Game Hustle Castle - secrets: equipment, arena, wars and diamonds

Game Hustle Castle - Guide and secrets: equipment, arena, wars and diamonds

We give maximum secrets and tips on Hustle Castle. If there's anything you haven't mentioned, feel free to write in the comments.

Today I would like to share the secrets of the game Hustle Castle, which helps develop strategic skills and logical thinking. The essence of the game is that you can plunge into the Middle Ages and become a lord, and this has its advantages: you can have your own castle, servants, train warriors and build economic strategies for the prosperity of your estate. If you are worried that you can't handle it all, now you can learn some tricks and secrets of this game.

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Game Hustle Castle - secrets: equipment, arena and diamonds

First of all, a few words about the game. It can be played from the age of 9 years old, because sometimes there are scenes of violence. This is a restriction to protect children's psyche. The application is free, but you can make purchases in it: for example, the starting package costs $ 6.99, you can buy a premium for 15 and 30 days - respectively $ 3.99 and $ 6.99, want to buy a bag or purse with diamonds - you have to spend $ 13.99 and many others. So choose according to your taste.

In Hustle Castle, you can manage your servants, train people, equip and dress them, expand your castle, and fight enemies. There are about 100 story quests in the game that will make you a strategy pro. Well, it's also fun 🙂

So, the secrets of passing Hustle Castle

How to get the best equipment in the game

When it comes to weapons, how do you know which is the best choice? It's very simple. To find out the actual damage that the selected weapon does, click on it and select "Damage per second". A little guide will appear that says not only the damage, but also the attack speed - fast, slow, very slow, etc. This can be very helpful to win in battle or when defending your fortress.

Another of the secrets is that you can automatically dress your characters. That is, don't manually dress everyone, but make it so that all the best equipment is automatically on your person. Click on the character's main characteristic and click "Dress" and all the best equipment will be on him or her. Except this doesn't work with watchers, because this command upgrades them to mana miners. And your warriors are also best dressed yourself, because this will affect your strategy. So choose your own swords, bows and other weapons. Speaking of weapons and battles. Don't think that the more weak warriors you have, the better. On the contrary, it's better to have just a couple of strong warriors with different weapons. For example, although swords and bows have the same strength in combat, bows allow you to wage war at long range and swords at close range, etc.

Secrets of the arena

Good weapons and armor can be found in the arena, so everyone is eager to get into battle as soon as they get access to it. But you don't have to do that. Although you have to reach level 5 to participate, I advise you to wait a little longer. Why?

Secrets of the arena

First, you need a ticket or resources to participate. For example, it can be food, and it requires storage. If you have a ticket, you can either use it or switch to resources and pay thousands of apples to participate in the tournament (their number is calculated depending on the level, which makes sense). You can get a ticket in several ways:

  1. Win in the arena. Of course, this method is not suitable for the first battle.
  2. Open the chest, in it sometimes you can find a ticket.
  3. Buy a ticket at the tournament store.
  4. It can also be earned by completing daily tasks (destroying enemy invasions, watching advertisements, stealing some resources from another player, etc.). There can be many tasks, so there are plenty of opportunities to get a ticket to participate in the tournament. It is advisable to perform all daily tasks, because of the prize chests, which are given for completing tasks, you can get a lot of useful things, from excellent equipment or even diamonds to, as already mentioned, a ticket to the tournament.

Second, you must first improve the skills of your warriors. There's no point in participating if they don't have weapons, armor, and combat skills of at least level 30, because otherwise you could easily lose the battle.

When you decide you are ready to participate, press the green "Participate" button and wait until 15 participants have gathered. Be sure to read the description of your enemies before the fight. This will help avoid unnecessary annoyances and save time for unnecessary defeats. Do not worry, you do not need to choose your own fighters, the strongest warriors will automatically move from the barracks to the arena. But it is desirable that they include healers and resurrectors, although the armor of warriors should be more important and stronger than the armor of shooters, resurrectors and healers. That way it is much more realistic to hold out until the end and win.

The tournament has 5 stages, each stage lasts two and a half minutes. You have to choose a weaker opponent in the first round to win. All winners of the first round get the same amount of points. Then look at the tournament table, and choose the opponent, do it carefully, so as not to lose, although it is better to choose the opponent, who is higher than you in the list, because for him you get more points. If you lose, you won't get any points. The whole point is that you only need to choose the right opponent, and your warriors will fight regardless of you. So, all that depends on you is the equipment of your soldiers, their armor and the choice of the enemy. The faster you choose and win, the more points you get.

