Teamfight Tactics Mobile guide: combinations, builds, heroes

Teamfight Tactics Mobile guide: combinations, builds, heroes

Finally in the App Store appeared a full-fledged TFT: Teamfight Tactics from RIOT Games - another auto-battler from the popular developer based on the game League of Legends. In general RIOT was long overdue - they should have entered the market about 8-9 months ago, when the new chess industry was dividing the market. Nowadays "a checkers" are losing all the accumulated haip - it can be seen both in the decline of online peak, and the reduction of online discussions, and even in the general interest in the product. However, RIOT Games is a strong brand that can help the industry regain lost ground, which is why we are looking forward to Wild Rift, because mobile MOBAs will be more interesting.

[UPDATE]: And here is a video with the best combinations on Teamfight Tactics Mobile, take a look:

How to play TFT: Teamfight Tactics

In case you don't know what genre this "autobatler" is, let's explain in brief. Our task is to collect characters from League of Legends, which have certain abilities, have a binding by clan and race (here it is called "class" and "origin"), combinations of which give boosts to champions who are on the board. We have 2 periods - when we prepare the board for battles, and the actual battle, in which you take no part. If your combination on the board is stronger than your opponent's, you deal some damage, which depends on the remaining champions and their level of pumping. Each champion has its own skill, which he casts after gaining the right amount of mana. And in the process of the game you'll get items, from which even more powerful items are collected, which significantly improve the basic characteristics of the characters.

How Teamfight Tactics differs from Auto Chess

First of all, it's a completely different universe that was entirely invented by RIOT Games, even though conceptually DOTA2 and League of Legends are very similar. Champions have their own lore, but they were combined into classes not only by individual legend, but also by skins, of which there are a huge number in the League.

Secondly, the playing field does not look like chess, and it uses a different principle of hex division - because of this game is less like chess.

Third, the developers decided to slightly "prarkadit" gameplay and added the possibility of falling out of items and characters in the process of fighting with monsters, as well as extra coins.

Fourth, the choice of the first character is made from the so-called "ring". At the very beginning of the game 8 players are loaded on a certain location, in the middle of which 9 different heroes are running around. You need to run up to the character you want to take as the starting figure, and do it faster than your opponent, because there are certain opponents that give a small boost early in the game. So it can happen that you won't have time to take the pieces you need and will have to open through what's left. And usually the weakest champions are left.

By the way, this ring appears every 6 rounds, but character selection starts from the weakest player to the strongest (by HP). The game doesn't let you snowball, and you can cumulate from last place if you get one of the 5-monster characters to close out your combo in time.

Fifth, there's a different approach to economics and experience boosts, so if you're switching from Auto Chess or have had any experience there, you'll have to retrain a lot. Again, the general concept is the same, but the micro-moments are different. And as you know, it's the micro-moments that decide when it comes to a cybersports discipline.

Sixth, there's a slightly different approach to battles - if you fight your opponent, it means that at that moment he's fighting you. And if we inflict damage on him, it will be real damage, not conditional, as it happens in Auto Chess. And so far I haven't seen a situation where I with my build beat my opponent on my board and he beat me on his board. Consequently, matches go faster here. On average I spend 25-30 minutes playing, but I've only been in the top 3 once.

The best builds in Teamfight Tactics

[UPDATE 3]: The best builds (combinations) in TFT Mobile in January 2021

Here's another meta report for December 2020 and January 2021. Below will be presented only S-tier builds, because there are quite a lot of them, and you will be able to find the right build:

6 Elderwood Mage

tft mobile build 2021

An interesting build, which is not very difficult to perform because it has a good tempo. You open up through Maokai (1), Lulu (2) and Hecarim (2), then try to find Nuna (3) and Weigar (3). These are the core characters, and Weigar will be the main kerrie and dd in your set. Also, there's only one "A" here, and the build is very solid.

Moonlight Diana

tft mobile combinations 2021

As you understand from the name, the build is sharpened for Diana (1), which should be collected in 3 stars. And you can start with 6 assassins, but then reduce them to 4 and replace them with the characters you need in the build. However, it's going to be hard to build the perfect board - there's Morgana (4) and Talon (4), as well as Cain (5) and Azir (5), which makes the deck much heavier than the previous one.


tft mobile meta 2021

Ugh, this build is really hard to build at all, with only Jax (2) being a lightweight. Lee Shin (5) and Yone (5), and three more fours in Morgana, Shen, and Warwick. By the way, Warwick is our corey, which is supposed to drag the game. So you should play this build if you find good starting items for Warwick.

Moonlight Adept

tft mobile meta 2021

And this is the midrange build, in which you have to collect a lot of good and suitable for you "threes" - Kindred, Irelia, Lux, Yumi. Also, the build has Lissandra (1) and Aphelius (2), which will allow you to quickly get into the right set-up. The main kerries are Aphelius himself and Yone (5), who should be as packed as possible to deliver the right amount of damage.


tft mobile decks 2021

Judging by the name, the main kerry is Katarina (3), to which Yone (5) is added. The build is good for tempo - Nidali (1), twos Jarvan and Pike, threes Katarina and Jinks. Note that Katarina is put in the third line, and also in the middle, to maximize her defense before she casts.

6 Dusk

tft mobile decks

And another interesting build with great cost is the "foursome" of Cassiopeia, Atrox, Riven, and Jin, and the "fivesome" of Azir. Riven and Jin are the main kerries, which makes the board difficult, because this is where the stars really have to come together, otherwise it won't work.

