Hearthstone: How to Start

Heroes of Warcraft: Hearthstone: How to Start

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a card game that has conquered the world. More than 15 000 000 sold copies of the game. A game played only by a select few - at home, in front of the fireplace, at the table. Few companies have tried to "digitize" the card game, but it has not brought success. Again, only a select few and true fans played games like Magic the Gathering. Once again, Blizzard blew up the market with their hit game. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. We assume that you are somewhat familiar with games of this type, even though this is your first time playing Hearthstone. What to do at the very beginning of the game, after you have downloaded Hearthstone, how to start? Our tips will prove to be by no means superfluous.

How do I start playing Hearthstone?

1) Kill all bosses in normal and expert modes with starter decks

You don't have to rush into ranked battles/arenas right away. First, you need to get a better understanding of the mechanics of the game. This experience will help you a lot in the future. Personally, before I started ranked battles, I killed every expert 2 times. Also, by killing all the bosses on expert mode 1 time, you get 100g.

2) Play different classes

Be sure to try each class killing experts. This will help you further choose the class you prefer.

3) Assemble your first base deck.

This is actually a very complicated point. For starters, I suggest you read and use the deck in this threadMust read the entire thread. A few facts:

  • you can put no more than two cards of the same type and no more than one legendary of the same type into one deck
  • Gold cards differ from regular cards only in their animation and increased value in dust. You also get more dust for spraying a gold card than you would for spraying the exact same regular card.
  • Cards are divided into 3 types: creature, spell, and weapon
  • There are class cards and general cards
  • The rarity of the card is determined by the crystal in the center of the card, without the crystal - the starting, white crystal - normal, blue - rare, purple - epic, orange - legendary.
  • All decks consist of 30 cards. Note, the rarity of a card does not affect its "coolness", there are many common cards in the game, which are better than legendary cards.

4) Start doing daily tasks

For now, you should do all daily quests in unranked battles. Daily quests accumulate if you don't do them, up to a maximum of 3 quests. You can also cancel an assignment by clicking the cross in the top corner of the assignment map.

5) Play your first ranked match

Before that, decide which class you like more, and pump it in unrated battles, or with the experts. There is a very simple rating system, you get a star if you win once, you get an extra star for every 3 wins. You lose 1 star if you lose. The first few ranks you don't lose a star.

6) Obsolete: Don't buy map packs! Play the arena.

Whether you are a beginner or a master, the arena gives you much more than a pack of cards. Let's compare the two.- A deck costs 100g and gives you 5 cards, nothing else- Entry into the arena costs 150g, after the arena ends you will receive several prizes, depending on the number of wins. You are GUARANTEED to receive a pack of 5 cards no matter how many wins you have (even if you don't have any wins). On top of that, you get some much-needed game practice. When you start winning more than 3 arena victories, the arena will cost you less than a pack of cards, and you can leave the arena at any time and your progress will stay. You can finish it in a month.

7) Tips for the arena

When you enter the arena, you will be offered three random classes to choose from. Once you choose one of them, you will need to assemble a deck of random cards. Which cards are mostly better than the others:

  • Cards that give you a card (immediately, when you die, when others die, etc.) are better than others. Playing these cards will never leave you with an empty hand.
  • creatures that strengthen your other creatures. Allow your creatures on the table to multiply more effectively.
  • spells that deal damage to an area.
  • creatures with the jerk attribute / or dealing damage when entering the battlefield
  • weapons. Allow you to exchange your hep by "clearing the table" and not wasting other cards. But don't take these weapons http://ru.hearthhead.com/card=383Build a deck so that you have something to play on every turn up to 5. It's bad if you have too many cheap cards - on later turns your opponent can trade with them to the plus side, but it's also bad if you have a lot of expensive cards, you won't have anything to play on the first turns, and you might not live to play later. Keep a balance. For a better understanding of which cards are worth taking and which are not, I suggest looking at how strong players like Trump, Kripparrian, etc. build arena decks.

8) Do not atomize cards. Do not create cards

Spraying makes no sense. You lose the card and get 20% of its value in dust. Even if you think you'll never need this card, don't spray it. There's no need to rush, you've just started the game, the card isn't going anywhere, you'll always have time to pulverize. It only makes sense to spray those cards that you have more than 2. If you have such cards, then after you enter card creation mode, you will have an active "pulverize extra cards" button. Use it. For the same reason, do not create cards. For now, it will be difficult for you to determine which cards are best suited to your style of play.

9) The hero's life is also a resource

Don't be afraid to trade it in if it gives you an advantage. Don't panic if you have less life than your opponent. Remember, the main thing is to keep the advantage on the table and dictate the tempo of the game. It is possible to win with 1 life against your opponent's 30.Hope the tips help you, good luck in the game! Author DeathShot

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