Golf Blitz - real competitive golf

Golf Blitz - real competitive golf

Do not think that this is a simple two-dimensional game, it is much more complicated

Noodlecake Studios is a well-known iOS mobile game publisher whose projects are a success in the gaming community. They don't do the weekly stampede like KetchApp, but impossible and endless games are their specialty. You may have come across Flappy Golf, Bitcoin Billionaire, Chameleon Run, The Bug Butcher, Jupiter Jump or The Human Age - These projects are very different both graphically and by genre, which once again confirms the relative popularity of the developer on the market. Golf Blitz - Another variation on the theme of mobile golf, but, unlike its competitors, it clearly stands out for its 2D picture and the presence of multiplayer.

Golf Blitz is pleasantly surprising in its competitive component - the built-in multiplayer rating system suggests that there should be one winner and several losers in the game. You will be offered to take a tutorial in which we get acquainted with the gameplay and additional ball reinforcements - you can use them during the game, which adds a small element of strategy to Golf Blitz. You'll have to get used to the controls - at the moment of impact, a large golf ball appears at the bottom of the screen, which you have to pull in different directions to find the right flight path. However, here it is not marked with a dotted line, as in Angry Birds, and expands at the end, making it difficult to aim at the hole, because the ball can fall anywhere, limited by the expansion. As it turns out, there is an explanation for this gameplay decision.

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In Golf Blitz no one gives you time to get up and running - the game picks you up three more opponents of similar (in our case - zero) level and sends you off to play. We've already mentioned about upgrades - initially fireball (the ball can knock other balls down, flies along a big trajectory), sniper ball (the ball's trajectory narrows considerably, making aiming easier) and fastball (the ball gets smaller and flies faster) are available. If with the sniper ball everything is clear, then the practical use of fireball and fastball you have to practice. These upgrades can be upgraded - after each game you will receive boosters (similar to the chests in Clash Royale), from which drop cards with upgrades, money, skins on the golfer. When you pump one of the upgrades you will be offered to allocate experience points for strength, speed, and accuracy. It is clear that the better you pump reinforcements, the better the chances to finish the game quickly, so improve them at the first opportunity. You can use the reinforcements for energy, which accumulates in the course of the game, the scale of filling is at the bottom of the screen.

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In multiplayer we have to fight against 3 other opponents - the game gives a countdown and we start. The most important thing here is the speed of decision making, because you are playing with real opponents who will not wait for you, this is not turn-based golf, but such "real time" golf. Very often the balls will interfere with each other - it's an interesting experience, because it also brings an element of randomness to Golf Blitz. It is especially frustrating when you all approach a hole - you cannot hit the ball overhead, only roll it, and if your opponent blocks the approach to the hole with his ball, you are more likely to score your opponent's ball when you hit it, just like in billiards. You get 3 stars for winning the hole, 2 stars for finishing second and 1 star for finishing third. The winner is the one who gets 10+ stars the fastest, but each time the hole and, accordingly, the location changes. They are different - on grass the ball can roll, in the sand it stops like a skid, and for hitting in the water will have to replay the shot. All this at the proper dynamics keeps the whole game round in tension - for the final victory you get a certain number of cups, which will be your rating.

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Surprisingly, Golf Blitz can be considered a hit this spring - the game is so simple and interesting that you constantly want to run it, thankfully game sessions here are not so long. World ratings only confirm this - in the American App Store the game has a rating of 4.7 (4.4K ratings), taking 5 place in the list of sports games right now. Russian players are not very willing to put their scores - only 60, rating 4.4, also not bad. So we recommend playing it, it's a great title that will stay on your devices for a long time.

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