Fortnite Guide: 8 Top Survival Tips

After its worldwide success on console and PC, Fortnite migrated to the iPhone. Initially not many people played the game, but the free mode gave it a good boost. The number of players has already surpassed a million people, and that number continues to grow. This is a unique game that is very different from the competition. If you want to try the game, here's a guide for Fortnite.

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1. Move and act very quickly

Fortnite Guide

The action in Fortnite Battle Royale is fast-paced. And if you don't want to get killed in the beginning, you need to do everything as fast as you can. The easiest way to do this is to jump out of the bus at the first opportunity, jump down at top speed, and land in the first place where there are any signs of buildings.

The most important and initial thing is to get a weapon. After that you need either a shield or a first aid kit. In the early levels do not miss anything - you must have any weapon in hand. A gun kills faster than 10 hits with a pickaxe.

2. use the "long jump"

Fortnite Guide

The Fortnite Battle Royale map is quite small, considering there are 100 players playing at a time. Although there are many built-up areas to collect loot after the recent updates, they are also hotspots. That's why it's best to collect loots at the beginning of the game. It's also best to fight other players to get ahead more actively.

"Long Jump" can drop you anywhere on the map at any time. You can fly over the opposite side of the island and think before you go down and loot, especially if you are still very new. The only way to practice combat is to participate in battles, but losing your life in the first few minutes after loading can be very unnerving for a novice player.

3. Always land on the roof

Fortnite Guide

When you rob your first building, always start on the roof. Some buildings have weapons, but there are also chests hidden under the slabs. So jump on the roof and use the pickaxe to break in.

Then make your way down to the next level, get the loot and make your way to the first floor. Listen carefully - when the chest is near, you will hear it. For the most part they are hidden in the attic.

4. Never. Don't stop. Move.

Fortnite Guide

Camping doesn't work in Fortnite. If you stand a second longer than necessary, you're dead. No exaggerations.

When you overload, heal or attack someone, move as much as possible. Short movements in place during treatment make it difficult for snipers. Jumping during a firefight increases your chances of survival. A moving target is harder to hit than a stationary one.

Always be aware of your surroundings-including what's above you. Since Fortnite Battle Royale uses building mechanics, a popular tactic is to tower over your enemy by attacking them from above. This brings an element of surprise and can be completely disruptive. There is no Freelock mode here, so you can't run forward while looking around you.

5. Construction is important

Fortnite Guide

One of the most unique aspects of Fortnite is construction. To tackle the game, you must tackle it. First, collect materials using a pickaxe - wood, stone, and metal. Be smart and pay attention to large objects, as they will give you the most bang for your buck. For metal, use large vehicles.

Not only will the building help you reach new heights and hard-to-reach places, it is important here to try to gain an advantage. When you reach a certain level, you will see that other players' structures can fly. You have to do the same.

If someone is on the ground, you are better off getting an advantage in the air. At the end of the game, the remaining players will probably have the best weapons and usually a sniper, and building a small fort is an extra line of defense. It will hold the bullets, and you will have time to react.

If you need practice, try a long jump to the quietest part of the map where you could gather resources and build a building with less risk of destruction.

6. Keep your uniform in balance

Fortnite Guide

You have only five slots to fill with weapons and healing items such as first aid kits, bandages, shield potion, etc. While looting, gather your inventory carefully - do your best to keep your balance.

When you find your first shield potion, immediately consume it and make room for another inventory. This means that you can carry another potion with you, which will be needed when you are exhausted. Put more bandages in your first aid kits, and don't forget the holy grail. Chug Jugwhich, in one fell swoop, repairs your health and restores your shield.

Try to stock up on a wide variety of weapons. Ideally you need something for close combat, such as a tactical shotgun. For medium-distance combat it's best to use an assault rifle, and for long-range shooting and sniper capture an assault rifle with a scope. Only these two types of weapons allow you to look around - all others leave you in third-person mode.

7. Synchronize laps

Fortnite Guide

The map is not very massive, but during a storm you become very vulnerable. The map is divided into sectors, and each square can be run in at least 45 seconds. But that's without taking into account the changes in terrain.

Once you are in the middle of the storm, your health level will drop. Shields will not protect you. Make a rough estimate of how long it will take you to get from point A to point B when the map is touched by the storm. That way you can also time how long the storm lasts.

8. Play with friends

Fortnite Guide

Solo play is difficult and brutal. Playing alone against 99 other players is problematic, so, especially if you are a beginner, it is better to play in pairs or in a squad.

In a group you get knocked down before you are killed, giving your friends a chance to revive you. It's also good to have more eyes in your surroundings and more weapons in battles.

You can play in a team with strangers by selecting the auto-allocation option. It will throw you into a group with three random players, where you also have a chance to stay alive as long as possible.

If you have any hints, be sure to post them in the comments. Fortnite Battle Royale is playable on iOS through registration, as well as on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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