Relall in Genshin Impact - a guide on how to get the right hero, all about relall

Genshin Impact - Proper Character Relocation in 30 Minutes

Genshin Impact has already managed to become the best game of 2020 according to Apple, so players keep arriving and arriving at the game. I decided to tell you how to start playing Genshin Impact correctly, and that is to re-role the heroes at the beginning of the game. It can take 20-30 minutes to find the right hero, but trust me - it's worth it. So, how to properly do a rerolling in Genshin Impact to get a 5-star hero at the very beginning of the game, pay attention.

Why do we need to re-roll at the Genshin Impact?

Where did this need to re-roll come from in the first place?

When you start playing the game, the likelihood of getting a good hero by 5* is small, so starting right is the key to the success of further playthroughs in the game.

The game gives you the opportunity to perform a kind of "Beginner's Prayer" ritual, where for every 10 such prayers you are guaranteed to drop 4* characters or higher. Actually, that's what you're after.

Why do we need to re-roll at the Genshin Impact?

Although I note that you can play quite well on the standard characters, which gives us the game as the storyline. But if you want to play a little better than the rest and better than the game offers, but welkam, I'll tell you how to make 10 relays in the game in 30 minutes.

Genshin Impact Reload Guide

First, you need to have 10 email accounts to register. Previously, on the website of miHoYo developer you could register under one email, but with different nicknames, but now the emails must be different. So, we made 10 emails (you can do it in Gmail or, I usually use ProtonMail), or more.

Next, go to the page developer Genshin Impact [miHoYo account], register, go into the game under this username and password and create a character.

Genshin Impact Reload Guide

  1. Running start-up errands.
  2. You have to follow the storyline exclusively and not deviate - speed is important to us. Our goal is to reach level 7 of the adventure rank.
  3. Open all the chests and do not miss, they give us the expu we need.
  4. For additional experience, you can pick up the chest, which is located on the island, relative to the shore, where the character appears.
  5. Follow and obey Paimon's instructions.
  6. Be sure to take the second chest, which will be in the rocks behind the lake, where the character only learned how to fight. Further - on the quests. And of course chests do not forget to open.
  7. Do not miss the food quest (where they teach us how to cook).
  8. We continue the main quest.
  9. After the fight with the Dragon, climb to the roof of the building. Activate the tower. Take 2 chests. And jump right on the quest, where they tell us about the Prayer and open the store.
  10. You teleport and run to the Temple of a Thousand Winds.
  11. It is important to collect all the chests along the way.
  12. After the test is over, we go out.
  13. Out of the Temple, run immediately to the left. On the stones we light the brushwood and open the chest.
  14. Knock down three balls, for this, too, get a chest.
  15. Activate the Archons statue and climb the tree next to it. Take the anemocles on a branch and jump down to the South.
  16. Collecting anemocles there.
  17. And left to the Wind Flow, take off and get another anemokul.
  18. Next we fly to the Temple, but on the way pick up anemokul to the right of the entrance to the Temple.
  19. We talk to Lisa near the Temple. Enter the Temple and take all the chests.
  20. When you're going to get the last chest, then break the stone in which the chest is located and immediately jump into the teleport - this will drop the animation and dialogues.
  21. You teleport to the Archons statue and give all the anemocles, you should have 5 of them.
  22. Then teleport into town and pick up your reward from Katerina.
  23. You know how it goes from there 🙂

Do you get banned for rerolling?

Answer. No.
Simply because it is almost impossible to trace. Another issue is that they made it a little more complicated by banning a bunch of accounts from registering under the same email. By the way, in this case, banning is much easier.

Now one email is one account. And no one cares that you created them 10 or 20 pieces. On the contrary is good, the statistics of new players grow 🙂

If you don't want to read, you can just watch the video:

Video - how to quickly make a character reload

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