Gorillaz announced their return via Instagram

Gorillaz announced their return via Instagram

We all remember the extraordinary band Gorillaz, which simply blew up the then charts with the song "Clint Easwood", let's enjoy it - 124 million views, for a second! 🙂 🙂https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoQYw49saqcSo Jamie Hewlett, one of the founders of the group, in Instagram posted several comic strips stylized to look like the band's videos. And later, in one comment, he admitted that: "Yes, Gorillaz return." Well, the comics are really beautiful.Gorillaz announced their return via InstagramGorillaz announced their return via Instagram There is still no official announcement, but the band is expected to release a new album this year, despite disagreements among the band members.

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