Well, and at the same time attached information on the list of characters, which should start the game:

Teamfight Tactics Mobile guide: combinations, builds, heroes

[UPDATE 2]: The best builds in TFT Mobile in September 2020

2020 tft builds

Based on the list of the strongest characters, the strongest bundle would be Astro Snipersbecause you're putting together a very powerful set-up consisting of strong solo champs:

Jhin / Teemo / Nautilus / Jayce / Wukong / Gnar

Also not a bad choice can be made in favor of Star Guardiansbecause:

a) The deck has a good and tight tempo: Jarvan / Zoe / Rakan / Ahri / Xin Zhao. These are 1-2 coin worth characters that can be found from the start and can be well upscaled to 2-3 stars.

b) The last three characters are Neeko (S-tier "three"), Syndra (good tight "three") and Viktor (S-tier "four"). Note that there are no "fives" here at all, so you can try to pick them up "on the lap" to sell them later to #stonks

I liked the tft combination called Spicy Tuna Rollbecause it's an extremely aggressive openning through the "ones": Illaoi / Malphite / Graves / Nocturne. Later, Kog'Maw is added, S-tier "twos". I suppose it will be hard to close Urgot, it's a good "A", but you have to live up to it.

tft mobile builds

And another good aggressive tft build in 2020 with an early position - ShredderAnd don't look at the fact that he's a little lower on the shooting list, because he's just as effective. Open through Jarvan / Xayah / Fiora, then the strong "twos" Shen / Rakan, then Master Yi (3), Riven (4) and Irelia (4). There are no "fives" here either, you can get to the final build faster.

[Old text]: The modern meta is as follows:

heroes in teamfight tactics

characters in teamfight tactics

As you can see, S-type builds are quite difficult to implement, because they require only 1-2 characters worth 1 coin and at least 1 character worth 5 coins. But we can make the following conclusions:

  1. Lucian is a cor character in two of the four assemblies at once, so if you catch him, you need a sharp swipe at Cybernetic Blademasters or Brawler Blasters
  2. Leona and Malfit are said to be strong starting pieces, but I'm not feeling them in the game itself yet. Also on that list are Ari, Xing Zhao, Kazix, and Yasuo. And Lucian himself, of course. These are your priorities for the early game.
  3. Vi, Soraka, Miss Fortune, and Lulu are also popular figures who are bark in at least two assemblies. True, the last two are legendary cards and are hard to catch. So focus on either Vai (the first 2 builds) or Soraku (the second 2 builds).

If you choose a particular build, you don't have to blindly try to build it. Perhaps the game will throw you other options, which, for example, are in the A-tyre, they should also be considered as options. And in general, try to play from pool - it's better to get your 2nd level characters (they're 3 levels here, like in Auto Chess), grab a table, go to economy boost, than to wait for conditional Irelia to close combo for 20 xp and with 0 coins in pocket.

I tried playing Mech Warlocks (the latest build from A-Teer). It's cool - Fizz, Rumble, and Annie turn into a huge Garen, who deals a ton of damage, and all your characters' damage damage is transferred to him. There's a problem, though - the early game opening is very weak, I barely made it to the leitmotiv. So you need to try to open up through physical damage, and then switch to mages. Probably best to try to go to warriors - this is analogous to going to 6 mages in Auto Chess.

The best characters in Teamfight Tactics

who to assemble in teamfight tactics mobile

teamfight tactics mobile guide

teamfight tactics mobile builds

[UPDATE]: The best characters in TFT in September 2020 (by value)

1: Jarvan
2: Kog'Maw / Lucian / Nautilus
3: Ashe / Jayce / Master Yi / Neeko
4: Fizz / Gnar / Jhin / Teemo / Viktor / Wukong
5: Aurelion Col / Ekko / Janna / Lulu / Thresh / Xerath

Obviously, you should try to catch these very characters from the beginning to build up the momentum. Jarwan, Kog'Mao, Lucian, and Nautilus are the ones you'll need to hunt from the start. True, if they intentionally don't go in hand, then collect those who are cor characters for your build (an obvious decision, but still).

We see that Ari, Lucian, Xing Zhao, and Yasuo are S-tier characters from the start. So it's worth building your tactics around them. Unfortunately, there are no top builds with at least two champions yet, so we choose to try to get the table under them.

[Old text]: The Brawler Blasters build is one of the top ones, at least because almost all the champions are in S-tyr. And I also chose it for the reason that only 1 character is legendary - Miss Fortune, who can be temporarily replaced by Graves, even though he doesn't even get into the B-tier of the Leitheim, but he's very good in the early stage.

As practice shows (at my lowest rank), better level 3 characters than the right builds.

Items in Teamfight Tactics

There are a huge number of assemblies, here are proofs:

Teamfight Tactics Mobile guide: combinations, builds, heroes

In fact, it's better not to memorize assemblies, because there are so many items. That's why it happens that you wanted to build one thing, but got another, because you gave your champion the inevitable items in the wrong order. Please pay special attention to this, otherwise you risk to be left without normal items.

Evaluation of Teamfight Tactics

On the positive side, it is worth noting the quality of porting (by the way, the game is cross-platform), all played pretty well, but the dynamics are weak, and on the iPhone 8, on which I play, occasionally there are freezes. The phone does not overheat, this is nice. The interface is very handy, everything is clear, but they would have added the damage to you or your opponent after the round.

Of the minuses - foreign bloggers and reviewers berate the game for poor optimization, allegedly on the computer everything is much smoother and faster. To be honest, I did not pay attention to the last "minus", because I immediately started playing the mobile version, and it looks good. Initially, after the first few games I didn't get into the game at all, but then I started to get into it, and it kind of sucked me in. Which, incidentally, is unacceptable for games of this level - it should draw in immediately, especially since I have a solid background in League of Legends, and I'm just all 100% CA.

All in all, it's worth noting that Teamfight Tactics is a great game that absolutely must be tried. And in general, you'll have to keep track of online activity now, because new tournaments and new events may appear - maybe you'll become a new top player, whose potential was hiding until now.

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