The Great Sultan game - strategy, tips and secrets

The Great Sultan game - strategy, tips and secrets

What are the best advisors to hire, where to find concubines and how to develop. The secrets of passing some levels and much more.

"The Great Sultan" is the leader among mobile  online games for 2019 and already 2020, in which the player is given the opportunity to EXPECT all the delights of life as a sultan in the Ottoman Empire. Where you will constantly have to choose: to defeat enemies or create a harem with many concubines.

In this guide you learn all the ins and outs of the game Great Sultan, and all that remains a mystery to you - you can always ask in Telegram channel @gidvelikiyThe author of which prepared this guide to the Great Sultan.

Updated Guide: February 11, 2020.

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The Great Sultan game - strategy, tips and secrets


First, I'd like to tell you a little bit about the game itself. It can only be played from the age of 7, because there are scenes  The story is a moderately violent one, with all the relationships between the sultan and the concubines taking place behind the curtain. All battles take place without blood and murder scenes.   The good thing about the app is that it's free, but you can shop in it. There are time-limited packages and they have different prices: from $ 0.99 to $ 99.99, but the donation does not affect the pumping speed or level in the ratings.


The game is based on the series "The Magnificent Century. From the Turkish music and the names of the main characters to their appearance, the app has been thought out down to the last detail, everything immerses you in the atmosphere of the Middle East. If you've ever wanted to feel like a sultan, you have the opportunity. Just don't think it's easy and you don't have to do anything at all. You have to lead your advisers, create your harem, and to do that you have to look for concubines, spend time with them, raise your children, bring them up. Don't forget about being a good ruler - thinking up military strategies and defending your empire. So actually being a ruler is not easy, but very exciting work. Are you ready to give it a try? Then let's get started. 

The genre of the game is. military strategyYou have to choose who you want to play, and the events start to unfold: your father dies, you become the ruler, and you are attacked by Byzantium. After you choose who you want to play, events begin to unfold: your father dies, you become the ruler, and you are attacked by Byzantium. You have to make a decision and attack the enemy army. 

The Great Sultan game - tips and secrets

In the game you will have advisors to help you make decisions: you can rely on them for everything. Each advisor has 4 qualities, which are responsible for one or another skill: tactics affects military experience and the power of your army; science affects the efficiency of production of such resource as gold; politics affects the second resource, food; and culture affects the number of soldiers that can be trained (which is the third resource). By the way, all resources (gold, soldiers, food) need to be collected; this affects your power and the strength of your army. 


To win battles, you have to pump up advisors. There will be several of them, and you can pump them all at once, or you can only a few at once, and the rest later, when it is convenient for you - you choose. The main thing is to pump them first tacticsThis is the most important characteristic, it determines the power of the army. That is, if your advisor's tactics are twice as powerful as your opponent's, your army's losses will be twice as low as his. 

To hire soldiers for the battle you will need food (grain) and so you will also have to pump advisors with the direction Scienceindicator  culture allows you to recruit soldiers for the sultan's army, but it uses the food supply, which is affected by politics. So it makes sense that if culture is higher than politics, the food supply will decrease little by little. And the lower the food supply, the fewer soldiers you will hire into the army. And that's not profitable either.

The Great Sultan Game - Advisors

In addition, do not forget to pass the tasks for which you can get good bonuses in the chests. Tasks are usually not very difficult, and the rewards are very good. Tasks can also be performed in alliances. This is such an alliance with other players. It's best to choose strong players. You will also get bonuses for completing tasks. Choose those alliances that remain in the top by the end of the first day - they are the strongest, and join them.

Or create your own alliance. How to do this? Go into the building and click "New Alliance". After that you have to choose a name (something cool so that other players immediately want to join it, but not funny and not like "Nice rabbits" - because you're a serious ruler who's all set to win the battle). What are the benefits of joining an alliance? These are prizes for battles and for daily expeditions, daily tasks and purchases in the alliance store and, of course, loyal friends and fun company.


Also fill out the Facebook box if you have a page there. Come up with an inspiring slogan, password, and demand messages for other players who want to join your community. So how much does it cost to open a new alliance? 2,000 diamonds. It'll pay off if you think it through carefully and create an alliance that you want to join.

All your advisors are divided into certain classes (legends of foreign countries, heroes, geniuses, team of legends, Fearless, immortal warriors, defenders of the empire, Brotherhood of Five, brotherhood of four, warriors, bouncers, gentlemen, braves, politicians) each class has its own bonuses and advantages, all concubines will definitely meet their advisors in the game.

In the early days of the game you need to act according to the tasks that offers the game - so you can quickly raise the power and production of basic resources, which will subsequently appear on your weekly ranking and will get great gifts and prizes.

Where to start developing your kingdom

When starting a game, it is necessary to Remember one of the main rules: rapid growth of the empire's power is possible by pumping an advisor and his concubine, or by pumping all the advisors of the brotherhood. But in order.

