Global leak of fresh movies to pirate sites

Every day millions of people watch pirated online versions of the best new movies. Websites offer movies in excellent quality. Moreover, this is happening much earlier than it used to be, when you had to wait two or three weeks after the premiere in cinemas. This situation has a negative impact on the box office and the purchase of tickets to the theater. But the number of visitors and subscribers to pirate resources is increasing very rapidly. On the sites you can find both Russian and Hollywood novelties.

Because of these situations, a fierce struggle has begun online from rightsholders who do not want to lose their money. Never before have there been so many complaints about sites and so many blockages of such resources. In order to always have access to sites, you can use high-quality VPNs for Android and Windows.

This allows you at any time to go to the desired site (of course, if it was not closed by the owner) and do not worry about any restrictions.

Are pirate sites capable of offering good quality movies?
In fact, the increase in the speed of access to illegal DVD-quality copies of new releases is not such a long-standing phenomenon. Previously, you could see a high quality duplicate on a pirate site no sooner than a month or two later. Of course, no one is talking about filming straight out of a movie theater on a camera held with trembling hands and occasional glimpses of people with popcorn in their hands in the foreground. These could appear the day after the premiere, but they were often impossible to watch. We are talking about high quality copies with excellent sound.
For example, in 2021, "Black Widow" was pirated en masse, appearing in good quality in less than three weeks. In turn, a copy of "Jungle Cruise" could be seen in a couple of hours after its digital premiere. Modern technology makes it possible to make quality copies and distribute them quickly online.

What do the experts say?

According to experts on piracy and according to assurances from movie theater executives, this state of affairs severely hurts the profits of studios and legal Internet resources that provide access to viewing movies for a fee. Pirate copies are becoming more and more in demand, which scares movie studios.
According to piracy experts, The pandemic has worsened the situationThe best way to pass the time was to watch movies. The best way to pass the time within four walls was to watch movies.

What do the actors say?

According to Scarlett Johansson, the piracy problem was the reason why she and her teams were against putting "Black Widow" on Disney+ at the same time. This created a disagreement that led to a breakdown in negotiations, during which negotiations were held to discuss the star's salary. As a result, the actress sued the studio. Suspicions of piracy for "Black Widow" arouse among theater owners when the box office for the first weekend after the release of the picture could not meet expectations, based on the excellent attendance of previews.

Who suffered the most?

Among the main "victims" of 2021 were the following films:

  1. "The Spell 3: The Devil's Will" by Warner Bros. Despite the fact that the box office receipts amounted to 201.4 million dollars, the film was still in the top list of the most illegally viewed paintings in the world. More than 9 million illegal downloads were recorded. Of those, more than a million were U.S. residents.
  2. "Godzilla vs. Kong. Another "victim" of piracy. The number of illegal downloads exceeded 34 million.
  3. "Jungle Cruise also suffered from illegal copies hitting the net. After the release of the Disney channel on Disney + movie, tens of thousands of people immediately began to distribute and share illegal copies. Thus, in less than a day after the release of the novelty on the screens, a huge number of people possessed a duplicate in good quality.

In most cases, the films included in the top "victims" of piracy were released simultaneously, both in cinemas and online.

Is it possible to solve the problem completely?

At the moment it is completely impossible to solve this issue. Despite the active work of copyright holders in the network, it is still not possible to close all the pirated Internet resources. This is due to the fact that one site has several copies-mirrors. As soon as the main site is blocked, a clone of it appears online immediately. Although rights holders are trying to actively monitor the exposure of new movies online, it is still impossible to control all Internet resources. In addition, there are many workarounds that allow you to get to blocked sites and watch movies there.

In addition, many channels and studios are not ready to give up the simultaneous release of films online and in cinemas. For example, Disney does not intend to stop this practice and release movies on Disney+ later than they will appear in cinemas. The studio attributes this to the realities and trends of today, appealing to the fact that many people have moved part of their lives online and to deprive them of their usual pleasures in favor of those who prefer to watch movie novelties offline would be unfair. "We will not discriminate against anyone's rights," the Disney press office said, "the practice is there and it's not going anywhere."

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