Get aCC_e55 - a great puzzle with a strange name

Get aCC_e55 - a great puzzle with a strange name

New this week is a game called Get aCC_e55, a completely unusual isometric puzzle game for most users. Mysterious, interesting and very intriguing - you can describe it like that, because the developers do not disclose the storyline (only the plot), do not give any clues and offer the player to think about the prehistory of what is happening on the screen.


From the beginning it is not quite clear that this game can have a story, but after a certain amount of time spent in the game, we begin to "grasp" what it is about. The action takes place in not so distant future, when the technologies are even more entwined with the human life, but it is hard to call it cyberpunk, though the developers insist on that description. It so happens that the main character lives in the workshop next to the bar, he is a friend of the bartender, has a good (not so good, actually) knowledge of modern technology and in his garage there is a car that strongly resembles the legendary DeLorean DMC-12. Actually, from this we are given full freedom of action - in the end we need to assemble an alternative flux condenser (string engine T9) and start the car.

Get acc e55 download

Spoiler: actually, the game ends with you assembling the engine and starting the car - the protagonist rides it (probably in the future or the past) in the background credits. The game in light mode can be completed in a couple of days, but there is a tutorial with a passage in 42 minutes.

How to play

Let's start with the fact that Get aCC_e55 is not the first puzzle game of such genre, and the developers do not hide the fact that they were inspired by There You Go and Cube Escape. The game is based on the "exit the room" principle, and the location itself is full of different things and elements, so it is impossible to show everything completely. So an elegant solution was found to show the room at an angle - as a result you see the floor and two walls, the other two walls exist, but they were removed for our convenience. You can rotate the room, and it will spin in a given direction to one wall - so you can explore what's in it. Some parts of the room are approached by double-tapping - this means that here you have to pass a mini-quest or pay attention to some object.

Since there is no clear understanding of what to do here, you have to understand what is required at the moment by experience. Of course, you can simplify your task as much as possible - in the upper right corner there is a button with a light bulb in which there are hints. When you go from room to room and open new locations, you trigger "triggers," which are then displayed in the tooltips. If there's nothing there except "how to start a machine" and "how to assemble a reactor," then you have to move on through the rooms. So in search of these "triggers" you have to click on everything - here the developers have not denied themselves the pleasure of making a few "false" elements of the location, which play no role in the development of the plot. But great confusion - many sequences of numbers on the walls are not needed, cabinets and nightstands are opened for a change, dormant monitors and terminals are for beauty. And some lying around flyers run real ads - that's the kind of unexpected integration.

Get acc e55 walkthrough

So our task is to move from room to room, pay attention to small details and move to the final goal. You can use hints, but don't think that this will make the game much easier, because no one will spell out the algorithm for you. There are two clearly difficult moments here - the basement with the valves (you need to understand the correct sequence there) and the moment with the fuel (not a very logical decision to mix it with water).

Full version of Get aCC_e55 - where to download?

The game is available on iOS and Android, and the monetization model, in my opinion, the developers chose the right one - you can play enough to see if you like the game or not before you buy it. It sells a lot of playtime - much more than Playdead's Inside, the full version only increases the playtime by a factor of one and a half. Also, there are no ads in the full version, which makes it a little easier - the constant ads are still stressful.

Full walkthrough of Get aCC_e55

There is a full-fledged tutorial on the Internet, in which everything has already been passed before us - I do not recommend using it until you get into a real stupor.

We can, of course, textually describe the work already done, but we do not see the point. Moreover, we do not see the point in peeking into the passage. All the same, there must remain some mystery and mystery of the passage, not all laid out on a platter. And yet, if our warnings were not heeded, then no problem, see the video of the full passage of Get aCC_e55.

For me personally, Get aCC_e55 is like a breath of fresh air. We all play a lot of monotonous games in our editorial team, so such products always stand out strongly from the rest. What's more, the graphics here are excellent, and they were implemented on the Unity engine - even despite the simple gameplay, every detail here is rendered with care and love. In short, a cool game to try - I recommend it!

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Management is lousy
To pass the game, you have to buy it to get the key to the elevator, only then you will pass on
The manual is useless

Oleg Tsegelnik

Norm comment. Thanks for the review)


There is a special device, watch 10 ads and gamble on (you get lift tool)