Goat Simulator (Goat Simulator) - tips, secrets and answers

Goat Simulator - how to play, tips, secrets

The Goat Simulator game came out back in 2014, and at first it was like a joke and a mockery. Soon it became so popular that the authors of the game had to port it to all devices and continue development. The goal in the game is to destroy everything. With the help of a goat. Don't misunderstand - you control a goat and destroy all living and non-living things. Interesting, to say the least. Let's take a closer look.Download On the App Store и on Google PlayThe game, by the way, very well optimized for cell phones. Did not feel any brakes!Goat Simulator (Goat Simulator) - tips, secrets and answers

Goat Simulator (Goat Simulator) - tips, secrets and answers

The game is full of bugs, will they be fixed?

The answer of the developers sounds more than clear - no. Critical errors they removed, and the rest are left for fun and enjoyment.

What is it anyway, how do you play it?

It's probably the most idiotic game we could come up with. And we wouldn't spend the money to buy it. But everybody likes it so much, so why not.

Why does the goat and objects twitch from time to time?

It's simple. These are errors in the physics of the game. We will not fix them. Let's consider it a feature of Goat Simulator and nothing else.

How do you become a cheerleader?

You have to take a cheerleader and throw him over a gate that doesn't recline.

Goat Simulator official gameplay game trailer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUiUygL92UYКстати, one of the goals of the game, other than to smash anything and everything, is to collect all the cups or trophies.

How to collect all the cups in Goat Simulator

  1. In the Goat Tower, behind a goat in the first hole.
  2. Behind a box on the left side of the Infernal Throne room.
  3. In the Starter House, in the bedroom with green walls on the second floor.
  4. At the Gas Station, in the Service garage.
  5. In a blue shipping container on the ground level of the Construction Site, across the road from the Gas Station.
  6. On a scaffolding platform on the roof of the Construction Site building.
  7. In the blue shipping container hanging from the Crane. To get on top of the container, use the fans on the lower roof of the Construction Site building, where the NPC is sitting on the edge. You may have to bounce multiple times to get enough height. When you drop into the container, immediately headbutt the G-2 robot to avoid getting shoved out.
  8. On the very top of the Crane. To get up, go up the ladder at the bottom of the crane, then loop around to the second ladder. Walk out on top of the arm toward the Construction Site and walk up the suspension cable.
  9. On top of the schoolhouse, under the bell. Stand on the edge of the belltower and ragdoll to fall under the bell.
  10. Behind the shed across from the schoolhouse.
  11. On top of the diving boards at the Pool.
  12. Underneath the Water Slides.
  13. On a limb of a tree between the Party and the Pool. Jump from limb to limb to climb up. Note: For console players this Trophy is instead on the ground underneath the trees next to the wall of the pool
  14. In the greenhouse next to the Time Trial starting point, near the Party.
  15. Behind the Protesters stage.
  16. On the Coffee Stain Studios chimney.
  17. Inside Coffee Stain Studios, in the room with white walls on the second floor.
  18. Behind the Boulder of Death near the Party.
  19. Under the Power Tower next to the Pentagram.
  20. On top of the shed across the street from the Protesters.
  21. On the Power Lines near the road. Use the fan on the shed that the previous trophy was on.
  22. On the very top of the middle Power Tower (the one near the Goat Tower).
  23. Under the tree in the middle of the field.
  24. To the right of the outhouse next to the Fighting Ring.
  25. Up against the fence behind the Fighting Ring.
  26. To the right of the Harvester, next to a small sedan.
  27. On the edge of the Size Changing Pit.
  28. On top of the Low Gravity Testing Facility, under one of the spinning arms.
  29. Inside the Low Gravity Testing Facility, on top of the scaffolding. Get there by climbing on top of the control room from the testing chamber.
  30. Inside the Low Gravity Testing Facility. Using the fan in the testing chamber, go up into the vent and collect the trophy as you're shot out of the building.

goat simulator all cup locationsgoat simulator all cup locationsgoat simulator all cup locations

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