Gem4me: a convenient messenger for active communication

Gem4me: a convenient messenger for active communication

Nowadays, users are faced with a difficult choice - which messenger to choose for comfortable communication with their friends and family among dozens of all kinds of messengers available in the markets. If you have not yet chosen the best option for you, then this review will be useful. Today we will talk about the messenger Gem4me.

Gem4me is a messenger, which in addition to the basic functionality of the application for communication offers a number of unique features that make the application can become your reliable assistant. Currently, the number of users of the messenger has already reached 3 million people. The messenger is available both to users of smartphones with the system Androidas well as for gadget owners iPhone, it can be downloaded for free.

First impression

Let's install the Android version by going to Google Play. The installation of the application is standard and does not cause any additional difficulties. After installation, enter your phone number, to which within a few seconds you will receive a registration confirmation code. The code from the message is accepted automatically.

On the main page (My Feed), quick access menu items are available for the user's convenience:

  • All (general user activity page).
  • Chat (shows all chats of the user).
  • Bot (shows chats with bots).
  • Public (public chats in which the user is a member).
  • Group (groups in which the user is a member).

Gem4me: a convenient messenger for active communication

The search in the messenger is performed by keywords. For example, to find interesting publishers or groups, you enter a keyword and get a list of available communities on the specified topic.

Gem4me messenger functionality

Chats have the standard messenger functionality. You can send absolutely any files, videos, stickers, voice messages to other participants. Voice communication is available, you can share your location, use tags for chats, you can create open or closed chats, set up push notifications, as in other messengers. To create a new chat or group, you need to click on the "+" button.

A pleasant surprise is that Gem4me's public chat rooms are not limited by the number of participants. This is very convenient for users who need to create a community with a large number of participants. Basically, other messengers have a limited number of chat participants, which often causes some inconvenience. According to the developers, communication in the messenger is absolutely safe, because correspondence is not stored anywhere except users' devices.

If you do not like the standard background in the chats, in the settings of each chat you can set any other background offered by the developers.

Gem4me: a convenient messenger with positive reviews

In the profile we see the standard settings:

  • Profile data (name, avatar)
  • Share function (link or QR code).
  • Gem4me Web client (to install the Web version).
  • Setting up notifications.
  • Contacts.
  • Games.
  • About the app.
  • Exit.

Contacts displays all the contacts integrated from your phonebook. You can also immediately see which of your contacts are already Gem4me users.

Gem4me: private office

The main difference from other messengers

Gem4me's unique features include the MakeMoneyBot and the ability to make unlimited money transfers in the messenger.

The MakeMoneyBot offers users the opportunity to generate income by telling their friends about other interesting apps. App developers can post their offer on the MakeMoneyBot site, and Gem4me users can promote that app for a fee. Each job is handled by a bot, from which you get a promotion link and send it out using a template or a message you compose. You can send this message via SMS, other messengers or social networks to your acquaintances. When a new customer installs the app and sends any message in the messenger, you get the reward offered by the developer.

The bot is currently offering two tasks: promotion of Gem4me messenger, which is the responsibility of Gem4mePromotionBot, and promotion of GambinoSlots (GambinoSlotsPromotionBot). Enter the name of any bot such as "Gem4mePromotionBot" in the search bar of the messenger and you will get a reply from the bot with a detailed description of the task. For each new user who installs the Gem4me app on your recommendation, you can earn 45 euro cents. That's a pretty good amount of money considering that you can make an unlimited number of invitations. Withdrawals (starting from 5€) are made to your Gem4me wallet.

Gem4me: earn money by communicating


Now let's understand more about money transfers. Gem4me user can send money transfers to other Gem4me users directly in the messenger. It's very easy to do - just click "$" icon in the chat and authorize (or register in the financial plugin if you haven't done that yet). Then you can link any card to your Gem4me wallet and withdraw funds from other users of the messenger (they also need to register in the financial plugin). You can quickly and easily transfer money to your friends or relatives no matter what country the recipient or sender is in, pay for any purchases, etc.

Gem4me: a convenient messenger for active communication

To summarize

  1. The functionality of the messenger corresponds to the modern needs of users. There are all the features necessary for communication, as well as nice bonuses in the form of exclusive functionality:
  • work with the contact book,
  • individual, group chats, public chats with an unlimited number of users,
  • emoticons and unique stickers,
  • sending photos, videos, and voice messages,
  • public chats,
  • voice communication,
  • geolocation,
  • Security (messages are not stored on servers, only on users' gadgets),
  • lower battery consumption of the gadget compared to other messengers,
  • bots,
  • financial plugin.
  1. Interface: simple and straightforward for the user.
  2. Unique features: the ability to generate income using bots and financial transactions in the messenger.

We hope this review was useful to you. To get a complete picture of the messenger Gem4me, install it on your smartphone and test it yourself. Judging by the number of downloads and positive reviews, this messenger is good. Perhaps this is the messenger you were looking for!

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Svetlana Sajina

The first messenger created by and for the people!


I use it. I like it.

Svetlana Ilyuh

Not only do I use this messenger, but I also make money with it.

Evgen Sergeevich Chebodaev

Really can take out the minimum amount of money 5 € from the purse gem4me , I checked!!!

Almaz Choiubekov

A great messenger with great features.


All at a high level! Lots of interesting features, comes in handy for life.

Galina Aksenova

I enjoy using the messenger Gem4me! And I earn money with it!

Oleg Libkin

Most of all I am pleased with the usability and speed of the fin plugin (Confide)


How do I select and send video messages?
In the beginning there was a function to choose from the gallery, but now it is not?