Rewards are given to each tournament participant, and they depend on their place in the standings. You can get badges of valor if you won a prize - in addition to these you can also get chests, you can win a ticket or a chance to win a super prize (depends on your entry fee - you can only get a chance for a super prize if you bet a ticket).

How to get diamonds without buying

If you are not ready to spend money on diamonds, we can get them for free. There are several ways. For example, diamonds can be found in chests. Or you can fulfill goals. To do this, click on the crown and you will see a list of your achievements. Here you can pick up a reward for them. At the same time, see what goal you can get diamonds for.

Another way is to fulfill the wishes and needs of the inhabitants of your castle. Or to clean the cluttered rooms. If not at home, then at least in the game prove to everyone that you're a cleaner 🙂

If you win a prize in the arena standings (1st, 2nd, or 3rd place), you'll also be able to get diamonds. What are they for? You can use them to open an extra queue to build new premises of the castle. Or you can hire experienced mercenary warriors, who are quite powerful and experienced in battles. Or it's a good idea to buy a goblin that does your job (collects resources, finishes training, etc.) while you're not in the game - no one cancelled sleep, right? Here, and while you rest and eat, your personal goblin helps his lord.

Throne room and room improvements

The throne room has already been mentioned above. How is it different from the others? It allows you to participate in battles, opens up a lot of things that were previously closed or inaccessible. It's very important, but you shouldn't improve it right away. Think about the other rooms first, primarily the barracks and, of course, the training room. Always leave at least one warrior in the training room to level up. Fill the room with inhabitants, so that improvements can be made in less time. If there is a problem with food, improve the canteen and cellar, if money, improve the treasury, safe, etc. Remember that the main way to get food is to produce it, because you can't just steal it. So one of the first and most important improvements should be to improve the dining hall.

Throne room and room improvements

If possible, combine rooms of the same type, because it is easier and cheaper to improve one large room than several small ones. Also, constantly increase the level of defensive structures, which is in the Arsenal, and spells in the Magic Lab. This is important because sometimes even a small advantage on your side can help you win the battle.

Don't forget that improving a room stops all learning, working, healing, producing, etc., in that room. Therefore, it is necessary to finish all tasks in that room before improving it. However, the process of improving a barracks does not affect combat operations. And most importantly: think before you make any decision (by the way, good advice not only for the game, but also in life).

Rating decrease

Why? Quite a logical question, why should you lose on purpose? However, this strategy will help you win. You will be attacked less, there will be less chance to lose. So find a strong opponent and put a weak fighter against him. Of course you will lose, but it will help you lower your rating and keep your castle treasure. Isn't that what a wise ruler does: sacrifices less to save more? Yes, it's a good strategy; losing once is better than losing a lot.

Clan Wars

To join a clan or create your own, your throne room must be at least level 4. Then you can purchase a clan hall and improve it like other rooms. If you click on the cup, which is next to the rating points, you can see a list of the best clans. They have their own requirements. If you don't like the requirements or the clans, you can create your own clan. To do this, come up with a coat of arms, privacy, requirements, and choose a creative name. To create a clan requires a contribution of 50 thousand gold. To attract new players to your clan think of a description that is sure to encourage them to join your clan and not any other. And it's better to write "international" when choosing a region - it's more likely to be noticed by other members.

The advantages of the clan are many - you can share tips, discuss strategies, even call a teammate in a friendly battle. But most importantly - you'll find friends from whom you can get gifts. A friend in need will not leave - if you do not have something, but you need it urgently, then just write in the chat and click "Ask for resources. Don't forget to share as well: sending gifts to your friends will get you a reward. For 10 gifts you'll get a chest with good rewards.

Invite your friends from Facebook. It's easier to play that way. Or here's a cunning plan: you can create a new account, or at the very least use your family member's page. In general, when you have a second account, you can "friend" each other and start sending each other gifts and get rewarded for it.

Animals in the Castle

And another cool feature - for real money to buy a pet: a dog or a cat. And an interesting feature - there are two breeds of cute dogs (Labrador and Beagle) and just a fluffy cat. That's such an injustice for some reason to the meowy ones. If you can't have a pet in real life, get one in the game. He does not give any bonuses, but pleases the eye with his presence. And it's also a small opportunity to show off and show your castle guests that you have extra money that you have nowhere else to spend, so you spend it on yourself and on cute little things like this.

That's all the secrets of the game Hustle Castle. Wish to become the most powerful lord of the medieval castle and a professional in this strategy game.

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Dumb guide, "how to get the best gear in the game?" Answer in the guide: put on the best gear you have, thanks very helpful))))