The Siri voice assistant has learned to sing!

The popular voice assistant Siri can not only joke by answering non-standard requests, thanks to resourceful users, she learned to sing!

Popular voice assistant Siri is not only able to make jokes in response to non-standard requests. Thanks to its inventive users, it has learned to sing!Siri voice assistantNot so long ago, a video appeared on the Web in which users beatbox along with Siri. But first you have to apply a little trick: Ask one question, "What is a trillion to the tenth power"? In response, the voice assistant says "one" and then repeats "zero" many times. It was this phrase that became the basis for several musical experiments.Siri sets the rhythm:И it began! One by one videos of iPhone owners using Siri for their creative experiments appeared online.Siri and rock: and beat drums:А someone used their full potential and created an entire music composition based on Siri's voice:https://youtube/Dvz7LktlQ-If you ask "Siri, can you beatbox for me?", the voice assistant will immediately start saying "cats" and "boots" without stopping - rhythmic words that are basic for those who decide to learn the art.В So far, Siri beatboxing is not very good, but who knows what the future holds...

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