After completing a brief tutorial, you will receive a gift for the first game day of Merzif. This EA is great for getting basic resources for your empire. With 24 talents when you receive it, you will be able to break into the top quickly without donating.


In order to grow the power of an advisor, it is necessary:

  • level up gold (LPL)
  • Clothes to upgrade lvl after level 150
  • Talent tokens - to increase the number of talents
  • the concubine connected to the counselor (Clara)
  • school - to increase the power of impact 

On the second game day, the concubine we need will be available to you. Clara, which when pumped will give a great bonus to the skills of Merzif's advisor.

Concubine Clara

The main parameters for all concubines are Charm and Intimacy, as they increase, you will be able to increase the bonuses of the EA's main parameters. Earrings are needed for Charm, rings for intimacy.  (where to get a lot of these resources - read the post below - how to pump concubines)

 The main rule that you should remember from this part of the article: swing only the ligament advisor - concubine. 

How to rock advisors

How to rock advisors - The Great Sultan

This can be done in several ways:

  1. For gold;
  2. When you gain a title (with every 50 levels starting from the 100th you get a new title);
  3. Using a talent (you cannot increase the number of stars, you only affect the level of the advisor). Talent affects 1 characteristic, and you can increase the level of talent only with tokens or experience books;
  4. With the help of things. Each item increases only one characteristic. The total increase from using the item is the same for all advisors, i.e. it doesn't matter for which of the advisors you use this or that item, it affects them all;
  5. Using a concubine - since many advisors are linked to concubines, a concubine's progression will also affect an advisor's progression;
  6. Learning at the Academy - this lasts for 3 hours. Send low PvP advisors to the Academy first.


How to get a concubine

Obtaining and Improving a Concubine

A concubine is needed to give birth to an heir. Thanks to her you can also improve your advisors. That is why they are very important. There are three ways to get a concubine:

  1. Walking in the city. After several meetings with a girl, most often she becomes your concubine. The meetings happen by chance, so the parameter "Luck" is important: if it is low, then it is better to refrain from walking around, you will only waste time.
  2. Sometimes there are special promotions, and if you take part in them, you can get a concubine.
  3. Buy a concubine for money.

How to Pump a Concubine


Go to the Harem, there is a list of concubines in the chambers. Just like advisors, don't pump them all at once. Each concubine has two characteristics - intimacy and charm. You can use rings and earrings to increase these parameters accordingly. They in turn affect birth parameters children (more intimacy - higher child parameters) and on the experience for the Counselor from visiting concubines (more charm - more experience).

All concubines have different initial parameters for charm and intimacy, but if you decided from the first days of the game to pump up one concubine and an advisor associated with her, you should not change your mind when you get a concubine with higher basic parameters. It won't do you any good.

Proximity can be pumped in several ways:

  1. Visit it for diamonds. The cost is calculated from the level of closeness you already have, multiplied by 10. Each visit adds +1 to the concubine's closeness.
  2. Give something as a gift. A very important point - don't give a girl a gift if she is related to an advisor you don't have. It is a waste of time and money.
  3. Meet her for a walk.

The second characteristic is Charm, which affects the experience a concubine gets during your visit and the characteristics of your children. You can't choose who you want to have a child from, so it's better to have few but well-pumped concubines than to have many, but your heirs will be from un-pumped concubines. You can also use Charms as follows:

  1. With the help of gifts;
  2. Using assistants. You can get them at the Foreign Ministry. Or from the Russian ambassador (adds +3 to charm).

Heirs - how to pump children

When you visit the harem of a concubine, (suddenly!) there is a chance to get an heir. Note that in order to get an heir:

  1. There must be room in the heirs' room 
  2. Visiting a concubine should not be an "auto-visit" (for vip3 and above). If you want children, go in person :).

The chance of getting children depends on your VIP level (here comes the donate), the higher it is, the higher the chance of getting a child. Another child appears for a visit to the concubine for diamonds (almost like the Holy Spirit came) and for the visitation envelope (given for events in the game quite often)

Children are divided into classes:

  • Junior
  • medium
  • higher
  • great
  • supreme
  • genius

This parameter depends on the proximity of the mother (more proximity, higher grade of the child).

After the children reach a certain age, in the heirs' room, you can arrange a wedding of your children with the children of other sultans (other players). To do this you need to use a ring or diamonds. But always pay attention to who you marry, because cunning players will always try to pass off their weak children as your strong ones, which will affect your overall power. 

Children are also needed for the training of your advisors in classes. So don't be lazy to visit your concubine and "give birth" to children. Children are the flowers of life☺ and not only in the game.

