Command & Conquer Rivals - Red Alert's mobile counterpart

Command & Conquer Rivals - the mobile equivalent of Red Alert

Command & Conquer Rivals - Capture a nuclear missile and destroy your enemy!

Command & Conquer Rivals for iOS is a mobile version of the original series of computer strategies that appeared back in 1995. This game was released by Electronic Arts, although it is the third developer within the C&C series. The release date for Command & Conquer Rivals is December 4, 2018, and although it has been 23 years since it first launched, the title still continues to be of interest to the gaming community. Download Command & Conquer Rivals can be in the App Store for free, which of course is nice, but very suspicious, because EA does not give away games for nothing.


To tell the truth, the Command & Conquer mystery is recognized only by the true fans of this kind of games, who played Generals or the cult Red Alert about 20 years ago. The fact is that in the last few years, the RTS genre is basically going through a crisis, but those who play strategy games prefer Blizzard. Therefore, the appearance of Rivals will have to get used to - very small units that move at a slow speed; devoid of real scale equipment compared to fighters and more. Nevertheless, the developers decided not to change their own style and continued to develop Rivals with the same graphical solutions that were used in their other strategies.

Tactics in Command & Conquer Rivals

Conceptually the game may remind many of Clash Royale, and there is some truth in that. Indeed, at one time Supercell made the format very popular, and now any game in which there is something similar to energy (mana, elixir), cards and destructible bases, are associated with it. The main objective in Command & Conquer Rivals is to occupy the center of the map, where the nuclear missile launcher is located. There are several fields around this installation where you need to move your troops. The more troops you have on the fields, the more chances you have to keep the range under your control. The troops ordered at the base are infantry, vehicles, and planes, which take precedence over each other on a rock-paper-scissors principle, and each unit's description has information about what type of troops it performs best against. Ordering troops requires certain attachments, and it all requires a supply of Tiberium - everything in Rivals is built with it, so the more you mine it, the more troops you can order, and the better your chances of winning.

Tactics in Command & Conquer Rivals

The main base can withstand 2 hits from a nuclear missile, but it takes some time to capture the missile, which is displayed as a colored scale. Interestingly, capturing control of the plant does not reset the counter, which means that technically you can save up your troops and at the last moment hit the opponent with all your forces, knock him out, capture the missile that is about to fly out, and hit the opponent's base. Only experienced players can play it this way, so it's best not to abuse it.

Gameplay and graphics in Command & Conquer Rivals

As for the graphics of Command & Conquer Rivals, many recognizable favorite Red Alert, but somewhat updated. You can move units around the location with tap, but they will go to their destination very slowly. In one "section" there is either one mechanized unit or 3-4 infantrymen, so in terms of control everything is fine here. The problem is scaling - when the units start fighting, you can't figure out who's winning. So we take either numbers or counterpicks - both will only work if you gather enough tiberium. But a lot of tiberium isn't always good either, because units have a kill time, and we still have to wait for the rollback. And one more pleasant moment - the game is translated into Russian, and not only the texts, but also the voice arrays.

Gameplay and graphics in Command & Conquer Rivals

But the developers did not guess with the interface - they wanted to make a stylish military design, but it turned out the menu level of free games. Here everything is much more complicated - intuitively you will not understand which tab is responsible for what, even the banal character progression will be difficult to find. And in general, the appearance does not cause any psychological predisposition, but this is rather a subjective assessment. Slow gameplay in Command & Conquer Rivals allows you to think and pick the right set of armies, but the game somewhat slows down in the dynamics.

Also in Command & Conquer Rivals is implemented PvP mode - you really fight with players online and earn ratings. To become more successful in such battles, you need to pump up your units - for each participation in the battle the player receives a certain amount of resources and cards. The higher the level of the map, the more damage the unit does in the game, so the maps need to be pumped. Moreover, they are divided by rarity, and obviously the rarer units should be pumped in priority. Here you see for yourself - choose the units that you think are effective and pump them up.

Command & Conquer Rivals Review

Command & Conquer Rivals is not a bad mobile strategy game that will appeal to fans of non-standard gameplay. Not unusual not in terms of concept, but in terms of the implementation of gameplay - in Rivals it is very specific, and to get used to it. We'd like to mention that the game is playable without donation, but always keep in mind, that the developers prioritize not the gameplay, but monetization. So play carefully and don't get caught on this donation hook - EA knows how.

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