gTasks - a simple and functional task manager

gTasks - a simple and functional task manager

Recently, it has become difficult to find a convenient and concise task manager for your Android or iOS phone. But the gTasks task manager has been known for years for its simplicity, ease of management, ability to set reminders, and importantly, synchronization with Google tasks. Recently, the application has become free, although this offer will not last too long.

Download gTasks for free (or for $2.99 at the end of the promotion) for iPhone и for Android.

gTasks - a simple and functional task manager

Functionality of gTasks

Any task application should have a few basic features:

  • tasks and projects;
  • detail and a description of the task (for example, something that Todoist doesn't have);
  • synchronization with Google calendar;
  • availability of reminders;
  • the ability to synchronize between different devices;
  • convenient operation and simple appearance;

Importantly, gTasks has all of these benefits, it syncs with Google Calendar and Google Tasks, which helps you manage your computer tasks, put them on your calendar and track them from your phone or computer. The app has built-in smart lists that filter tasks, such as:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • In the coming week.
  • No date
  • Once upon a time

As you might have guessed, the gTasks manager uses GTD-system for working with tasks. Let me remind you that this method was invented by David Allen, the essence is to free the brain from remembering what needs to be done, and focus on the current task. Thus, all tasks should be recorded in the "Leaders", and then systematically distribute them on projects/folders. Concentrate on solving the task itself, not on remembering or detailing it.

Disadvantages of the gTasks app

  • The lack of subtasks, for many people, is an important argument;
  • conditional free download, at any time there may be restrictions to extort our penny for the application);
  • no teamwork in the application, gTasks is a purely individual task manager;
  • You can't add files or pictures.

The benefits of the gTasks app that users have seen for themselves

  • forming lists of tasks labeled "personal," "ideas," "tomorrow," "next year," and so on. They are all displayed on the Home screen until you move them to the "done or completed" list;
  • quick creation of a new task without a mass of fields to fill in, a complicated interface. It is enough to click on the "plus sign" in the bottom corner of the screen, keep a reminder time and a brief description of the task;
  • You can edit, print, mail, or text your assignments;
  • in the settings you can set up synchronization, put a password on the "general" section, select the font mode and deadlines;
  • The appearance of the program when installed on your computer is not particularly different, remaining simple and minimalistic;
  • you can create shopping lists, tasks during your trip that are displayed when you show up at a specified location, i.e. at the store, the airport or at work;

The gTasks app is updated, maintained and developed to offer new features to its users.

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