Kingdom Rush Vengeance in Tower Defense - play as the forces of Evil

Kingdom Rush Vengeance in Tower Defense - play as the forces of Evil

Be Evil! Play as Evil! The updated evil Kingdom Rush Vengeance has been released on the App Store

Several years ago, the company Ironside released its most successful title called Kingdom Rush, which earned a huge number of awards and became almost the best representative of the tower defense genre in the App Store. The game Kingdom Rush Vengeance is a sequel to the popular game, with a global release date of November 21, 2018. And we in our review will tell you some of the features of the passing of the game, as well as the impact of the characters on the gameplay. Download for free Kingdom Rush Vengeance It's not worth it, the game costs $5, but it's worth it. And note that the game is translated into several languages, including Russian, for which the developers a special "thank you".

Full Kingdom Rush Vengeance Walkthrough Guide

In the previous game Kindgom Rush Origins, the player, playing the role of some abstract protagonist, fought against an army of Darkness led by the powerful wizard Wesenan. After a long and exhausting battle the protagonist traditionally wins, but the wizard does not die, but loses his corporeal shell (just like Voldemort) and disappears for a while. The festivities arranged in honor of defeating him are over, and the king decides to destroy the castle to cleanse the kingdom of filth. But here's the trouble - a careless worker awakened the spirit of Wesenan, and he decides to take revenge. Now we will be playing for the forces of evil - it's quite unusual in terms of the plot, but it will not affect the gameplay.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Walkthrough

How to play Kingdom Rush Vengeance

The gameplay has not undergone significant changes, and this can be classified as both pluses and minuses. This, of course, is mostly a plus - we love Kingdom Rush for this kind of gameplay, and the developers carefully preserved the basic game concept. The player's task is to build towers so as not to let waves of enemy units into the specified points, and you can only build in specially designated areas. Such a restriction is just what turns the game into a strategy - to put the towers in such a way that they work with maximum synergy. On the other hand, it is already the fourth game in the same genre and with the same gameplay - someone may not like such repetitions.

There are 4 types of towers in the game, which have not changed throughout the entire series of games, among them:
  • Archers (Shadow Archers) - The standard type of defensive tower. At the top of the tower there is an archer with fast attack speed and high damage radius, but low damage, but due to the high DPS this drawback is leveled.
  • Mages (Hellmage) - turret with high damage, but very low attack speed. Needed to penetrate a certain type of armor (heavy).
  • Rocket Girl (Goblins on a rocket) - is the conventional name for a turret that deals area damage. It has traditionally low attack speed, average damage and radius, but it is the only way to slow down large waves of enemies and deal damage to everyone.
  • Barracks (Orc Warriors Lair) - A very important tower that allows you to hire small groups of units (orcs and their derivatives for Kingdom Rush Vengeance) to stop the enemy and deal damage.

Also in the game there is a huge number of "new" towers, which are opened when you reach a certain level. Since there are many towers (about 16), the game gives you the opportunity to choose only 5 that you will use within the current round, so it is recommended to select the necessary defensive structures responsibly.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Walkthrough

The list of towers in Kingdom Rush Vengeance


  • Cave Goblins (double strike, weak attack)
  • Bony Throwers (high speed and very weak attack)
  • Evil Sisters (high damage, ability to use spells) - for money


  • Dark Knights (tan warriors with average damage)
  • Elite torturers (huge damage and zero defense)
  • Grim Graveyard (rebellious skeletons with high health and low attack) - for money


  • Orcish Shaman (high damage and low attack speed, the ability to use additional skills)
  • Sizzling Stone (deals increasing damage to a single target) - for a fee
  • Haunted Crypt (high damage and low attack speed, scares targets)

Rocket Girl:

  • Melting Furnace (deals area damage and stuns enemies)
  • Rotten Forest (infects enemies in the area) - for money
  • War blimp (huge damage on the square) - for money

Heroes in Kingdom Rush Vengeance

In addition, the game also has heroes - initially only one is available, it's an orc named Veruc (and this name is very similar to the main hero of recent versions of World of Warcraft Varok Saurfang, also a powerful melee warrior orc), then you can choose two more (archer or mage). Each has certain abilities, which will be convenient depending on your playing style, in addition you'll be able to buy 6 more heroes for real money. Ironside has had this tactic for a long time, but you can do quite well with the standard set of characters. Heroes gain experience in fights, gain new levels and level up - just like in previous versions of the titel.

The second hero that opens at level 5 is Asra, a ranged character who attacks from a distance and can deal critical (and sometimes lethal) damage. True, she has low health, so you have to keep her behind mercenary warriors. And, honestly, this character is the best in the game so far.

The third hero is Oloh, a mage who opens at level 7. Mages are traditionally slow, and they are not very suitable for the game in principle - we need to kill enemy units quickly and in large numbers, so do not even look at Oloh. The rest of the characters are bought with real money, so it's better not to even look at them.

And a little lyrical digression - the developers come up with secret missions that can be performed at certain levels. Experienced players will immediately remember that on some levels there were some special locations, when you click on which some action took place. For example, on the second level in Kingdom Rush Vengeance you can unlock the achievement "help Bilbo find a way out" if you click on a strange door in the rock. There are a lot of these "Achievements" in the game, and they are very interesting to perform - but some of them are so non-obvious that without special tutorials you can't even find them.

Heroes in Kingdom Rush Vengeance

The visuals in Kingdom Rush Vengeance are over the top! Yes, it's about the same drawing that many people loved the Ironside series of games for, but Vengeance is done very cool. Firstly, it's the high quality of polygons - you can distinguish all the body parts of the units, the picture is not pixelated when zooming in, the animation is well worked out. Secondly, the attention to the surrounding world - it is also drawn without any obvious flaws, and also taking into account the fact that the latest versions of mobile devices have very high quality screens. So it's very pleasant to look at the picture in the new Kingdom Rush.

What's the bottom line?

The game is definitely worth its money - it's still the same beloved Kingdom Rush. But with minor cosmetic changes, and it's not about the quality of the picture, but the fact that now instead of "good" units we will control "bad" ones. The decision to make the protagonist Wesenan, in our opinion, was a good one - we haven't played for evil characters in a long time. Kingdom Rush Vengeance - a definite hit of the winter, which is definitely not to be missed!

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