To summarize. You cannot influence the sex of a child. Children are born after a visit to a concubine: either for free, using energy, or for diamonds. When a child is born, you have to take care of it - improve it, i.e. pump it up, using energy. It is regenerated either in 3 hours or instantly when using the Knowledge Sphere (you can get it in two ways: either buy it in a store or do a task). After your child grows up, he enters the Temple of Love. At this point, you can find a wife/husband for your son or daughter. This can be done in several ways:

  1. By clicking "Match." This will automatically match your child.
  2. Suggesting your offspring as a pair in chat or seeing such an offer from another player. Check out the "quality" of the other child. Lol)



These are rooms where you can undergo training. It lasts not one hour, but several, but in the end you get knowledge stones, which increase the characteristics of advisors and concubines. You can only be trained up to 5 times a day. It's not easy, because to take a place in such a room, you either have to kick out opponents or wait for another room to open. You can also be kicked out if your opponent is stronger, and you can't know this beforehand. But don't get upset, there will still be some reward for the time you've been sitting in the classroom.

You can create your own classroom. You won't get kicked out of it, that's for sure. And on top of the cost of opening your own room, you'll get double the amount of knowledge stones for each training. You can build classes in drawing, music, or writing (earning 3600, 7200, and 10800 stones respectively). Either way, it's a worthwhile investment.


EAs with at least level 60 are allowed into the arena. Since you can not choose which EA to fight, the choice is made independently of you, you can pump a few EAs, and keep the rest below level 59, so as not to lose in the arena. Because if the system chooses a weak, untrained EA, for example, which only reached level 60, you will lose. His influence is important for his health, and his tactics are important for his attack. You can fight no more than once an hour. After every third battle take a gift - a chest with a permanent bonus, which is useful for your advisor.



It is mainly influenced by the level of characteristics of advisors, concubines and heirs. There are quite a few of them, though. For example, there is such a rating as proximity (it is summed up in your concubines). If it's lit, you have to go in and collect the reward. Click the "Bonus" button to do that, and your daily reward is in your pocket 🙂

We've covered the basic rules and tips. And now let's take a quick look at the tasks that are the most difficult for beginners.

How to complete a task

Job 36

This quest must be completed in two days, not one. When you enter "Fortune-telling," you have to click on the coffee. And this action can be done only once a day. Just go a second time the next day, and the task will be completed.

118 job


It is necessary to increase the talent of one of the advisors. Choose an advisor that has 1 talent star, as it is more convenient to boost, and use tokens or experience books on that advisor to boost its talent.

136 task

Another mission you can easily get stuck on. The point is that you have to lose a battle four times. As the saying goes, if you lose a battle, it doesn't mean you've lost the war. After you lose 4 times (as you remember, combat happens once every hour, so after 4 hours) you have to use the PvP seal in the arena. That's it, after that you win, and the mission is over.

142 task

To complete the mission, you must use an act of war, which is a way to get revenge on a player who has defeated 3 or more of your advisors in battles. To find such a player, click on "Enemies" in the "Messages" section.

162 assignment

The trick is this mission, which seems complicated, although it's not at all: you have to go to the front at sea between 20:00 and 21:00, hit "Expeditions", and then shoot at an enemy vessel. Not hard at all, is it?

174 assignment

It's similar to 142 - use an act of war, only here you have to do it twice. It's just that it's unlikely that your advisors have been defeated so many times that you can get revenge twice, maybe that's the difficulty. But it's not a difficult task either.

288 assignment


The task is related to the alliance. A little earlier wrote that you can join the commonwealth of players, together with whom you have to perform tasks and get a reward for it. It turns out that in alliances you can also make contributions. To do this, click in the alliance building "Contributions", and make even the smallest, but the investment. Then you'll have currency to spend in the alliance store. Make the purchase, and it will help you pass the 288th task.

Perhaps these were the most difficult quests that Great Sultan players often ask about. I hope these tips will help you figure out this game and play for fun!

How much does Donate cost - what gives VIP

How much does it cost to buy a VIP in the game and what does it give? We tell you.

VIP level Cost in rubles Cost in dollars Cost in hryvnia
1 380 5 140
2 1 520,00 20 560
3 3 800,00 50 1 400,00
4 7 600,00 100 2 800,00
5 15 200,00 200 5 600,00
6 60 800,00 800 22 400,00
7 152 000,00 2 000,00 56 000,00
8 304 000,00 4 000,00 112 000,00
9 760 000,00 10 000,00 280 000,00
10 1 520 000,00 20 000,00 560 000,00
11 3 799 924,00 49 999,00 1 399 972,00
12 7 599 924,00 99 999,00 2 799 972,00
13 15 199 924,00 199 999,00 5 599 972,00

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After the words "donation does not affect the reputation and ratings" you can close and not read this nonsense


Of course in our world you can buy everything, but in the game you can play in a balanced way, save up resources, participate actively in events and ratings and your performance may differ from donates, there are many examples when vip 0 is much more efficient and stronger than some vip 4-5. In this game it is very important activity and team play, many events are team based and if you have donates in the team it does not mean victory.


Guys! The appearance of the heir depends on the name! If you call the heir as the other desired appearance, it REALLY WORKS!!!!! Spread the word and check on yourself!!! Good luck!


Some post of bad advice ? about how to become an average player