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The main problem with Google Photos

Google's new service with unlimited storage is far from perfect: the main problem with Google Photos

Google's new unlimited storage service is far from perfect: the main problem Google PhotosAs the old English proverb says, "if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. On Tuesday, the Google I/O 2015 conference took place, lasting more than two hours. As you might guess, a lot of news came off the stage during that time, many of which were really intriguing. However, only a few of them turned out to be really resonant.In this sense, the service particularly distinguished itself Google Photos. Google has announced an updated version of its photo hosting service, and it has also announced that from now on the service will offer users unlimited storage space in the cloud for photos and videos. The offer is actually very good, but photo lovers should carefully examine all the terms and conditions before getting excited.The updated app Google Photos is already available for download on iOS and Android. The service automatically uploads all photos and videos from your mobile device to the cloud; images can also be uploaded manually from your computer through the web interface.At first glance, Google Photos - is the Holy Grail for both professional and amateur photographers: unlimited and free storage! But practice shows that under "unlimited" there are always some restrictions, and Google Photos has two of them.

Two major problems with Google Photos

  1. Loaded into the program photos must have a resolution of no more than 16 megapixels, or 4920 x 3264 pixels. Photos of higher resolution will be automatically compressed to the appropriate size. This is sufficient for most modern smartphones; however, the quality of photos taken with any DSLR camera will be significantly degraded when uploaded to Google Photos.
  2. As for the video, the maximum supported resolution is 1080p, so all videos are in 2K and 4K formatsThe pictures taken with smartphones will also be compressed.

For normal users, these limitations will hardly be felt. If your only camera is an iPhone or Android smartphone, Google Photos is ideal. If you are a professional or amateur photographer, however, these limitations will be difficult to accept.

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