Mind Games - Passage Features

Mind Games - Passage Features

Mind Games is a brainteaser that contains about 17 puzzles of different levels of difficulty. The game will be appreciated by everyone who likes to put everything in its place and is ready to spend more than one hour thinking over a puzzle. Why is the game of mind games so interesting to the user, features and entertaining details of passing the game of mind games.

Mind Games - Passage Features

What do I need to know about the Mind Games?

Let's discuss the plot, controls, graphics, and sound in the game. As each element creates a halo of mystery and sets up a serious mood. In all, more than 20 popular games affecting the last three centuries were used. But the best part is the 250 levels of difficulty that can't be completed in a couple of days.


The story begins with difficulties, because not everyone will understand how to enter the Mind Games. To see the start, you have to change the picture like puzzles until the right one appears with the inscription "Mind Games". At each step you can get hints, but a lot depends on your actions. Because the text changes, guided by your decisions. To pass to the end you need to make not only efforts, but also use logic, intelligence and ingenuity. A total of several mini-games are offered:

  • chess;
  • naval combat;
  • Reversi;
  • spots;
  • and much more;


The design is simple and clear, because the puzzles occupy the entire screen, and the settings and hints are displayed at the bottom of the screen as pop-ups. You can move the chess, checkers or puzzle pieces with your finger, and the settings are immediately user-oriented, so you don't need to change them. If you make a mistake with the choice, came to a standstill - start the game again. To do this, click on the icon in the upper left corner.

Graphic design

The creators tried their best on the hues and realism of the puzzles in Games of the Mind. As naval combat is represented by bright blue fields, and the chess board has a classic design. Let's also highlight the quotes that appear at each stage, which relate to intellectual development. For the first year, the app was not updated because of a conflict with the publisher and iOS. But now the work on the design has started again, so the new versions will please with a brighter look. Hopefully, it will get rid of such inconveniences as moving ships in naval combat (which now you have to do with your fingertip), the small size of the game area.


There are no well-known songs or intrusive melodies during the game, because the soundtrack consists of three or four tunes. But you can turn them off in the settings menu. Note that Mind Games is one of the few apps of an intellectual nature that has a voiceover.

A little about in-game shopping

Mind Games is offered as a free download, but there are two types of purchases inside: to turn off ads and to skip the puzzle and thus move to a new level. The first type of purchase is used rarely if you get bored with the tretiated advertisement, while the second is more common. Based on feedback from users, many first trials put them in a bind and have to make a purchase. The average cost for disabling advertising - 15 UAH.

Tricks and peculiarities of the passage

There are tricks to passing the Mind Games that apply to each puzzle:

  • A chess game with two black and two white pieces each. You need to move the top black piece to the right and down diagonally, and the white piece to the left and down. Next, place a white figure over the black one and a black figure over the white one. It is important that the figures of the same color stand diagonally and they intersect. As a result, mark the left side of the board with two white pieces and the right side with black pieces;
  • In Reversion, you have to occupy the side walls to win;
  • Spotting is done in the same way as in life;
  • to pass the game of "Dice", make sure that each of them indicates a direction on the board. But you may not point three of the same direction in a row;
  • In the Rubik's cube you need to move a couple of colors in the dead zones;
  • When playing "Magic Square" you need to place the chips without repeating, and the sum of the horizontal and vertical was the same, equal to a certain number;

If you have previously played these puzzles in reality, with the passage of the Games of the Mind should not have any questions, although it will take a lot of time.


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