Heir of Light - Gothic fantasy MMORPG for mobile [Review]

Heir of Light - Gothic fantasy MMORPG for mobile [Review]

In the heat of the moment, a few days ago went public access excellent RPG - Heir of Light. The picture looks just stunning. Perhaps it's the best graphics in the games that I've seen in a while, and I've seen a lot of them. The game has its own story and charismatic characters, it's definitely worth a try. But let's break down what's what.

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Heir of Light - Gothic fantasy MMORPG for mobile [Review]

Heir of Light - Gothic Summoners War?

Right now, in all seriousness. The mechanics of the games are so similar that I even checked it is not the same developer, and released the games just under different "skins". No, the developers are different, but there are a lot of similarities. I wonder if there are any patent stuff that registers and then could be sued for using this or that mechanic. But I digress. Those who have played Summoners War will notice a lot of similarities. But at the same time, this commonality is a bit different. Well, for example, the team does not have 5 team members, but only 4 or 3 (in PvP). Creatures have three active abilities, but in reality, only 2 are used, and the third - as a combo blow, the most powerful, at the end of the fight.

Overall Impressions

I like it very, very much. But.

The screensaver before the battle is more than annoying. So steals about 2-4 seconds, while I understand that most likely during this time there is some kind of optimization of the game, I understand. But I do not approve, I want to click and immediately there was a fight, without these preparatory rollers.

The game looks very nice. Best graphics I've ever seen.

There's a storyline, but I've scrolled through it, not particularly interesting.

The game is still pretty small classes, but the game just came out of beta and so everything is still to come. I want to believe, at least) It would be a shame to kill such a beautiful game.

That's how the dailies are now:

  • Walk 5 times through the location
  • Upgrade 3 times the rune
  • Up 3 times a creature
  • Summon the creature 3 times
  • Up item 3 times (a new trick, ups items - colors, enhancing them forever)
  • 1 fight in PvP (victory)
  • Go to a magical dungeon
  • Go to some other dungeon

Actually, that's all there is to it. It's not much.

Screen before PVP
Screen before PVP

A little more about Heir of Light and a few tips

Before the game starts, we are asked to choose one of the three commanders you will start playing as - archer, healer and berserker. Choose any one, one way or another, you will have all three. The second can be chosen after level 10, and the third after level 20. You also get to choose light and dark commanders, but their summoning costs 3000 emeralds. The game seems to hint at donat) How much these purchases will be needed, it is not clear yet.

The combat involves the commander and three other fighters. Naturally, each fighter and commander is colored differently. The game has good clues that tell you who is better to put into battle. Really handy.

At the beginning of the game you will be given a few creatures 3-5 stars, and then it can be done only for emeralds. Right now important. Collect them up to the biggest pack for 1000 emeralds. For it you get: 11 epic summoning stones (instead of 10), 1000k gold, and 3 more creatures to improve your heroes.

The game map is very interesting. It is divided into certain zones. In each zone a certain color is strong or weak. And there are also runes to strengthen the characters. I recommend that the runes to strengthen all the characters that play, even if the runes themselves will be bad, in a bunch they give good bonuses: +12% to the ability to attack, +15% to life, +35% to attack, and so on. At the beginning of the game it will be very useful.

At level 14 the Black Market will open. Of the standard purchases to make there are runes for 3 stars or more. Nothing else useful so far, for sure epic runes for summoning 3-5 creatures can slip through. Open up as many cells as possible, for variability.

Game gameplay

The gameplay looks like this. Battles certainly look epic and immediately remind of raids in some World of Warcraft 🙂 Look, déjà vu is strong.


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