All the Forerunners of Fatua - 11 faithful followers of Queen Cryo Archonte

Genshin Impact - complete information about Fatua's forerunners

Who are the forerunners of Fatua and what do we know about them at this point?

A group of Fatuja agents from Snezhnaya, who can be called both KGB and special forces, army, intelligence, saboteurs and diplomats at the same time.

This villainous organization is the main antagonist in Genshin Impakt. They are obsessed with gaining power from every element and will go to any lengths to get them.

The faithful followers of the Cryo Archonts Queen, the eleven Phatoo precursors, are cruel and powerful characters who collect Gnosis from all Archons with a purpose as yet unknown to us.

Interesting fact: the word fatui is Latin for "fools.

The Forerunners of Fatua at the Genshin Impact

All the Forerunners of Fatua - 11 faithful followers of Queen Cryo Archonte

We know the 11 forerunners of Fatuya - as a reward for their faithful service and devotion, the Queen gave them her powers.

The eleven Fatuya agents are exceptionally powerful creatures, wielding Illusions, Visions and otherworldly powers to enhance their power and control their legions of Fatuya members. Much of their biography is shrouded in mystery.

So Who are the Fatuya forerunners in the Genshin Impact?

1. Pedrolino

Pedrolino is the first and main Forerunner of Fatuya, their leader and the second person after Krio the Archonte. He is responsible for recruiting other heralds to the side of the Queen. In addition, Pedrolino is responsible for distributing illusions to Fatuya's members, and Signora and Tartaglia receive their illusions from him.

2. Pulcinella

The fifth member of the Forerunners of Fatuja is Pulcinella. Very little is known about him, but he is described as a selfish and calculating individual. He possesses incredible methodicalness and foresight in his actions.

3. Scaramouche (Scaramuccia)

One of the most enigmatic agents of Fatuja Scaramuccia is an artificially created being, a cunning and unpredictable intelligent puppet with a nasty temper created by Raiden Ei.

Yae Miko gave Scaramuccia the gnosis of Electroarchont and he defected from the Forerunners of Fatu. No one has seen him since. However, Scaramuccia will surely return in the future as soon as his plans are ready to be carried out.

4. La Signora

What is the name of number eight of the fathooed forerunners? It is Signora (Beautiful Mistress) - too proud, narcissistic and aggressive. She is the strongest of all the heralds of Fatuja. The task given to her by the Queen is to collect all the Gnosis (Hearts of the Gods).

Signora was actively involved in plots to steal the gnosis of Venti and Jun Li before she met her death at the hands of Electroarchont.

5. Tartaglia

Known by the nickname of Childe, the eleventh herald of Fathoi Genshin Tartaglia is already a playable character and weekly boss. Unpredictable, daring and always looking for danger - that's how Tartaglia, the magnificent warrior from the Snowy, appears before us.

6. Dottore

Brilliant and insane at the same time the forerunner of the Fatouille, Il Dottore is a mad scientist, a racist and a hypocrite with a black and white mask on his face. An unstable and dangerous personality full of monstrous ideas and with no appreciation for human life at all.

7. Pantalon

This forerunner of the phatoo has not yet appeared in the game Genshin Impact, but we already know something about him. The greedy and avaricious Pantalone is in charge of Snowy's economy. He is described as a cunning and ruthless old merchant.

8. Sandrone

An even lesser-known forerunner of the Fatua is the resourceful and crude "puppet" Sandrone. There is practically no information at this point.

9. Capitano

Capitano is mentioned only in passing by Fathui member Victor as the most agreeable of Fathui's forerunners for the job. His character is boastful, and stories of great military victories are too exaggerated.

10. Harlequin

The lazy and silly Harlequino, one of the eleven harbingers of Fatua, has not yet appeared in the game, so we have minimal information about him.

11. unknown

Who the last Forerunner of Fatua will be is not yet known to us. Players can only propose theories about his identity.

