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GYM Radio - music for sports activities

British scientists have proven that 97% people who exercise listen to music. Someone chooses it himself, carefully selects it, records it on a cassette tape, turns on an old Walkman and jogs laps. The other listens to whatever he has time to record on his smartphone, iPhone or Android. Others, there are few of them at all, work in silence. And those and others, but not the third, sooner or later face the problem - the music becomes obsolete, I want something new. I've solved this problem for myself. GYM Radio app is the perfect application for listening to great music while doing active sports, running, crossfit or floor exercise. So, I'm dropping the subject.

Download GYM Radio for iPhone и for Android.

The first thing to understand is that in order to listen to music through the GYM Radio app, you need the Internet on your phone. Now it's no surprise to anyone, and with the advent of 3G everything has become faster, more fun and clearer. GYM Radio only works online and nothing else, but there is a little secret, about it below. At the same time, it consumes very, very little traffic.

There are 2 modes available in the app:

  • Standard mode
  • Playlists

Standard mode in GYM Radio

In standard mode, GYM Radio offers an endless stream of theme music to choose from. It is divided into types of music and, in a sense, occupations:

  • CARDIO (music for running, for fitness and other fast intense workouts)
  • GYM (Good music for the gym, for warming up on the horizontal bars. For crossfit again)
  • HARDCORE (For me it's a bit heavy music, for my liking. Great for weightlifting, powerlifting or gym).
    I chose one of the modes, pressed "play" and started training.

Super GYM Radio app - music for sports - Playlists

Playlist Mode

It appeared literally about half a year ago. The peculiarity is that this mode in the free version is available only 20 minutes a day. And no more. For more - you need to buy the pro-version of the application. It's not that expensive to subscribe - only $25 a year, and otherwise the GYM Radio app is absolutely free.

You will find 22 playlists in Playlist mode. Playlists for which the music is selected very specifically and everyone will find their favorite playlist. I like such playlists very much, the music is chosen very well and corresponds to the name. I recommend listening to a little bit of everything to choose your playlist channel.

Super GYM Radio app - music for sports - Playlists

Let me name them and you'll know what they're about from the title itself:

  • Old GYM School
  • Rock my RUN
  • Rap Day
  • Crossfit
  • Lets Fight
  • Be a HERO
  • Pre Workout
  • Step Progress
  • Rest Day
  • RACE
  • Metal Lifting
  • Bending Bars
  • DEAD Lift
  • IFBB Pro Milan Sadek
  • EVLS Prague Pro
  • Fit Girls
  • Never Stop
  • Girls gone wild
  • Treadmill Time
  • Deep Squads
  • 90's Music

There is another feature of the GYM Radio app.
It can run offline for an hour. To do this, you need to turn on the offline mode for GYM Radio and record music for an hour, after which it will be available at any time.

When you buy the pro version of the GYM Radio app for $10 for 3 months or $25 for a year, you get:

  • Unlimited playlist listening
  • Offline mode for playlists
  • HQ quality music (and more traffic)
  • No ads (from time to time in the free version the man offers us to buy the pro-version)

Super GYM Radio app - music for sports - Apps4Life

Desperately recommended. The problem of finding workout music is gone for me once and for all. Very convenient and good music. Use the GYM Radio app to listen to music online.

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