HAWK: Freedom Squadron

HAWK: Freedom Squadron - on guard of the sky

HAWK: Freedom Squadron, available on all smartphones, is a great way to pass the time and save the state from enemy raids. The game refers to the arcade and scrolling shooters, where the main number of missions is overcome by planes. Also of the advantages distinguish the presence of more than 60 missions, the Russian language, several game modes and the choice among the many planes with guns.

Download free game HAWK: Freedom Squadron for Android и for iPhone.

HAWK: Freedom Squadron

Game Features or How to Play HAWK: Freedom Squadron

To understand what the game is really like, you need to understand its gameplay, design, controls and sound:

  • The gameplay is represented by a virtual world where the user has to control a plane and two guns, strike an opponent and repel an attack on the state - there are more than 100 missions and 3 different levels of difficulty (easy, normal and heroic). When destroying enemies in passing collect rewards, medals and coins, which are then spent to improve the aircraft. Sometimes there are levels with bosses where you have to have experience and knowledge to win.
  • Synchronizing with social networks and inviting friends makes it possible to fight against enemies as a group rather than alone. This is especially useful when fighting bosses and accumulating bonuses. Also, friends can learn about the list of equipment for sale or you will buy the missing part at a discount. Call your friends when you can't complete a mission alone.
  • Improvements and upgrades are available at all levels of the game. It is necessary to do this constantly, to improve results and pass missions without the help of friends.
  • Parts can be bought, assembled, fused into one item, sold, and repaired. Aim for all aircraft weapons to be purple.
  • Appearance and control pleases with simplicity, colorfulness and realism, so even girls will enjoy the game.

HAWK: Freedom Squadron game tips

  • Particular attention former players advise to pay special attention to the collection of coins and bonuses in the destruction of enemies, which are then spent to repair and upgrade their own aircraft.
  • Use a secret weapon, such as an overdraft, which destroys even squadrons of enemies.
  • There is also a lot of value in the boxes on the ground, so destroy those as well.
  • From time to time you need to buy new fighters, but not in the initial stages.
    • One of the top cheap planes is the Kusaka. Focus on it until you have saved enough money to buy a class A plane. For example, the same Patriot or Ghost. And the Sniper is good for destroying bosses.
    • Note also the Marauder, very good.
  • Friends help you accumulate energy for each flight. I've already accumulated over 1,000 units, I don't have time to spend. Take advantage of it. And knock - the nickname is Apps4Life.
  • Pay attention to the brobots. Each of them has its own advantages. And even gray brobots can be useful.
    • Again, focus on a couple, such as: Menace and Musketeer. Both of them are not very cool on their own, but their usefulness is that they allow you to do a lot of damage on the plane.
    • Note Danger, also a good brobot.
  • Oh, and a few more words. Dailies.
    • If you want to quickly - then you need to pass 3 times the mission Squad, buy for bromonetki pieces of armor and planes, as well as do not forget about the crystals. Without them you can not buy some planes class A.
  • Also. Discounts. Every week there's a plane discount for crystals. That's a good profit.

Which plane is better

Clearly, everything is individual. It is also necessary to take into account that there are developers who create imbalance in the game (relative to other imbalance) 🙂 In general, you can never determine the best, everything is tied to time, but let's try. And to see. all the abilities of each airplane can be found here.

  1. Kusaka (this is your first best elite plane), further opinions are quite different, but stick to the following planes. Everything is too individual.
  2. Dragon
  3. Saw
  4. Gambit
  5. Sparrow

Best Brobots

Here you need to understand that we put two bots on the plane, so it is better to consider them in pairs.

Relevant now:

  1. Kraken + Danger
  2. Nikola XXS + Legat
  3. Legatus + Kraken

Share your tips for the game in the comments. We'll add it to the description.

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