Google updated its Maps app with an improved color scheme

Google has released an update to Maps, which introduced a new color scheme for better navigation among institutions and infrastructure. About this Google reported On his blog.

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Google released an update to Maps with an improved color scheme

Google has improved the color schemes of the Maps app

The main tabs of the application received an update - now important information will be shown in them more clearly. For example, gas stations will be shown more often when navigating, and railroad stations will be shown in the transport section.

Google has also updated Maps' color scheme and icons to better distinguish places like cafes, churches, museums and hospitals. Previously, all these places were marked with blue icons.

Cafes and restaurants are now marked in orange, stores in blue, hospitals in pink, and entertainment venues in turquoise. "For example, if you're in a new neighborhood and you're looking for a coffee shop, you can open the map and find the nearest orange icon," Google says.

Google updated its Maps app with an improved color scheme

However, many of the colors are similar in one way or another anyway, so they can easily be confused. Within a few weeks, Google promises to update all the services that use Maps: Assistant, search, Google Earth and Android Auto.

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