At this point, of the three Fatua Harbingers encountered in the game, only two of them are weekly bosses - Tartaglia and Signora.

Where to find and how to kill the Forerunners of Fatua?

Where to Find and How to Kill Tartalia

Tartaglia will appear as a weekly boss after completing the Archon mission "Approaching the New Star". After winning it will open access to the dungeon "Golden Chamber" in Li Yue. The battle will take place in three stages:

  1. Boss attacks with the element - Hydro
  2. Boss attacks with an element - Electro
  3. The boss attacks with two elements, Hydro and Electro.

During the battle it is recommended to use potions and use food. To avoid heavy damage, move quickly around the arena.

Where to Find and How to Kill La Signora

The player can fight La Signora as a weekly boss after completing the Archonts' "Omnipresence over mortals" quest. The boss is located in Inozuma on Narukami Island in the Tenshukaku dungeon. The fight will take place in two stages:

  1. Boss attacks with an element - Cryo
  2. The boss attacks with an element - Pyro.

During the battle it is recommended to use potions and use food. In the first phase of the battle use pyro characters to deal maximum damage.


  • To remove the effects of Frost in Phase One and Blazing Heat in Phase Two, use Hearts of Flame and Eyes of Cold located at the edges of the arena.
  • When Siniora is wrapped in a cocoon of ice - to quickly destroy it, collect fire butterflies appearing in the arena, which amplify the blow.

Subordinates of the Forerunners of Fatua

There are four kinds of subordinates under the command of the Forerunners of Fatua:

  • Mirror Maiden,
  • Mages Tsitsinov,
  • Fatua's agents,
  • FATUI's shooters.

Subordinates of the Forerunners of Fatua and the Mirror Maiden

Mirror Maiden - The main element is Hydro, uses interesting attacks and skills. Looks like a tall woman surrounded by mirrors.

Magi Tsitsinov Fatui are divided into two types - Cryo and Electro. This is one of the strongest enemies in the game, defeating which will give you useful materials for ascension.

The Fatuye Shotters are divided into 6 types, each with a specific element: Pyro, Anemo, Hydro, Electro, Geo, and Cryo. They differ from each other in the weapons they use.

Agents of Fatua - are enemies using the Pyro element. They are men in dark hooded cloaks who fight with ceremonial hunter's knives.

Shuumatsu Gaiden's Secret Achievement

One of the secret Genshin Impact achievements is Shuumatsu Gaiden. To get this achievement:

  • get into a fight between Shumatsu-ban and Fatui.
  • Find the notes at the Fatuya camp in Inozuma
  • then complete the hidden quest within 4 real days

To complete the quest, pull out the tags in the Great Narukami Temple and defeat enemies in the marked locations.

What is the name of number eight of the precursors to Fatua?
What is the name of the Mondstatt hotel where the Fatuys are staying?
Agents of Fatua where to find?
How do you defeat the Fatua shooters?
The Mirror Maiden of Fatuya how to defeat?
Where are Fatua's agents on the map?
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What is the name of number eight of the precursors to Fatua?
The forerunner of Fatuja at number eight is La Signora.
What is the name of the Mondstatt hotel where the Fatuys are staying?
Hotel Goethe.
Agents of Fatua where to find?
Fatuya's agents are found everywhere. Use the Adventurer's Guide by clicking the "Enemies" tab to find a Fatuya agent and click the "Track" button.
How do you defeat the Fatua shooters?
During the battle with the Fatuya sharpshooter, you should strive to destroy him as quickly as possible, otherwise he can go to the second stage, putting his elemental shield on himself and thus increasing his defense. Therefore, carefully plan the order of your attack on the group of slayers.
The Mirror Maiden of Fatuya how to defeat?
For combat with the Mirror Maiden of Fatua, characters with cryo and pyro elements are best suited.
Where are Fatua's agents on the map?
Fatuya's agents on the Genshin Impact map are found in 13 different locations. Eight agents are in Li Yue, one in Mondstadt, and four in Inazum.