Habitica - an app for good habits in a game form

Today I want to tell you about an app for good habits. I got to know it a couple of weeks ago. Habitica is a mix of a tax manager and a role-playing computer game.

Download Habitica free from the Appstore.

Habitica - an app for good habits in a game form

Habitica - how to use

You create your own tasks, aka quests. And for completing them you get experience and currency, and for not completing them you lose the health of the character. The character can be equipped. The game has a community with which you can communicate, to take quests with challenges (the same as your tasks, but set by another person)

For coins you can buy not only equipment, but also to create their own awards such as (Buy your favorite team's T-shirt NHL, Go on vacation in Georgia, etc.)

This app will obviously suit fans of RPG and MMORPG, as we are already clearly familiar with the motivation system of this genre.

The plus side of the app is that you can assign yourself a number of useful activities and promise that you will not praise yourself for each individually with a small gift, but with something more substantial for completing different tasks.

Now I use it for myself as a way to control the performance of daily tasks that are not mandatory, but important, as well as to form good habits (such as entering all the data into CRM, which is often stupidly lazy). All the actions that made this list are useful in the long run, but now their impact is not obvious, and for this reason they are often put off for later.

As a reward, I wrote out a number of nice things that I would like to buy, but I'm frankly sorry to spend money on them)))

The app is available on Web, iOS and Android


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