a character with the curse ability cannot gain strength until the end of the round, and all of the strength gain from the start of that round is also removed
  • Curse does not remove bonuses gained in pvp or nexus (roughly speaking does not remove 300% bonus to all mages in pvp or node)
  • Does not affect auras or other pre-combat bonuses
  • An enemy gets a curse only if he was attacked by a hero with a curse. That is, if you are not hit, but your neighbor is the only one who gets the curse.
  • The curse only works for one round
  • Even at the beginning of a new round the cursed hero does not get his power back
  • The ability works even on blood mages and similar characters. It also works if someone else is trying to boost the strength of the cursed character, for example KA or zibebenesh

About Flemet's Strength Gain

Flemet increases the power from the death of each ally by 130%

About the increase in the power of Blood Mages in Heroes of Dragon Age

  • Blood Mages add 20% power to the damage received by all characters
  • Blood mages do not add power if there are two absorbers in the group

About damage absorption

  • The Absorber additionally absorbs 50% of the damage dealt to other characters in case the opponent's strike hit the Absorber. That is, if the Absorber is in the front row and the rear one was attacked, the damage absorption will not work.
  • Two absorbers take all the damage, the rest of the characters do not take any damage. Even if the Absorbers' xp is 1000 and the damage is a million, the Absorbers will still take all that damage and die valiantly, without letting the other characters get hurt

Calculating pvp bonuses in Heroes of Dragon Age

  • Strength = (Base*(1+BonusZPVP1+BonusZPVP2...)+Support)*(1+PlatoonBonus1+PlatoonBonus2...).- Health = (Base*(1+BonusZPVP1+BonusZPVP2...)+Support)*(1+PlatoonBonus1+PlatoonBonus2...)*Row Factor
  • By base we mean the base value of the strength / health without regard to support, PvP bonus is written in simplified form that is 300% is written as 3, the bonus of the squad means a bonus from the faction or auras, row factor means an increase in health by 1.5 times for the front row.

About the effect of auras

  • Auras works all the time, regardless of whether the character is alive or dead, with this aura works on itself, that is, if a character has aura +50% xp all, then he will also receive an increase in xp at 50%

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